1. How is Donald Trump still roaming the streets. This guy needs to be put UNDER the jail. 😤

    1. @Adam Smith
      First we must take every Demon-Rat out we can….
      In November..
      We can do this thing…

  2. Lock them all up. As an immigrant to this country, I know how quickly everything can go to hell once complete liars and thieves have no consequences for trying to overthrow the country.

    1. @J Lewis Hammond, Jr. don’t feed the trolls man, anyone who knows right from wrong knows justice is coming, unfortunately the wheels of justice turn slowly but its coming

    2. @Buch
      Didn’t know that. I’m not going to tell Diarreah XL it’s a shame he has nothing to be proud of.

    3. @Dwight Fry that’s why multiple Proud Boys and Oath Keepers already plead guilty to Seditious Conspiracy right?

  3. Remembering that this whole mess is because one narcissist couldn’t accept that he lost and a bunch of cynical politicians realized they could use his psychopathy for their own cynical purposes.

  4. Every single one of them should be removed from offices they are holding, should never be allowed to run for a public office again and should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

  5. I’m impressed. Great example of justice . And I’m glad this is taking place in Georgia one of the most racist states.

    1. I was about to buy a house on lake Lanier, guess I won’t be looking at houses there anymore

    1. By knowingly giving false information to poll officers in an attempt to vote
      A person convicted of unlawful voting will be guilty of a felony punishable by a prison term between one and years, a fine up to $10,000, or both.

    2. Frowned upon.?.. how about prosecuting and incarcerating to the fullest extent of the law..!

  6. I keep hearing (ad nauseum) vague allusions about what republicans are saying privately. Why are you protecting these people by not naming them? Expose the hypocrites!!!
    06:52 – “Folks need to step up. They need to put this country first”

  7. Fire them all that’s what I say fire them all if they did something wrong they should be just like us other citizens and go to jail

    1. Yup the resignation thing has to end. That shouldn’t legally be a way out. It’s not for anyone else.

  8. All election officials should be held accountable for what they did. If you’re a regular citizen and you do something wrong or commit a crime you generally have to go to court for it so I think everyone of them should go to court also.

  9. Powerful woman Fani Willis; a woman of Integrity, will leave her mark in/on History. 🗽

    1. @Von Mauser – “I’ve been trying to educate the brainwashed” – *Ah, so you were over at Fox, teaching both the staff and their clientele.* ‘Nuff said.

  10. Fany Willis is showing Garland what he should be doing. lets make her the next AG of the United States.

  11. They are targeted because they are not the same as politicians (aside from the crime they committed). Once they see how serious this is and the time they will spend in prison, they will snitch like wild fire around the freakin world. hahahahaha!

    1. Actually they have nothing to snitch about anymore as they have already provided all the information. They have nothing left to bargain with.

    2. This is pretty much it. Getting them to flip and point the finger at Giuliani and Eastman is what Willis is looking for. Getting Giuliani and Eastman to point their fingers at Trump is the end goal.

  12. I always knew there was a qualified journalist somewhere out there amongst the field of resolute nitwits who bring us our news. Apparently he/she has been toiling away at Yahoo News. Bravo, whoever you are!

  13. The Fani Willis has been doing great work for Georgia and showing Garland what it takes to get stuff done. She should be US DA in the future.

  14. 30% will support Trump “no matter what”. What about the other 70%? The last time I checked, 70% is more than twice 30%.

    Putting the math aside, who is (willing to) representing the 70%?

    1. I have not and never will vote for a republican! I don’t sit out elections! Elections matter, from federal to local! Stay involved and vote!

  15. “Between 20 November 1945 and 1 October 1946, the International Military Tribunal (IMT) tried 21 of the most important surviving leaders of Nazi Germany in the political, military, and economic spheres, as well as 6 German organizations. The purpose of the trial was not just to convict the defendants but also to assemble irrefutable evidence of Nazi crimes, offer a history lesson to the defeated Germans, and delegitimize the traditional German elite.” -Wiki. We are taking too long, especially when we have a template

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