George W. Bush's first inaugural address 1

George W. Bush’s first inaugural address


George W. Bush delivers his first inaugural address on January 20, 2001, after winning a razor thin election against Al Gore in 2000.

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  1. Meanwhile, somewhere in Florida
    “Melaniaaaa…I’ve soiled myself again!”
    “Donald…I’ve got some bad news” ( hands over divorce papers)

    1. @The Flame Fist God fact is he started the kid caging and is now using it as a political weapon fact is it shouldn’t of happend in the first place and your right trump could of sorted it out but never the less Obama and biden started it …. your all vile people for putting kids in cages you are now up there with China thats your country so embarrass it kid cagers that your American dream im ashamed to call America an ally and so dose the world

    2. @Christopher Johnson donald trump went into office in 2017 with republican majority in BOTH the house and senate. Before he lost the republican house majority he could have passed some bill that would have dealt with the kids in cages. It was obama’s fault for starting it. And it’s trump’s fault for putting it on steroids and not doing anything to stop it. He had a whole 4 years to do something about it and didn’t

    1. It is just an amazing thing to watch a Great Leader grasping America & moving it with the people…my former Commander Cheif i so proudly served!

  2. well now we know what happen without peaceful transition of power. Trump did give us a glimpse of that at least.

    1. @Femmi Bot War is a gross reality of our primal existence. Be thankful you weren’t a French teenager in 1916. Maybe once people stop clinging so hard to ancient god worshipping “religions” that have been proven to be man made, we will finally finish our evolution into species of peace.

    2. @Cujo TheRedNozz lol Bush’s war had nothing to do with religion and everything to do with American imperialism. Just like every other country America has invaded over the years. If it had anything to do with religion then America and Saudi Arabia would be on opposite sides of the political spectrum but they’re not because the only religion America understands is money worship. It’s truly sad that you feel like you are somehow superior to people who live in countries that your country has utterly destroyed just because many of them decided to cling to the one thing they had left, their faith. Trust me, I am not a religious person in any way what so ever but acting like their lives are disposable because of their religious beliefs is, actually, exactly what I would expect an self centered American person to say.
      If you ever decide to care enough about humanity to learn more then your stunted view of reality, in which America is the center of the universe. There is a book you should read called the Jakarta Method. Hopefully it will spark your interest into the realities of the history of American warfare throughout the world.

    3. @Femmi Bot It literally takes several seconds to google the intentions behind the 9/11 attacks and the attacks in the 90’s. RELIGION AND PROGRESSIVE WESTERN OPPRESSION. Get an education and real world experience, then come spew your ignorance.

  3. We hold the line. We know who we are. We know who won. We know what comes next, and it’s going to be magnificent, nothing short of Cosmic justice!

  4. I know this’s a divided opinion because some people like and don’t like him for his policies and his misleading to Middle East wars and the recession.

    1. @Femmi Bot How’s he a war criminal? What’s your knowledge base on US statues, Geneva Convention and UCMJ, relative to your claim?

    1. Don’t you ever say Bush’s name in the same sentence of Carter’s ever again.
      Jimmy Carter was a lovely man who sold his peanut farm to be the voice of the people.
      Bush was a war criminal who bankrupted the country and ignored hurricane Katrina. He’s a monster and deserves no thanks from anyone.

  5. So you’re saying bush had more of a turn out….


    Also trump still got more views from today

    1. I think it’s interesting that the only thing you care about is crowd sizes y’know considering he’s a war criminal and all. But ya his crowd sizes are what truly matter. Foh

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