Georgia election official: Both parties treat voters like children 1

Georgia election official: Both parties treat voters like children


Georgia election official Gabriel Sterling, who called out former President Donald Trump's election misinformation as a Republican, echoed Gov. Brian Kemp about the state's controversial new voting law. Sterling tells CNN's Pamela Brown that both political parties are responsible for creating distrust in the election process. #CNN #News


  1. Nah, the “Trickle Down Economics & Tax Cuts” for the rich haven’t had no new ideas for decades that benefit the general public.

    1. I get tired of explaining how ‘Voodoo’ economics takes money out of the economy and the best investment is to expand the tax base by giving those at the bottom ‘A leg up’ and increase the minimum wage.

  2. Every time the Republikkklan party lose they change the rules. Every time black people vote in high numbers Republikkklans change the laws.

    1. The issue is not the blatant targeted voter suppression, it’s the GQP leadership in Georgia giving themselves the power to toss out any ballot that they want for any reason!

    2. It is up to Georgia voters to change their state legislature out for a democratic one. Past time for it.

  3. Wow! What a 180 he’s done. He’s full of crap now. You can’t even give people waiting in line for hours a drink or food cuz it’s now against the law. WTF?

    1. @Jake Singer i heard it on another chanel. He said no water or food could be given to people in line to vote.

    2. Yeah, you can’t have campaigns approaching and attempting to influence voters while they’re in line to vote. That’s illegal in a lot of states, just like approaching and intimidating folks, you aren’t allowed to try to bribe them.

    3. @Gary Ragan We’ve had that law for years here in GA too, which is why CAMPAIGNERS have to stay 150 ft away. Always have and the penalties are already stiff. This is aimed at nuns, girl scouts, etc. This was not only unneeded, but just plain mean.

  4. Sterling should resign, if he really gives a rip. If he’s trying to say there’s a moral equivalence between the parties in GA, he’s already blown it.

    1. Exactly, he got some kudos for saying what he said a while back, but he is most definitely not pushing middle of the road politics.

      Trying to say democrats will be trying to convince people to vote blue as they hand them water or a pack of cookies. When in reality the people shouldn’t be standing in line all goddamned day waiting to vote, they can thank the Republicans for that, him included.

    2. @Branjo Snow You could. As long as you have a robust system to protect that. The issue is that any vulnerability you leave open *will* be exploited, and you won’t catch them unless they make a mistake.

  5. I like you, Gabriel, I really do. But tge thing is, you’re still republican and it really shows. The truth is twisted in your mouth, buddy.

    1. @Ryan Crawford it is
      Groups of people giving out food and water to those dense populations where five to fifteen hour lines to vote. It is a human compassion kind if thing.

    2. Bring your own damn water. Or drink the county’s. If you’re willing to throw a fit over this one, you’re willing to do it for anything.

    3. @Ryan Crawford it cuts the hours. So you have less opportunity because you can’t vote before or after work. The drop boxes are now put inside and only open during working hours. More days doesn’t matter if I work on those days.

    4. @Rapsheets Its the point of it. Whats the harm in passing out water?…why a law saying you can’t? Whether people want the water is irrelevant.

  6. So you’re personal information is even more vulnerable to be stolen BUT does anyone realize that it’s also used to throw out your vote? This is exactly what they want!

  7. When he says “this is not voter suppression” – the exact opposite is true. He speaks with forked tongue kimasabe.

  8. There they go with the both sides argument. I am not saying that you cannot criticize both sides, but when you have a side trying to make it illegal to give people food and water and are trying to make voting even harder for citizens, it doesn’t seem equal to try to compare that to the other side in this conversation.

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