Georgia State Republicans Move To Take Control Of Elections In Largest County 1

Georgia State Republicans Move To Take Control Of Elections In Largest County


With Georgia state Republicans moving to take control of managing elections in the state's most populous county, Senator Alex Padilla discusses the urgency of passing federal voting rights, possibly through a totally new bill, to backstop voting rights. 
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  1. “A righteous man knows the rights of the poor; a wicked man does not understand such knowledge.” Proverbs 29:7

    1. @P X says the fool who can’t hold back their own foolish demonstration by creating this post. So which is it? Are you a fool for being unable to hold back, or a fool for promoting foolish behavior by quoting a foolish storybook full of crimes against humanity? Keep going

    2. @Lisa Saunders Like the evil deeds that the Republicans party putting upon people because their idol Trump loss a fair election. Of course it’s fair for the sore losers that can’t take a loss to put out such a bill. Smh

    3. @Robert Meadows How did the poor break any rules? Because they voted, because they made their voice heard? Republicans are just a bunch of sore losers, and everyone know this! Smh

    4. @Kyle Howington Thank you for pointing out the fact that you don’t care about Biden’s history of corruption.

      But we’re talking Georgia now. You know, the place with Fulton County with evidence of voter fraud that refuses to allow an independent audit of ballots. The place where people have no confidence in the election officials who keep telling us to have faith in them, despite the fact that they screwed up the count. But why would you care about a fraudulent election.

    5. @Lane Funai Wrong. Republicans wickedness has lead them to many illusions. Trump just came in to open up those cans of worms for the world to see.

    1. @Grant Rosendahl
      There’s no myth about it. The southern confederate slave states vote Red in modern times. The Republican party is incredibly racist. Your attempts to reassign your own past have failed.

    2. @Grant Rosendahl Its not a myth.
      The Long Southern Strategy by Angie Maxwell. Watch her videos and read her books. The parties switched.

    3. @S R you really want to pitch that idea to distance yourself from the fact that you’re still the party manipulating black people to vote based on party guidelines.

    4. @S R You should talk to all those cuban who have been here. They say differently Florida becoming more right wing. Hispanic in texas have increased to vote rep. Hispanics are 40% in tx just like whites. There are counties which are 80% hispanic that vote rep.
      You say Dems arent socialist? LOLOl Bernie Aoc and her little squad. These people from the south hear what they are preaching and even if they dont like republicans will vote for them cause they see them as the lesser of 2 evils

  2. Seems people all want the same things, voters rights. Not only their right to vote but to know their vote is not disenfranchised by those that count the votes. Both are equally important. Let’s work together to establish these things for everyone.

    1. @Kern Albert and who is “champion” a former president? Are u talking about trump? Give it a rest the guy isn’t even president anymore and are you seriously defending democrats?

    2. @LT J Why should you have to prove how poor you are before they allow you to vote? Just make it free for everybody. The. End.

      The argument isn’t about ID per se, it’s about what it takes for some to acquire it and more importantly who can deny the issuance of it and who is checking it. The same FREE ID for voting should also be the same FREE ID for purchasing a firearm. The only background check for voting should be are you old enough and are you a citizen? That should be the only check for firearm purchase, as well.

    3. @Danny H You talking overt “racial” gerrymandering in favor of a Black majority, “regular” gerrymandering is still alive (and there is a covert racial component , but who’s splitting hairs?)

    4. @Kern Albert, then why do politicians never suggest such a solution? It’s always divisive rhetoric with no solutions.

    5. @Kern Albert you are and you’re reaching a bit with the conspiracy theories there why is it that white people tend to be the most offended by racism that their ancestors are responsible for? You can save the virtue signaling for someone else who is impressed by it cause I’m not

  3. Hate how they take control of my ability to buy alcohol when they ask me for my ID. So infuriating!

    1. Gosh I wonder why I had to show ID in person for past elections and then give more ID info to get my mail in ballot this time. It must be all the socialist ballot knomes that came and changed things. You can find this information out in less than an hour, how lazy are you?

    2. @Kyle Howington or the fact that u can print them by the millions and no one knows about them? Jesus people are dumb

    3. @Justin Broce so you agree that the Democrats’ talking point that requiring i.d. disenfranchises persons of color, is racist?.. thank you for seeing the truth..

    4. Let’s all keep counting the votes until we make it right- who cares what they do with your vote- your wife or your kids- you vote make us different from The rest of the world- its the very soul of America- being false truth a blackens your soul – a million lies don’t make truth

  4. Bill 202 is less restrictive and allows a quick removal of those trying to influence the outcome.

    1. You talking about Georgia State Bill 202? The one that enables the people on the state ballot to replace county election officials at a whim?

    2. I don’t think you read the whole bill or even read the bill at all, but what you said is not the factual truth. I am sure that you won’t let a small thing like the truth stand in the way of your way of regurgitating lies.

    1. @TR E Here’s the problem, anything on a scale as large as 150-160million people voting there is going to be, “fraud.” Not on a massive scale like one party is trying to claim. I don’t know if you’re not old enough to vote or something, because I had to show my state Id and voter registration before I could vote. Literally no one is saying they want people to be able to vote without Id, but these bills aren’t just about I.d.s . They’re loaded with other things to make it more difficult for people to vote in large cities.

    2. @Let ME eat My Pizza No they aren’t. That’s total bullcrap in Georgia for example. You can now vote 6 months in advance. By email fax or mail..hows that restricting your right to vote?

  5. So if requiring ID is voter suppression then it is also vaccine suppression since ID is required to get the vaccine.

    1. @John Sarlo do you have a clue as to what the bill actually did? Please explain to me why it’s voter suppression to only allow poll workers to give food and water to people waiting in line to vote if they didn’t bring their own, or why it’s voter suppression to require and id to vote. Because that’s about all the bill did.

    2. @j m Again read the bill. Don’t take my word for it. You can read can’t you or did you have someone type your response for you? I never said it was about keeping people from voting I said it was about who accepts votes or rejects votes with no valid reason. If you accept whatever is told to you I am verysoory for you

    3. @Be Meek Well at least you have the attention span to get through a paragraph. If you are lost now then you should read the referendum.

    4. @Marjorie Breslin Did you mean to type planet or are you for slavery. Mensa material you are surely not.

    5. @John SarloCalled it. Just like all the others deflecting. Come on post it, the section. Tell us the pager. number line. It be a slam dunk open and shut case. The reason you dont is for only 1 reason your parroting what the dems said and have no clue whats in the bill. if you want people on your side, to go against the bill point it out. But you wont keep being a sheep and follow blindly

  6. Is that a political strategy?
    Corrupt the 2020 election, then scream to save the vote.
    Total Bull Crap.


    1. You mean Trump and Pence they were the dummies in the White house And now they were kicked out because they were and ARE LOSERS.

    2. I can see Joe telling Kamala, “We are in a hole, we just have to dig our selfs out of it.” Lol.

    1. You are correct. No news network or politician will show where in the bill, page number, paragraph, and number line. About how something is keeping people from voting.
      If they want people to get on their side, show us specifically where in the bill. Its easy

    2. Exactly Matt, because there is none. It is all sboit the illegals voting without Id and what American citizen does not have a liscense or ID????? THERE AIN’T GONNA BE NO MORE 3and4 AM BALLOT DUMPING and SCAM STOMPING ANYMORE.

  7. There was something going on down there during the election. All that money all the videos. We’re not gonna put up with cheating. Jail time for anyone who has cheated. Anyone.

  8. So can poll workers no longer send everyone home and then count suitcases full of ballots hidden under tables?

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