George Santos’ answer to question about his finances draws laughter from CNN panel

CNN's Abby Phillip and panelists discuss the reported financial disclosures of Rep. George Santos (R-NY), who refused to answer questions about his finances from Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) in a podcast interview. #CNN #News


    1. “His people do not.” The Republican voters in the district who elected him are pissed off at him. The people who want him to stay are the other crooked Republicans in the House who know that the special election to replace him could replace him with a Democrat.

    2. @Fat Man Back at you, motormouth. Making an honest observation about crooked people is not crying. You’re an effing pizza cutter — all edge, no point. Don’t bother, you’ll be muted before you have time to read this.

    3. @Construimus Batuimus  👈🤡 what’s your problem , Did your ” Male Tampon” started to leak again ?🤣🤣🤣🤣

    1. @Monty Nohtyp درود بر پریزیدنت دونالد ترامپ باغیرت ترین رئیس جمهور تاریخ آمریکا و امریکا را به شکوه و عظمت رساند زنده باد دونالد ترامپ باغیرت ترین رئیس جمهور تاریخ آمریکا و امریکا را به شکوه و عظمت رساند زنده باد دونالد ترامپ باغیرت و قهرمان و قهرمان و قهرمان و قهرمان و قهرمان و قهرمان و قهرمان و قهرمان و قهرمان و قهرمان و قهرمان و قهرمان و قهرمان و قهرمان و قهرمان و قهرمان و قهرمان و قهرمان و قهرمان و قهرمان و قهرمان و

    2. @Monty Nohtyp OK OK OK OK OK president DONALD Trump EMRICEN prizident and WORLD OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK

    3. @Sherry Telle Yes. Recall voting would help, but i feel that even more effective would be:
      1) House members stand for election every year around the middle of the year. Before they take office, they have a ~6-month preparation period. If anything goes horribly wrong during that time, they can be removed prior to Jan. 3, by the existing House for misconduct and also by the voters through recall, for any reason that matters to them.
      2) After a state delegation is elected, each rep gets the number of House votes equal to the number of voters who voted in their district. If a voter doesn’t want their vote being cast by that rep, they can re-assign their vote to any other member of the state delegation. So if another Santos emerges, and everyone wants him gone, they can just reassign their votes and leave him with no voting power immediately.

    4. I had to rewind the clip multiple times just to make sure that I wasn’t imagining things or that my mind was playing tricks on me. WTF🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  1. That would be funny to hit all the elevator buttons and then run down the stairs -wait for the doors to open -ask the same question -rinse and repeat.

    1. I hope the media hounds him every time he shows his face outside of Congress! And they don’t let up for one second!

  2. He says that he was never accused. That means he never got caught before. Well he is finally caught and it is time to come clean at last.

    1. @loriann1506 someone on here did comment to me that the democratic opponent did say something during the election. But this really is something news media should have been on. As far as I’m concerned, their entire JOB is to keep the public informed and they dropped the ball on this. Them harassing him now is the least they could do to make up for that, but seriously, they’ve really pissed me off with this one.

    2. @Jo is a girls name it’s insane that this was his second time running for office. There’s been too many times the democrats have conveniently ignored the republican agenda while the republicans walk all over our democracy. Both side are sold out to the corporations as far as I’m concerned.

    3. @Jason MiltonI’m calling bullsh*t . There are Christians on both parties. However name a job where you can lie on your work and education history where your employer won’t fire you. We the people are his employer. He lied. He should be fired. Forgiveness is for people who truly are sorry and want to redeem themselves. Mr Santos has no shame.

  3. Interesting he specifically denied getting money from “China Ukraine or Burisma” but didn’t include “Russia” and still won’t explain where it came from. The GOP has been reduced to this – George Santos – a living breathing walking talking comprehensive model of every problem with the GOP in one squishy little package.

  4. Haha the Jesus picture next to the American flag behind this guy in the thumbnail was priceless! Seriously laughing, and that’s the only reason I clicked on this video. Great job to the marketing strategists on this one. Really not subtle visual irony. Still smiling.

    1. Well the Trump family is now selling their Bible for everyone who wants to know the real truth
      They wrote it
      What a slap in the face to everyone who has ever read the real Bible

  5. I remember, years , and years ago, being told never to trust someone who keeps having to claim their honesty — That said… as often as he claims his honesty, He’s NOT!!

    1. Trump did the same. And the acceptance of liars by the GQP has been going on for decades. I’m old enough to remember when tobacco executives testified in Congress that cigarettes weren’t addicting and didn’t cause cancer. And the GOP just fell in line.

  6. McCarthy pretending Santos can “work his way to trustfulness” is like leaving rotting food in your ‘fridge so it can work its way to freshness.

    1. @jntj Not at all joking! You have no idea of the accomplishments he had in just 4 straight years? And Biden has done NOTHING in 50 years of service! Biden will be impeached soon!

  7. The Republicans in NY are saying “Santos has got to go” now that they know there’s nothing that can be done to get rid of him since he took the oath of office.

    1. Surely they can get a petition from those people he represents? Even if it’s 100,000 of the 170,000 names

  8. To think that Santos is perfectly fine living the rest of his every day life being questioned and accused tells you everything about just how much he’s enjoying the view from his new occupation.

  9. The worst part is not Santos’ lying, the worst part is that his fellow party members refuse to acknowledge his bad behavior…

    1. Jeffafa, You don’t want to go there. I didn’t hear Democrats calling for Elizabeth Warren to resign when she was caught lying about being a Cherokee Indian for most of her life. She benefitted financially from that lie and her party didn’t care, in fact many supported her for President.

  10. You mean to tell me that after everything they don’t know about him, they are going to put him on committee assignments and give him security clearance???
    You have got to be kidding me 😢

    1. @Zoddddd you believe that propaganda? Schiff used to be a prosecutor. That’s why criminals don’t like him. And Tucker is jealous of swawell because he is a better person and he got targeted by a hot spy 🕵️‍♀️

    2. @Zoddddd and it’s not about them it’s what’s going on with santos 🙃 when you say stuff like this you are deflecting. Makes him look bad

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