Georgia House Votes To Roll Back Absentee Voting Laws | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

Georgia House Votes To Roll Back Absentee Voting Laws | Morning Joe | MSNBC


Georgia House Republicans passed an elections bill that would enact more restrictions on absentee voting and cut back on weekend early voting hours, according to reports. Eugene Robinson writes about the issue in his latest Washington Post column. Aired on 03/2/2021.
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Georgia House Votes To Roll Back Absentee Voting Laws | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. @wipeyourchinoff People who drive are required to have their drivers license in their possession when doing so, and to have insurance and proof of such in the vehicle, but as far as I know there’s no general requirement to have an ID on you at all times. As a matter of fact, they suggest that you don’t carry your Social Security card with you, but keep it in a safe place, so you don’t lose it or have it stolen. Anyone who doesn’t drive would have no need for a drivers license, and if you live in a dangerous area you might not want to carry your ID in case you are mugged and it gets stolen. Some people’s IDs may have been lost or stolen already, destroyed in a fire or misplaced. I work at a college where the students are required to produce 2 forms of ID to get their student ID made. There are so many circumstances why some have a difficult to impossible time to obtain these documents. I don’t know how people can just assume that these are readily available and accessible to all people, because that’s not always the case, but it should be every person’s right to vote if they have reached 18. We should all get to participate in our government.

    2. @Rhoda Watkins he asked whether he believed it was OK for minors to get gender reassignment therapy or not. Rand Paul asked this twice. He received no answer. In other words, no he won’t protect children from being subjected to life altering surgeries or hormone therapies. Even against the will of the parents. And yes, the bill in congress seeks to allow this even against the will of the parents.

  1. They know they can’t win outright and they’re running scared. How pathetic. Cowards.

    1. Republicans are Evil. I live in Georgia and for years Republicans have trying their best to suppress black votes.

    2. exactly . why won’t they just change their policies to appeal to African American voters they know they can’t appeal to new voters and they won’t even try they figure black people will never vote for us so lets just take them out of the voting equation all together problem solved instead of trying to offer them a party that will help them lets just stop them from voting if we can’t have their vote no one will . to them that’s how you have a fair election by not having blacks involved .

    3. @Calvin R. Johnson Jr. So true, there are voting sites are not that close, or they are shut down located it to another 2 to 3 towns away, let alone it’s a struggle to get to the voting site due circumstances that’s out their control.

  2. This can’t be allowed to happen. Everyone, except some Republicans, knows what this is about and it should be called out and put down. Quickly! If this gets through, then Trump and company have won. Its what they’ve wanted all along

    1. u wrong,let every 1 vote in person with id thatstop fraud.same ones that say its unfair will show their id in seconds to get free entitlements

    2. @Dennis Moore I’m afraid, you wrong Denis. Voter fraud is not a problem. The only reason to do what you suggest is to politically fix the fairness of everyone’s having equal access to the ballot box. Your way, not every one does

    3. @Matthew Loutner ha. You still in the dream. I like your style. Ignorance really can b bliss, huh!

    4. @Richard Taylor What dream? The American dream? Well sure . .

      I guess it can, but you would have to ask the dems about that. They watch the liberal lying media every day and all they ever get is one side of every story.

  3. This is why the US needs and independent electoral commission for the whole country.
    It will put an end to the BS gerrymandering of districts and suppression of voters ability to cast a ballot.

    1. @Sam Lowry: When I said governments I meant the infrastructure of each state, not the political parties. Just like a mayor represents the people of his city, and the governor represents the people of his state, they should only be responsible for those people, not aligned with any political party. That way, a mayor or governor can deal with any political party for the benefit of their people. Representatives and senators are elected to go to Washington to maintain the country and enact new legislation to keep improving it.

    2. @J D judges rule on matters brought before the courts
      if a plaintive petitions a court and the judge finds the case is legally sound a ruling can be issued. But they are not making changes themselves.

    3. @John Watt Yes but sadly the days of Mr Smith going to Washington are long gone – if they ever really existed. As soon as you make elected officials having to rely on how much money they can raise you are going to have partisan politics corrupting the outcome.

    4. @Sam Lowry Judges CAN’T constitutionally make election rule changes at the behest of anyone. ONLY state legislators can make changes. The Supreme Court chose not to take on this issue which sets a dangerous precedent. We are already seeing the results because Republican judges and state legislators are now going to do the same thing to the Democrats, and there is nothing they will be able to do. This should have never been allowed to happen.

    5. Yes, but on the other hand, such a commission could try and force states to throw out votes.
      It could actually backfire!

