Georgia Reducing Voting Locations Ahead Of Runoffs | The ReidOut | MSNBC 1

Georgia Reducing Voting Locations Ahead Of Runoffs | The ReidOut | MSNBC


Four of the 10 most populous counties in Georgia are reducing the number of locations where people can vote early in the state’s Senate runoff races, prompting outcry from civil rights and voting rights organizations. Aired on 12/8/2020.
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Georgia Reducing Voting Locations Ahead Of Runoffs | The ReidOut | MSNBC


  1. Go back to old Republicans playbook. You’d think if your message is so good about your way of life you wouldn’t be suppressing the vote. It’s almost as if…..

  2. Voter suppression has been brought to light this year. I had not voted in 30 years, but I will for the rest of my days.

    1. Me too…. I am lucky to live in a Democrat state. I am a registered Republican and when I saw voter suppression I voted STRAIGHT BLUE… Guess this year I finally started to pay attention

    2. @Dee Cee that was such a cool story, you completely changed my mind. Im going to vote Blue for the rest of my life now Said no one ever!

  3. Ahh….back to voter suppression. Think the folks of GA will tolerate it peacefully? I have my doubts.
    Anybody messing with our elections deserve stiff prison sentences, at least.
    After all, it is treason.
    This is one of those instances.
    What are the names of those responsible?
    Lock them up.

    1. @Shane You mean people that voted early before they died from covid shortly afterwards? “Don the Con” will soon be gone … 😉

    1. @Kimmie Belcher You people don’t like it when the shoes on the other foot do you? When you get a dose of your own medicine, You can dish it out but you can’t take it.

    2. @Daisy Meadows When have Democrats suppressed voters? In Republicans made up ‘fraud’ cases that don’t exist? Hardly the same thing cupcake.

    1. YOU KNOW THEM BY THEIR WORKS… racist bigots are what they are.. Trying to silence the minority votes… how much more proof do you need

    1. @Lex Loadgiver thats because it is nonsense. They will lose in court and call it “unconstitutional”. They aren’t smart to begin with

    2. @Jay R the Federal Supreme Court unanimously threw out Trumps case 20 minutes after it was presented. Yes even the Trump appointed Judges agree that Trump has lost. Trump has lost in the States and now at the Federal level. Please accept these facts.

    3. @Renee Marie would you believe me if I told you that the supreme court threw out Congressmen Kelly and Sean Parnells case and it had nothing to do with Trump .

      Would you also trust me if I told you to go on the supreme court website and check for yourself? Also Texas Arkansas, Florida, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, South Carolina and South Dakota are suing your fraud states

      Don’t remember half the country suing 4 states over election fraud during 2016 RussiaGate elections


  5. Georgia has been suppressing voting for years and yet the state is now blue after three recounts. The harder they make voting the more tenacious the voter becomes.

  6. Kemp is going to “Stacy Abrams” the runoff election. All the dirty tricks kemp used to steal the governorship he’ll now use it to steal the senate seats

  7. Figures, these 100% corporate Republicans are scared that they will lose power and more importantly their money grifts.

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