1. if your trying to make a joke because her voice is raspy and at a low pitch, just stop. She’s crying, her brother just died, and she’s making a public speech.

    1. so if someone dies from your family i can proudly say pathetic 🤷‍♀️? that’s disrespectful frfr godbless yur heart chz u need it sorry for u

  1. It’s time to liberate the United States. There is no justice and no peace. We support the black brothers to arrest the American police, which is revenge.

    1. Vengeance are mine sayeth the Lord. Be angry, but Do Not Sin. If only people loved the Lord enough to obey His Word, there would be more peace in the world.🙏

    2. NO VIOLENCE.Who you are hurting did not do anything to George.For all you know they are mourning because he was killed at the hands of that cop,.Go after him,not a brother or sister who stood in that protest with you.BLACKS,WHITES and HISPANIC Love each other as God has loved us.STOP STOP the hate!!! Start by smiling at another black white hispanic etc tell them to have a good day.Things change with kindness.Please everyone love with care,keep trying.Every culture is different.I come from a trip culture family.Iam White Spanish Mexican Black african Puerto Rican Irish from Irish slav es,Irish famine. I pray Others can change Love Your Worldy brothers as God has loved us.Thank you for reading.One caring,loving Tri racial family.🌹🌹🌹😁😃😄Have a caring day,smile at another.

  2. Its a Shame it Came Down To This…Yet… This Better Be The Wakeup Call

    1. We All Wanted #Change in 2007…it still is #Possible after this

    2. @Billy E aka WILLIAM JOSEPH Q Webster EDWARDS After eight years we were still waiting for change. Perhaps there will be change in the next four.

  3. If the sister is crying why then is the woman to her right smiling so gleefully?? What am I missing here. Is this an act?? Staged?

  4. Enough is enough I watched that man die on that video.I felt for him.Prayed for him.Then the looting and hurting if people.Good Lord I ask,when will it end.Ok let’s stop the protest,the hurting,the killing of each other.Every color hold hands and spread the love.Please people,enough is enough.Let the man rest in peace.Let things be constructive not violent my brothers and sisters Adios 🤗🙂 Don’t worry,be happy

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