  4. Voter suppression in no uncertain terms. Be sure to mail your ballot in a wealthy neighborhood so that it has a better chance of being counted.

  5. Wickedness to the Highest degree, they will forever loose Georgia, People will remember and adjust to make sure that they never win again.

    1. @Alex Ordonez You are either brain dead or you know very well it’s $1400 check to add to the $600 check we got a few months ago stop spewing lies

    2. exactly it will backfire . just like when they created run up elections having to be won by 50% that was a racist tactic put in to place to make sure no black person was ever elected in the senate ever but look what happened the runoff is actually what gave Warnock a second chance to get voters to turnout and he won. Their idiots.

    1. @Matthew Loutner yeah and republicans can’t win unless they bring back those old southern jim crow voter suppression tactics that was used in the south to stop blacks from voting once they were legally allowed to.

    2. @J gibson Well in that case, Republicans will never win because we have no intention of bringing any of that stuff back.

    3. @Matthew Loutner they are doing it who puts that many restrictions on voting if you really wanted a free and fair election why would you put that many restrictions in place it’s common sense. That’s like saying come to our restaurant the food is free for everyone but you have to come between 6-5 and you have to , bring your own utensils , bring a bag to carry your food , and bring a id now how many people you think will have all that or want to waste time trying to attain all that just to eat . It’s pretty obvious some people will show up but not as many as if you just say free food for everyone in need. You put heavy restrictions in place to prevent turnout you don’t need a college education to figure that out .

    4. @J gibson So White people will have all the same restrictions and less White people will turn out.

  6. Wow, I never thought that I would see things like this happening in the United States in today’s time. This is very disappointing . Aren’t we better than this?

    1. Everyday the Devil reveals himself more and more…1st right toe…2nd whole foot..etc

    2. Better than demanding that someone prove that they are legally allowed to vote before they vote???
      Grow up.

    3. @Beauty And The Dia-Betes What’s the matter, you can’t figure out how to go online and figure out how to get an ID and figure out where to vote? I guess Biden was right…

  7. The solution is to vote out Republicans who are apart of this movement. Start with Atlanta and send the message that a few will not control the majority.

    1. @T S. wrong. We just want them to enter legally, become citizens, follow laws and pay taxes like everyone else.

    2. @Matthew Loutner Not at all. You have the right to live anywhere you want. So what if the blacks control Atlanta?

    3. @Matthew Loutner you do not see a problem with smaller and more rural counties controlling the whole state?

    1. Backwards? No other country allows absentee ballots! When I told my friend from Germany that you could vote by mail, he laughed at me!

    2. The above (below? the comment that no other counry allows voting by mail) comment is misinformation. Of course they do. And in fact, it is much easier to simply either receive one’s invitation to go vote and then do it or to send one’s vote in by proxy or paper.

    3. @Sugar Shane The proportion of voters casting their votes by mail days or even weeks before election day has risen from initially five per cent to nearly thirty per cent in the 2017 German federal election. At the same time, the differences in election results between postal and election day voters are increasing, reaching a record at the Bundestag election in 2017.
      Maybe your friend was laughing at who you voted for. Absentee voting is common all over the world. It only looks like a problem in the U.S. due to liars, spreading disinformation like you just did.

    4. @Sugar Shane actually most democratic countries allow for absentee ballots could it be you have no idea what you are talking about?

  8. When you have a weak party you have to rig elections. Wouldn’t be easier to work on policies that work for the American people.

    1. @Ryan Riddick Right . there is no excuse for cheating . you can’t just say well the media doesn’t show us in a good light so we just have to cheat so the votes are in our favor and limit an entire race of people from voting.

    2. @Ryan Riddick yet people think Biden who spent 47 years backing racist policy’s, is now going to make “changes”. Democrat voters who watch smooth brain CNN will believe anything they are told.

    3. thats..way early voting was rigged.just found out my father voted democrat.on dec he was deceased 36 yrs

    4. Republicans have made the US’s “democracy” a laughing stock to free people of the world. America is creeping back to slavery. Black, brown, and women (and white people if they’re dumb or poor) are there to be subservient. Sad.

    5. The greediest of the wealthiest among us are the actual owners of the GOP brand and that is a permanent minority. Their “herd” of voters is a follower class of people that either have contempt for or outright hatred for those not like themselves, without whom the GOP would not win elections. Aiming that contempt and hate at the opposition to the status quo is how the GOP owners get them to the polls to vote Republican. The ownership of the GOP doesn’t want to help working class Americans or even the nation — the GOP owners only care about their own wealth and power and the power of their wealth.

  9. Right wingers: Wearing a mask infringes on my freedom
    Also right wingers: We need to suppress the rights of minorities to vote.

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