Georgia Election Official Excoriates Trump, Senators For Silence On Violent Threats | Rachel Maddow 1

Georgia Election Official Excoriates Trump, Senators For Silence On Violent Threats | Rachel Maddow


Rachel Maddow shares video of Georgia election official Gabriel Sterling's furious condemnation of the failure of Donald Trump and Republican political leaders to reject and discourage the violent threats and intimidation they are encouraging with election fraud fallacies. Aired on 12/2/2020.
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Georgia Election Official Excoriates Trump, Senators For Silence On Violent Threats | Rachel Maddow



    1. Maybe someone in the system have the balls to audit the signatures on the mail in votes? Even though after 5 requests no one has the authority to do it? Plenty of igdination on both sides

    2. @asdf You said that YOU were the one ” badly assaulting in a racially motivated hate crime back in 2018 ”

      Did you just confess to a crime ?

    3. @Obake Oni – That was a typo on my part. Thanks for point that out. I meant to say “assaulted” but accidentally typed in “ing.”

    1. @Michèle Gagné totally true. It’s going to take a long time before America’s “allies” trust them again.

    2. @XrKnight true sign of a troll or bot? Posting the same thing over and over again. Thank you for exposing yourself.

    3. @Pattie Canders if you believe Trump and God have anything in common then you belong in an insane asylum.

    1. @James Ricker weird bc those ppl claim all their “enemies” are child molesters, politicians, actors whoever …hmmm “accuse my opponent of that which I am guilty”

    1. @Dog Poo Fairy Not biased. So far nothing substantial came up and the chance of any investigation coming up with anything are very, very dimute. The DoJ, FBI and others already stated that no election fraud occured. Trumps own watchdog stated they where the most secure elections in American history. Trumpster is still yelling the same unfounded crap. In a normal world, things would have settled down and everybody would have moved on.

    2. @Bas Koller you’re just getting the fake news side of it. Try looking at as many news sources as possible before making your mind up. If you stick to the usual CNN, MSNBC, Guardian etc you’ll get the same news because it’s coordinated. CNN have just been exposed as frauds by Project Veritas. The investigation is still going on so there can be no conclusion. And let’s be honest the FHI and DOJ aren’t exactly trustworthy. I think that the investigation will uncover fraud, especially given the amount of remarkable irregularities, but i don’t think it’ll be enough to change the election results. Vote harvesting is apparently not illegal in the US, so they’ll definitely get away with that.

    3. Trump is going to be humiliated by January 20, he was rejected by God, republicans have glorified Trump more than God himself, the battle has been lost and get over it. Trump we never have a second term.

    4. @irene imorpa yes I think you’re right in that he won’t get a second term, but the rest of your post is complete TDS drivel. I’m from the UK and although most here don’t like Trump they haven’t studied US politics and the lies of the news media as much as I have. CNN have just been exposed by Project Veritas and I think MSNBC will be next. I mean we all know about the anti Trump news cover ups and the lie they tell everyone about Trump not condemning racists.

  1. Lawsuits . Fear and intimidation is a criminal offence. Defamation is liable. Take them all to court especially the Twitter finger coward !!

    1. @Blondie SL Donald Trump is HURTING OUR ENTIRE COUNTRY MORE EVERY SINGLE DAY! All Americans need to speak out about this now!

    2. @Julie Sprik Totally agree!
      Too many, sadly, are not only NOT speaking out, but being silent and still backing up his craziness.

      I will be so happy when he’s out of the White House in Jan2020.

      Take care and stay healthy.

    3. @Julie Sprik I don’t think I’m missing the point.
      I get it.
      But if you think I am, please let me know, specifically, WHICH POINT you mean.

      Who knows. Perhaps I am.

      Blond, you know! LOL

    1. Joe Biden touches kids! Video’s all over the net! Check em out and see if you’ll stand up for what’s right!

    2. @Bren Hates Trump says grab em by the pu$$y. And he bragged about being able to walk in the Miss TEEN USA pageant Dressing room. And that we like em young in reference to him and Epstein. His own words. So to answer your question, yes

    1. Was he grown man enough to speak out about the violence and destruction from BLM supporters and Antifa in the Democrats run cities?

    2. @Dog Poo FairyYeah! And what’s his position on drone strikes in Yemen? Or the Uighurs imprisoned in China? He’s been a bit quiet about that. why is responsibility suddenly all on this guy’s shoulders?

    3. @Sean G if someone is going to lecture people and act like hey have the moral high ground they invite scrutiny.

    4. ​@Dog Poo Fairy He is the voting systems implementation manager for Georgia. He’s looking out for his staff and he’s calling out people making death threats against them. He’s doing his job. Maybe he has an opinion on BLM. What does it matter?
      Tell you what, you’ve expressed an opinion. Might not be an informed one but it’s invited scrutiny. What’s your opinion on people making death threats against poll workers when the vote doesn’t go their way? Or GOP congressmen who are silent in the face of it?
      Over to you Mr Fairy.

