Georgia Governor Brian Kemp Bans Local Governments From Mandating Masks | MSNBC


  1. Isn’t it peculiar how the ‘Pro-Life’ party doesn’t seem to care if we live or die?🤔

    1. @Deanna DelmarI feel everybody should have the choice to make decisions that are best for them, period.

    2. @Deanna DelmarI feel everybody should have the choice to make decisions that are best for them, period.

    1. Definition of insanity. Anyone who votes for Dementia China Joe Biden. Joe will die from Alzheimer’s very soon. You will be right behind him.

    1. @Crystal Giddens Thanks Crystal! We’re doing really well. 8500 deaths over the whole country. We flattened the curve and going back to school and work now. Maybe a little vacay to Europe. Thanks for the kudos!!

    2. Crystal Giddens thanks for showing me the news we already know.
      We are very much aware and acknowledge the resistance of a virus.
      Did you have a point? I can’t imagine you were trying to compare the reality in Canada to the disaster in America.

  2. The GOP never mentioned dead bodies. 138,000 dead bodies. Vote in November for people who care about that.

    1. yes they did…”Hilary lied and THREE PEOPLE DIED!!!!!!!” … that nearly killed the poor little buttercups … but this is ok, they think its all a hoax

  3. If Georgia has a huge breakout of coronavirus they should be on there own no federal help this is a total joke Kemp should be removed from office immediately

    1. There are many in Ga who are stuck there dealing with this Kemp BS. If they live until November they should vote him out. Kemp and trump do not represent everyone in GA. Just like we who did not vote for trump should not have to suffer his evil.

    2. @Charles
      Something is better than nothing..
      Go tell police not to wear bullet proof vest..
      You will get hit but you won’t get hit hard..
      The combination of social distancing and wearing a mask will reduce the risk of getting sick..

  4. Republicans are in the business of being against whatever Democrats do, however factually currect the Democrats policies.

    1. @Andy B we win CDC chief says Northerners heading South for vacation may be to blame for surge in coronavirus cases, not state reopenings

    2. That’s why you always have to vote. It’s possible there are people who will never vote for the GOP again because of this president and rightly so. I think the GOP has put themselves in a corner. We see them now. They are screwed up. You can’t really hide your messed up values. People are paying attention.

  5. We have been at this for a while now. Let them learn their lesson the hard way…
    Folks here are your options:
    A. Mask or Vent.
    B. 6 feet apart or 6 feet under.
    C. Your bed or ICU bed.

    1. @Ignoranceisbliss Another person scared of death it’s silly you do know one day your going to die. Just letting you know in case you’re like twelve or something.

    2. @Eevee So let me get this right you’ve done all those things right. We know you haven’t…dismissed.

    1. Question: Does his order override a business owner’s requirement?
      No shirt, no shoes, no mask = no service
      If so, his order is in direct opposition to the business owner’s rights to run their business. Lawsuit

    2. @Maxwell Silver I wouldn’t think so.
      It’s just now that no government force can be exacted on free and healthy citizens.
      I’m expecting that businesses will revolt against the non mandate of the mandate now lol

    1. @Myron Davis I am not trying to scare you, I just don’t understand why you wouldn’t want to help, and instead be contentious. I work as a service technician repairing registers and self checkout machines, I get letters everyday from the stores I service letting me know I they had an employee test positive. Several have died… I wear a mask for my wife, it eases her anxiety, if that is all it takes for her to feel safer, I see no reason not to do it.

    2. @Rich Clarke rich I didn’t know you was a math professor you got my point that’s all that matters…

    3. @Rich Clarke because I have a constitutional right to refuse medical treatment a face mask is a medical
      object that why. Any more questions ?

  6. I thought Dump said at one of his klan rallies that the coronavirus is a hoax and that cases would go down from a peak of 15 to zero by Easter??

    1. if we shut fully shut down we could have been home free a month later and the economy would have bounced back but no… he had to to it the stupid way

    1. @Michael Parrott-MacLeod these so called specialist have been wrong how many times? The origin and where this virus originated keeps changing. But we know the truth… China hasn’t been accountable and Dr Fauci hasn’t been either! I stand with Kemp I’m proud of him and support his leadership, unlike bottems whom doesn’t show leadership and transparency. She’s allowed Atlanta to be taken over by the left haters. Who’s only agenda is to destroy and do violence against law bidding citizens. I live in Georgia and I will support law enforcement and the unbiased opinion . Unlike the lawlessness that’s going on in States that are governor by the demonic Democrats, needless deaths of innocent children.

    2. @HDY masks stop bacteria like staph ,streptococcus, meningococcal
      Not viruses.
      Im curious what about eyes ears and cross contamination from clothes.
      Look it up ,prove me wrong.

