Ghetto Michael Jackson | TVJ Entertainment Report - June 11 2021 1

Ghetto Michael Jackson | TVJ Entertainment Report – June 11 2021


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  1. The rise and fall of these internet sensation have one thing in common someone whispering in their ears talking about they’re getting rob .And suddenly they find themselves right back in the gutter with no one to help them .sad.

  2. One more Candy this when will these people will learn them only get 5 minutes of fame that’s it only 5 minutes and you better make use of it

    1. that’s a good question
      When she said don’t worry about that has me suspicious though why hide him away in a hill in some bush someone encourage him to talk to some people with sense and a lawyer hiding in a bush on a hill won’t help him

  3. Need honest people to look after people like these. And show business management need to give the youth there fair share.

  4. I see this coming, once dem si u slow and naah no sense, dog Nnam u suppa, ask gully bop if u think a lie

  5. If u falla dem people yah yuh tink Ghetto MJ did have this unique talent which made him tons of cash. Unuh eye 2 red a dats y GMJ in this position. U can see he was coerced in saying these things. He needs someone in his life who has his best interest at heart.

  6. Pan what hill?but on a serious note I would love to help him I hate people suffer when they trying to make it.

    1. Straight talk ! He need an education cause going around immotating MICHAEL JACKSON is not going to get him a goal or fame so he need to school n try a different career.

  7. How you aren’t rich and you have 14 kids? Thats all I care about. These females and males are failing the children of tomorrow.

    1. @Jay Henlon Did man seh him after go on farm work…And he made mentioned that he has 14 children for a reason…
      obviously you didn’t get a good education to decipher. Sym

  8. I would strongly advise this young man to go to one of these training institutions and learn a skill. HEART NTA should be high on his list. This MJ fixation as Anthony put it is absolutely true bcuz what he has demonstrated doesn’t seems to be remotely close to what MJ professional dancers look like. I understand he loves the attention that he has gotten over these few years but someone needs to sit him down and tell him the cold truth as well. I truly wish him well going forward.

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