    5. @Sean G you’re right , he shouldn’t have to express an opinion on the lefty/liberal savages going who have been going on a violent and destructive rampage for most of the year, although somehow I doubt his words are as honourable as you believe. Self preservation springs to mind. Death threats like these are wrong, they’re cowards, regardless of their politics.

  2. Dear sir you are a warrior. MAY GOD BLESS YOU and protect you and everyone doing their job.I am disgusted and furious!!! THIS HAS TO STOP!!!!

    1. @Just Say’n It’s so true. Trump’s and the gop toxicity is the worst thing over.

      BUT, the good news is, there IS a vaccine and it was INJECTED on 03Nov2020!
      The trump virus group is only days away from being removed from the

    2. @Blondie SL November 3, was more like the majority of the American voters deciding to wear a mask. Much work is left undone for those who choose to remain maskless. Sometimes telling someone the burner is hot, still leads to scalding,

    3. @Just Say’n Well you are so right on that!
      It’s like people just get stubborn when TOLD to do something.
      Sadly, the reason they are TOLD to do the mask thing is because they don’t have the selflessness to do what is right to protect others.

    4. @Willi Ingulf Ditlefsen That he took the guts and heart to stand there and defend our right to vote is more than enough. We are all seeing that folks have no moral compass. He knows his words wont change the cold hearts of mongers. He got the point across. Georgians will vote the Rs out of office promptly and with good measure.

    1. Qanon will probably call for him to be beheaded too and Trump will do nothing but snicker, pathetic president

    2. Well everyone doing their jobs are getting death threats. It’s bad if they need Security just to go to work.

    3. @Eugenio Corpuz Agreed! This is a dangerous mess and NO one in leadership positions is addressing it– they are just making it worse! The media is so divided, the two messages being delivered never meet!

  3. Viewed from afar, It seems that Gabriel Sterling belongs to a very small club of republicans who have shown honesty, integrity and leadership.

    1. why didn’t he state the facts 4 yrs ago, why now that Biden
      is taking over the W/H in a little over a month, I don’t see a
      hero I see someone looking for redemption!

    1. @Bloviator Magnus I didn’t vote for TRUMP or BIDEN and I did vote for Obama twice.., How come Obama never really helped our Black, Hispanic and Asian communities for 8 years in office and BIDEN hasn’t helped any of us during 47 years in politics.., yet that loud mouth TRUMP guy has helped our Black, Hispanic and Asian communities more so than all presidents combined since the 1980’s. Are you sure this a nationalist white thing, or are you just using race as an excuse to hate ?

    2. @Obake Oni what do you mean he didn’t help? He started out with a recession and then created 10 million jobs and cut unemployment in half. He created the ACA which insured 20 million more people. All this with the GOP Senate fighting every step. Did you want him to come hold your hand?

    3. @Bloviator Magnus The ACA aka OBAMA CARE is a 100% LIE !!! I voted for OBAMA twice and I had KAISER PERMANENTE insurance that cost me $2.00 per month and $2.00 per hospital visit.

      OBAMA promised that we could keep our plans and doctors under ACA and once that was approved I LOST my medical coverage, LOST my doctors and it jumped from $2.00 per month to over $3,200.00 per month.

      Then to add insult to injury after I lost my full coverage health insurance OBAMA had inserted penalties for anyone incapable of getting insurance to be penalized once a year via the IRS TAX penalty, thus even though I lost everything and can no longer receive insurance I was being charged hundreds of dollars every tax year for not being able to afford health insurance.


      BIDEN did not get a single person any job.., it was others that made deals, that Biden took credit for.., BIDEN can’t fight his way out of a wet paper bag using a tank.

      Just because I voted DEMOCRAT for years, does not mean that I have to be the dumbest moron on this planet to vote for BIDEN whom can’t even remember what State he’s in.

      I didn’t vote for TRUMP or BIDEN, so take your emotions elsewhere.., Me personally, I think anyone that voted for BIDEN are mentally deranged, letting their hatred towards TRUMP manipulate them to vote for anyone that is not TRUMP.., whereas I simply chose to not vote for either candidate…

      I strongly believe that this is going to bite people in the backside, for whomever voted for BIDEN.

      In either case .., TRUMP or BIDEN as the president, won’t change my honest opinion about both.

    1. Well, since Mr. Sterling is under a multimillion dollar scam appropriations investigation himself, I guess that would make him respond in such a self righteous manner.., yet if he is found guilty, he can face prison time. So it’s better not to prejudge him , Trump, or anyone else that are giving their opinions based upon the facts we all have.
      TREASON is a very serious offense, even though many politicians have been getting away with TREASON for years.

    2. @Obake Oni where’s your proof he is being investigated…do you have a case number..? Trump has zero proof of fraud…These are the same elections that took place in states that trump won, they used the same machines…same software…so why in the states trump won…no fraud…but the states he lost there’s fraud…why cant people see through this…Trump is just a reality tv star….why are people worshipping him like he is some kind of orange God…wake up people…!!!

  4. GOP lost their claimed moral high-ground at Charloettesville.
    “There are good people on both sides.” Yeah right!!

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