Georgia Officials Spar With Sen. Lindsey Graham | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

Georgia Officials Spar With Sen. Lindsey Graham | Morning Joe | MSNBC


A top staffer for Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger said Tuesday that he was on the line when Sen. Lindsey Graham asked his boss whether he had the power to reject certain absentee ballots. NBC's Josh Lederman reports. Aired on 11/18/2020.
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Georgia Officials Spar With Sen. Lindsey Graham | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. This is all getting beyond ridiculous with that party. Graham committed a crime plain and simple. If it was you or I would we already be in handcuffs just off someone’s word.. This country is falling apart because of one party.. Wtf is wrong with people in SC? It’s ridiculous to only vote for someone because they have an R in front of their name when it’s obvious they shouldest be in power..

    1. @Akitsu Maru I said many times, if you want to break the law and get away with it you have to either be rich or in Congress..

    2. @ღSwnsasyღ _ I don’t think they’d be able to prove anything illegal. You could interpret the conversation as being him just asking about the laws.

    3. @nick d That’s not what the SOS said he asked and then there was also a witness on the call that stated the same thing. Now, that doesn’t mean anything is going to happen, he’s a politician and they get away with crimes left and right but the SOS and the witness said Graham wanted them to throw out ballots. That’s election fraud.

  2. Georgians your country needs you again, vote out the two insider trading crooks, so that you’re country can be safe again.

    1. @Charlie T. Can you or anyone here explain to me why one state, Kentucky, is the only group of people that gets to vote on a man that controls this entire country? For the amount of power he has this whole country should be allowed to vote on McConnell’s position.

    2. @JohnPaul Jones the President did what he did in the last days before the election on purpose I’m sure.. I got Covid from my wife who’s a nurse at our local hospital….
      It lasted 8 days total… I never even visited a doctor or hospital during my time with the virus..
      The old and vulnerable are the only people who need protection from the virus…
      Both of my daughters never had a single symptom…. One is 6 the other 1….
      Herd immunity and vaccines are the path forward not imposing harsh lockdowns on the working class Americans who make the economy work….

  3. Lindsey is utterly disgraceful, I am sure McCain who is up in heaven is sadden that this is how his good friend turn out.

    1. McCain isn’t up in heaven. His “identity” was left here when he passed. McCain is energy now and energy does not have a persona.

    1. Dear dumb liberals who don’t like their 401k …Georgia just found 5600 uncounted ballots..Trump is right

  4. A South Carolina Senator has no business contacting a Georgia election official – and this fact should be codified to prevent future attempt by senators to interfere with elections.

    1. @Just Me Are you ignorant or just stupid? I have already told you I am no slave as my ancestors were never stolen from their lands and sold to white slave owners. I have never even travelled to America and nor do I ever wish to visit a country where racism is the norm! The one who is the sheep is the one who repeats Trump’s views and ideology like a sick sycophant and I believe that is you lol

  5. Hey South Carolina, I’ll bet Jamie Harrison’s looking pretty good right now, huh? What happen to you Sen. Graham? SMH.

    1. @Paul Wilson so because some signatures don’t match we throw all the ballots away right that makes total sense

    2. @uppgrayyed yes, but if both people wear it it is better than nothing.. So, yes… flimsy is not ideal but Trump sold a lot of our PPEs to China KNOWING this was about to hit the crap out of us

    3. Well, no, Dee Cee, the Scientists determined that the masks are pretty much useless.
      Fauci said as much some months ago, before he backtracked because they needed to ramp up that pre-election fear level.

    4. @uppgrayyed Friend.. this virus was new to us. Fauci said.. he knows more now and that was why he changed his position

    1. @Paul Wilson yeah, let’s ignore the part that he wanted to throw away ballots that have matching signatures but come from County that has “high” counts of mismatch signatures…

    1. @Paul Wilson We had a sense of ethics, before D.J.T. became president. Besides, I thought people like you don’t believe we have a free country. That’s what you keep whining about.

    2. @rahul kumar I figured as much. I guess Graham was losing sleep over Georgia running a smooth, trouble free election, screw the rest of the other states.

    3. @Kevin Sago It’s over, Kevin. Your guy lost. The voters rejected Trump decisively. Both the popular vote and the electoral vote. I know you’re disappointed but he can’t sue his way out of this humiliating defeat.

    4. @Paul Wilson That has laws and this needs to be investigated. If a Democrat did this they would be screaming to the mountain tops about it

    5. @Helena Hall so its against the law to suggest that election laws be followed by checking ballot signatures? you sure you want to run with that?

  6. WTF so why is he not being charged with tampering? These people if they lie they need to be gone. If this was me I would already be in jail why not him.

    1. Fizzgig Sanchez YES this is the real problem, one law for them and another for all of us. Time to bring back the guillotine.

  7. Lyin’ Lindsey acting like the slimeball he has decided he needs to be to be Trump’s number one sycophant in the senate.

    1. I always lie, cheat, smear my opponents and believe in alternative facts, because I’m afraid if I don’t conform to this new norm, then my boss might fire me or character-assassinate me by tweet. My daily behavior proves that I’m a coward human being that has no principles or dignity.

    2. Pro covid19 Trump GOP and republicans and Senate- “ America does not need PPP it needs Amy barret! The Senate decided to nominate a corrupt supreme court judge instead of giving America PPP and then they decided to go on vacation until next year leaving America out in the cold to fight covid19 by ourselves, Georgia you’re the only hope to save America please vote for the Democrats so America can survive the trump virus

  8. It’s not like Lindsay didn’t just prove his word is worth less than a bucket of warm spit in the most spectacular fashion possible… Its just so sad such a thing would have repercussions.

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