1. Your hearts did not hurt you for the innocents in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and Hiroshima. How many innocents did America kill?

    2. @Anime Anime3 believe the original comment was heart going out to the families of those affected by 9/11. or something close to that. Didn’t see where any families of any nation were excluded. If you’re hurt and would like to talk. I would be willing to talk. Not trying to start anything, not a psychologist, just would be willing to listen

  1. I lost my beloved uncle to this tragedy. It still hurts today. How can I forget the way I cried finding out that I will never get piggy rides from this uncle ever again? Luckily I had the support of all my sisters and my brother and even my parents as I started to live without him.

  2. I can’t believe it’s been twenty years already. I remember that day like it was yesterday. May those who lost there life, may they rest in peace.

    1. Do u remember the dripping molten Steel melting from the beam that were poking outta the smoke? Yeah. That’s NOT POSSIBLE WITHOUT THERMITE

    2. @Don nawzd You all praised Trump as the best president for releasing Taliban and ISIS prisoners, now you’re going to blame Biden? Your terrorist cult is such a joke.

    3. Bush vs. Obama vs. Trump vs Biden…whatever the score. Fighting each other only digs the heels in stronger on both sides. Become united and listen to your neighbors with open minds and hearts. It’s not red vs blue. it’s divide and conquer. Don’t let them conquer

  3. I remember sitting in school, teacher turned on the tv and watched the plane hit. To all the Americans lost this day, big love from Canada to them and their families.

    1. @D T I get what you are saying. This is different in many ways. Pearl Harbor does have a day. We still remember the Alamo but it seems alot of ppl have forgotten. We don’t want to forget this (whatever your beliefs are on how or why it happened. Those were also tactical decisions made by armed forces of countries during times of war. 9/11 was mostly civilian targeting. To me I would like to forget governments and remember whether we like it or not we are all family in this country.

    2. thank you a hug to the Canadians,….I was leaving Detroit, and going to Los Angeles, when my mother called me to let me know that a plane had crashed in New York, in the Twin Towers. omg 🥺🇺🇸

  4. My heart goes out to every single citizen of the United States 🇺🇸 and especially the 9-11-2001 victims and their loved ones. 20 years later, there are still many people who are struggling with griefs and sorrow. I stand by you all this time and we’re in this together. The United States 🇺🇸 is one of France 🇫🇷’s biggest allies and an attack on her is an attack on France 🇫🇷 and other civilized countries. We will unite and defend our way of life. We are in this together, side by side.

    1. @Callisto Industrial Airhockey Club Yes we are indeed. Together we are stronger than any evil and shall be victorious as allies of righteousness!

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  6. I remember switching channels on the TV and seeing this, thinking “meh, probably a Wesley Snipes airplane action movie.” A second later I realized chyrons aren’t in movies. I read the chyron and listened to the commentator when it hit me like a ton of bricks that that was no movie! That was real, happening right now!

  7. My father was in the trade center 3 days before this tragedy,I consider my self lucky. Rip to all people that gave their lives.

  8. What’s weird to me was that when my parents watched in horror on tv during the twin tower collapsing, I honestly thought that they were watching an action movie. I was only 8 years old back then so I didn’t grasp any information on what’s going on. 😕

    1. @Belly Dancer Em and “they” still are, they being terrorists, 13 servicemen and women along with over 100 civilian Afghanis killed by a suicide bomb at Kabul airport. Killing bin Laden didn’t stop anything. Every terrorist mastermind we kill will be replaced by another.

    1. How time flies, just got out of Afghanistan 20 years later, and we have the president that lied us into those wars giving a speech on 9/11 20 years later.

  9. I was eating breakfast about to leave the house for school. I was in 2nd grade but I remember that day vividly. Despite the news, I still left the house and walked to school. We only got halfway until we saw a mass exodus of kids and parents going the other way. They said to go back home and be with family. Everyone came back home from work and school and we watched the news all day. Nobody knew what was going on and I remember the country was United.

  10. I wish the nation he knows still existed, because it is the one I grew up in and miss more than I can put into words.

    1. @my Probate We do know who was behind the attacks. We know that the money went from the gas pump to the oil company to Saudi and on to OBL. We know that most of them were from Saudi. We know that attacking Iraq with 9/11 as justification was like attacking Finland after Pearl Harbor. We know that 9/11 became a way to justify just about anything but that did not change the actual nature of 9/11.

    2. I am from Eastern Europe and 31 years old, but I feel the US was strongest around the 90s and probably up until the financial crisis. Of course, it is still strong, but definitely not the strongest anymore(except military) due to the rise of Russia and China.

    3. @Ken Smith I think it was much more than that. Whoever did it had ties with all our media, including the BBC and FOX. I don’t think people on this level are after money, they already have all of it.

      I think it was likely a consortium of globalists in partnership with the CCP. It most certainly wasn’t terrorists. Isn’t it odd that the US funded the development of viruses like COVID in a Chinese lab?

      Jin Canrong explicitly named “terrorists” as one of the US’s “planned enemies”. I think, perhaps, the CCP was using globalists as useful idiots in a plot to take the United States down.

      It’s now time for Gates, Soros, Pelosi & others to consider their good friends in the CCP might have a slightly different view of who will rule the world under communism.

      But, we don’t officially *know* Who was behind 911, we just know there were an awful lot of things that don’t add up. We know it wasn’t Islamic terrorists.

    4. It’s not even the government so much (even though I disagree with the current state) it’s the hatred of neighbors. Nothing will ever be solved if we don’t listen to each other. I don’t mean look for an opportunity to prove yourself right but look for ways in which you may be wrong

  11. Do you remember this line from the people who stopped the plane from hitting the White House? “America let’s roll” a real life hero from a movie, may the hero’s and victims of this event Rest In Peace 😔😔😔

  12. Iraq never had WMDs,
    Let us also send prayers to the innocent Iraqis who have lost their lives during this Unnecessary war

    1. prayers here, prayers there, prayers everywhere…you get a prayer too. Hopefully someone says one or two for me

  13. America broke that day. I remember watching tv, breaking news. Saw that plan crashing into those tall building, can’t believe what I was seeing, had to sit there and take it in a bit. 20, years ago I was 20 yr old. Will never forget that moment that day. May they Rest in Beautiful Peace, and May God Continue to bless each and everyone of their families and friends. God bless America 🇺🇸 #911FoverInOurHearts 🧡🕊

  14. I am so sorry for your tragic loss. My heart grieves with you and I pray that the Spirit of the American people will rise up United in the core and strength that Mr Bush spoke of. A deep humane speech.

  15. I remember this day 20 years ago so vividly. I was with my great grandparents. My great grandpa a war veteran . He knew instantly when he saw the 2nd plane. He sat me on his lap and what he said may help some others reading my comment. He said ,” There is true evil in this world. The important thing is how you respond to it. You can fight with violence , which leads only to more hate and a new form of evil. Or you can push through this life and fight it by spreading love. Love is the true way to battle evil. “

  16. Funny how 4 years of the Orange Turd makes GW sounds like a real orator…
    I cried again this morning for what had seemed like a horrible dream 20 years ago. I am forever grateful to those who lost their lives, and still so sad for those that lost someone.
    I hope that with this memory brought back to us all that we can pull it together and fight COVID the way it felt 20 years ago today.

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