Georgia Governor Offended That Racist Anti-Voter Law Is Being Called Racist | All In | MSNBC 1

Georgia Governor Offended That Racist Anti-Voter Law Is Being Called Racist | All In | MSNBC


“Georgia Governor Brian Kemp and other Republicans say they are outraged that their efforts have been labeled as racist voter suppression, as they work to make it harder for people to vote in ways that will disproportionately affect Black voters,” says Chris Hayes. Aired on 03/26/2021.
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Georgia Governor Offended That Racist Anti-Voter Law Is Being Called Racist | All In | MSNBC


    1. @KTL5637 the lie is that any polling facilities were closed due to the demographics of the area. Prove your point and post the locations that were closed. You cannot. I know you can’t. Because I’ve looked into your assertion before. IT IS A LIE. This makes you a liar. Thanks.

    2. @j Dude Do you live in Georgia? Do you know what was in that bill?….did you read it?…..if not then I think you better sit down and shut up……

  1. If it comes with the disclaimer: “Now a lot of people are going to say this is racist”, it’s racist.

    1. @J Groovy highly emotional of you. Now. Let’s try this again. Read it over 9-10 times until you fill understand…. then think about your reply for a little while…. here goes… how does requiring an ID from everyone make this law racist? Thanks

    2. They’re still mad about those absentee ballots.. no problem with it as long as THEIR candidates win elections. Some underhanded, sly sh$t taking voter’s rights back to Reconstruction days..

    3. Anonymously mailed ballots are fraudulent by their very nature. Absentee voting is NOT anonymous.

    4. @j Dude you asked how it racist, cause these actions ALWAYS disproportionately affect black voters, it’s a very old playbook. How many white upscale communities did you see waiting to up to 8 hrs to vote. Or poor white communities in that matter. But when the black communities saw what was happening around them they came out in droves, thats when something had to be done… New rules and new guidelines

  2. One more demonstration–if we needed one–that racists are the last to know they are racists. They ACT like racists, but they don’t FEEL like racists.

    1. Incoherent, nonsensical liberal babble. Are you referring to Brian Kemp as a racist? Any specific evidence and proof? (Note: Hurting your itty bitty feelings doesn’t qualify as evidence)

    2. @Candy Wilson The props are you fake Chickenshits….
      You can find me any goddamned time…Larry.

  3. People of Georgia, rise up and your vote will count and use it to remove the governor and his cronies.

    1. @Robert Dickerson The republican party needs to end. They represent the worst of people…….WE are a majority….WE….the people who carry this country on are backs ARE THE MAJORITY! VOTE THEM OUT OF EXISTANCE!

    2. @Rights dont come with Permits Spoken like a true red racist right wing Republican who doesn’t understand that with a majority rule system where more than one party is vying for power, it is a democracy and NOT a republic. We are not back in the days before the civil war where the slave owners used the same pathetic arguement to secede from the US to form the confederacy

    1. or the guy who shot up all those massage parlors; he got burger king because you know; he ‘was having a bad day’.

    1. @Michael Jackson Just because the bill doesn’t mention black people specifically does not mean that this is not targeted to block them from voting.

    2. They rolled back the voting laws to what they were less than a year ago so democrats can’t cheat again.

    3. It’s not just the Black voters, but even the other Minorities came out, the Seniors, disabled, Veterans…they all came out because we are all tired of the racism, the bigotry, the bullying, the lies, and watching Our America get destroyed by the very Rich Republicans off the back of all Minorities and the oppressed. Any of you guys go to the Hyatt for a week in Cancun this year?

  4. imagine making a law that it’s an offense to give water to someone in the line waiting to vote how does that enhance voter security

    1. Worst part of the bill is if they don’t like the results, the state legislatures can overturn the election, overturn the will of the voters! These people have lost their minds!

    2. A bottle of water, food, clothing, gift vouchers, 100 dollar bills are all bribes and bribery is illegal. Democrats used to try this stuff in Chicago 80 years ago with free beer. It’s illegal and has always been and always will be illegal.

    3. @Anonymous Anonymous it shouldn’t take 10 hours to vote. I live in Sweden and it has never taken me more than 10 min. I understand you would want something to drink if you wait several hours. I don’t think a waterbottle would change a vote but purging the votes of minorites will change the minds of people.

    4. @Anonymous Anonymous Ok, but is true that there are areas where it was made more difficult to vote in dense areas by reducing the number of drop boxes and/or polling places? Yes!

  5. If that lady gets charged with a felony for knocking on the door, then the insurrectionists should be executed!

  6. They arrested the representative quicker than they arrested those criminals involved in the Capitol siege. Well isn’t that something!! Pathetic!!

    1. @Tsubadai Khan – #45’s followers were ‘the Storm’ on January 6th…
      *Now* they’re *all* #Sad, *whining* about bugs, being chilly and not getting enough ‘organic’ food.

    2. Those criminals are ws domestic terrorists and fascist bigot nazi sympathizers yet privileged to destroy and poop in the Capitol building. Smh

    3. @Anonymous Anonymous Innocent?

      They were breaking the glass trying to enter the doors…
      She specifically was warned 3 times to stop.
      They didn’t even fire til she was climbing thru the broken door window…

      But yeah innocent.

  7. “These days you can’t see who’s in cahoots, because the KKK is wearing three piece suits” – Public Enemy

    1. @ Edward Hosmer that’s a total lie ,you’re spinning like all republicans do ,trying to spin you’re way out of truth.

    2. @Bluefallon what part of it is a lie? Do you know or remember Lyndon B. Johnson 36th president and Democrat? The quote? And then how he had a huge part in the destruction of the black community by essentially removing the father.

  8. They are shocked
    They are outraged
    They cannot believe that people actually have a lot more brains than they do .

  9. All those people who thought what happened in Myanmar, Brazil, Iraq, Lybia, North Korea, etc. couldn’t happen here. It’s happening here.

  10. I just want one republican to explain why was it necessary to make it a crime to give someone a bottle of water while they wait in line to vote

    1. A bottle of water, food, clothing, gift vouchers, 100 dollar bills are all bribes and bribery is illegal. Democrats used to try this stuff in Chicago 80 years ago with free beer. It’s illegal and has always been and always will be illegal. My question for you is what do you need simple things explained to you?

    2. @poop-patrol No, it is not an attack. Have you read the legislation? I live in Ga. It’s common sense reform. And early voting times were expanded to include more days. I sacrifice to go and vote. I stand in line. I wait. People are beyond entitled. They wait at the DMV, at the USCIS immigration office, but all of a sudden, they’re disenfranchised?

    3. You shouldn’t have to stand in line for hours, just to cast a vote. There needs to be more polling centres, to minimise delays.

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