    3. @Ingrid Schmid masks stop bacteria not viruses
      Wake up. Just wash your hands and dont stick your fingers in your mouth.

  7. he thinks he’s winning Trump over, but the orange man will still turn on him in a second.

    1. Jay Jay the Stuka just wait till he needs PPE, Ventilators, or more beds to house Covid patients! Trump won’t be there to assist, or grovelling & praise will be required! It’s so disgusting to see, while watching from 🇨🇦. I sure hope States defy these idiots in order to save lives like rest of the World has.

    2. Just like he turned on the Keebler Elf! Sessions was the first politician to publicly support trump and look how he did him 😂😂

    3. @J MAN When there is a lot of money and a pre-nup involved, it can take awhile. I know she is completely worn down over these past three years, and would rather just do her own thing moving forward. The end of Trump’s presidency doesn’t end the scrutiny and for her sanity and her children’s sake, I think she wants to be as far removed as possible.

  8. Trump’s cabin boy Kemp accepted his orders from the guy who stared directly into a solar eclipse

    1. @Jim Battersbee How so you think a flimsy mask that’s been used countless times is going to save your life. I bet you also think that it is other people who are spreading this disease but not you.

    2. @Dimi God Condoms are not 100 percent but I use one. Is that why you can’t drop your pants in Georgia without getting HIV? We have no problems in Illinois with masks. No shirt, no shoes, no mask, no service.

    3. flu puts people in the cemetery , over 200,000 a year, no on was wearing a mask prior from 1980-2019

    4. @Crystal Giddens
      Not on their own but that’s not what your medical professionals are telling you. Wear a mask, wash your hands, practice social distancing. Probably the best thing you can do is follow the examples of countries like S Korea, Taiwan or NZ that acted quickly with good leadership and good science. Americans on the other hand seem to listen to talk back hosts and politicians and so are dying like flies.

    1. @Foniks Monkee Show me the study that shows that it’s masks that do it. In Taiwan, they did a great job with distancing, tracing and quarantines EARLY on – it’s why they stopped it. Let’s put it this way Foniks. It’s like trying to stop mosquitos with a chain-link fence. It’s why doctors, nurses, etc are NOT allowed in operating rooms unless they are without a virus – despite masks. Because masks don’t stop viruses. They stop bacteria, which in the chain-link analogy, is the size of a baseball.

    2. The people are really responsible for themselves. They should be able to find out the facts about this virus and do what is necessary keep themselves and their familes safe from this disease.

    3. @Charles it’s nothing like trying to stop a mosquito with a chain link fence. You are not trying to stop the virus, you are trying to stop the water droplets that allows them to travel, which is a bit more like trying to stop a tennis ball with a chain link fence.
      The reason you are not allowed in an operating room without a virus is because the masks are not 100% effective. But they don’t need to be in a population to reduce overall spread. It’s about statistics, once you reduce the spread enough, the curve flattens and you don’t have the exponential growth which is most dangerous.
      Now – I KNOW what wearing masks in asia is about – I live in Japan. And we all wear masks ANYTIME we are outside. And we are packed densely here. We were one of the first countries to have an outbreak outside of China. And our social distancing has been minimal compared to other countries and the spread has been contained.

    4. @TrinaMichelle I actually do know something about microbiology since I did an undergrad degree in it. And the thing you missing is that it’s not the virus you are trying to stop with the mask, but the medium it travels in. Which is much larger than the virus and a significant portion of the droplets can be stopped by a high density, double layered cotton mask, or a surgical mask. Thereby reducing the odds of transmission. I don’t know where you people gets these ideas or how you manage to filter out the important parts of the story…

    1. @twisk 20 Then step up to the plate and act like it. Go vote for Dementia China Joe Biden if you don’t support The Great One.

    1. @HusH Puppy plague is everywhere you gulible fool. Prairie dogs carry it. Cases happen every year.
      We understand it and can treat it.
      Rarely spreads from human to human.
      We were warned about it as kids.
      Dont put your hands in gopher holes.

    2. @M****** ***** Y**** I completely agree.. Cut us completely off..We don’t deserve to go anywhere. Too many Americans refusing to wear a mask because of their “rights”? Just be honest guys.. you guys aren’t wearing masks because TRUMP isn’t.. Wait, does this make yall the sheep?

    3. E Thomas i used my US road atlas to lite the wood stove this spring, if 40% can support that POS, I don’t go to those kind of countries.

  9. Someone should walk him though a very dangerous construction site and not let him wear a safety hat.

    I mean that. Maybe we’ll get lucky 😂

    1. That would be dumb.
      Much like YOU should wear a mask, and an appropriate one, you should also wear a hard hat on a construction site as well.
      Both items protect YOU, and you don’t need to force others to do anything to ensure your own safety.
      Try again!

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