Georgia Election Official Condemns GOP Silence On Threats To Election Workers | The ReidOut | MSNBC 1

Georgia Election Official Condemns GOP Silence On Threats To Election Workers | The ReidOut | MSNBC


Georgia Voting Implementation Manager Gabriel Sterling criticized Trump’s refusal to condemn threats against Georgia election officials: “This is the backbone of democracy, and all of you who have not said a damn word are complicit in this.” Aired on 12/1/2020.
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Georgia Election Official Condemns GOP Silence On Threats To Election Workers | The ReidOut | MSNBC


    1. Exactly. We need to get these “people” locked up. They need to learn that they can’t get away with this.

  1. It’s about time somebody calls them out! It is a shame that there is no leadership in GOP in Senate and it had to come to this

    1. @Tyson Turkey
      How do you know? Because you don’t want it to be true, therefore it isn’t? That’s Trump-level idiocy

    1. Liberals are by far the most racist and unintelligent people I’ve ever met

    1. WRONG!!! He’s NOT a good republican he’s only now standing up because the threats hit too close to home.

    1. People been getting killed. Caged babies, Heather Heyer, 22 El Paso citizens, Kudish allies, Ukrainian allies, 270,000 Americans, Herman Cain……..

    2. one gonna care until the right person dies. I get you and agree but if Krebs gets shot then there will be major outrage and mutiny.

  2. While Trump goes on rampage spewing fraud election and more lies to fuel it, the GOP are silent like a snake waiting for something to happen…something huge…before they take action.

    1. While the democrats, liberals and biased media refuse to prove that a valid election occurred, their politicians are silent on the numerous verified instances of voter fraud, pretending it did not occur.

    1. This is what ‘country before party’ looks like, there is nothing to be ‘laughing’ about. It should be ‘celebrated’.

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