‘Get Serious!’: See Dr. Fauci Dismiss Liars Attacking Him And Bill Gates | The Beat With Ari Melber


    1. I don’t know why any of you care so much. Either get the vaccine or don’t.
      The volley of Youtube insults proves nothing, and changes nothing.

    1. Have you ever seen the You Tube comedies called “Can You Microwave This?” Why limit it to just popcorn? We could have some real fun! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    2. Love it. That way we’ll have enough popcorn for everybody who wants some for the next fascinating chapter of our crazy 1 and 1/2 party capers.

    1. @karen atha ok lol im getting tired kinda looks like I messed that novel up but I do this much to much and I doubt i could recall 1/2 of it all then they throw a democrats at twitter taking my free speech literally on a news channel outlet and being a ivy league senator should know it only applies to government not private entities after 4 years of us not even having a president .. Its really beyond sanity

    2. @karen atha now that others have seen what we seen and if Trump gets in no trouble it’ll be just a tactic and if that person has a brain … see where im going here

  1. YouTube comment sections of any video about the pandemic tend to become infested with anti-science Covid deniers, conspiracy fanatics and anti-vaxxers. I’m not sure if this is an organized disinformation campaign or just a lot of trolls, but either way it is a very despicable behaviour.

    1. @NOT SURE +1. I have send several complaints about videos here made by the lunatic Sucharit Bhakdi. YT did nothing, they have not been taken down. But Twitter banned him long time ago and even FaceBook banned him in Nov 2020.

    2. The trolls of all the liars and lunatics are out in full force , they are crazy and dangerous.
      If YOU dont want the vacine, be my guest, but YOUR free will stops were MY free will begins…period

    3. I agree with the fact that yt is not doing enough to ban/delete videos that is spreading misinformation on covid-19. In my country pple r convienced that covid 19 vaccines will reduce your life span to only 5 years. Where did they get this misinformation? Youtube. I have been vaccinated multiple times for protection against various infection (ohs n work requirements). It maybe time to pass a law that requires youtube to do fact checks on certain high risk videos that spread misinformation.
      Remember covid 19 isnt the biggest killer, its misinformation.

    1. @X2 GI discuss til the cows come home but as a minority, I can attest that we have comorbidities in grand proportion compared to whites. This has never been a fair playing field for minorities so this shouldn’t shock anyone.

    1. he has a bad track record…you should look into his history, it’s not good. and I didn’t vote Trump. politicizing this makes it worse…if you aren’t helping then do no harm.

  2. I can just hear the qanons now. “Thats exactly what they would say if they were wanting to cover their tracks.” 🤦‍♀️

    1. That is exactly what they would say if they wanted to cover their tracks. But, it doesn’t seem to be working very well, now does it?

    1. Amen…and as we speak…but do we stay away from our phones, or demonstrate against mobiles? Na….🤣😅🙃😉

    1. @Scooter 75 would you rather have your customers be safe and well or do you want them to die and have no business at all. The smart business owners are the ones who when they can’t have customers in house they create a web site so they can continue to sell their wares.

  3. We are tracked via our mobiles, so when are we going to stop using them, instead of worrying about trackers in vaccins…stupid does what stupid does. 🤣😅😉😂

  4. These microchip theories depend on very ordinary people thinking that they’re endlessly fascinating to the government, billionaires or — somebody? They need to get over themselves

  5. I understand the point they make about statistical imbalances but, at the beginning of a vaccination programme it’s important to just jab as many people as possible. (obviously starting with health and aged care workers) The sooner the vaccine gets to a large proportion of the population, the better-off everyone will be.

  6. Bill Gates doing that interview is like he’s trying to compete with Prince Andrew talking to the BBC about how he doesn’t sweat.

  7. “I don’t THINK there was a Bill Gates microchip in that vaccine I got yesterday, but my body is asking me if I want the updates now or at 2 am.”
    Rocky Mountain Mike

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