Gillibrand On Biden's Handling Of The Withdrawal From Afghanistan 1

Gillibrand On Biden’s Handling Of The Withdrawal From Afghanistan


Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) joins Andrea Mitchell to weigh in on the administration's handling of the withdrawal from Afghanistan, and the feasibility of evacuating Americans and Afghan allies from the country before the August 31 deadline. She says that it's up to the president, not the Taliban, to dictate the terms of the withdrawal, and that he is "using every capacity he has" to facilitate evacuations before the end of the month. 
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  1. Air-Dropping Supplies Into Panjshir Valley Should Help

    The Resistance Is Called The Northern Alliance

    1. So badass. I wonder if it is acceptable to volunteer to help them. Like a non-jihad anti-jihad. George Lucas really needs to turn this whole affair into a space opera asap.

    2. @i dont have time 2 reply its like a machine on repeat. There’s more to life than being a taxpayer. You’re also a human. You might even be interesting.

    3. @Anita Brutongoogle lmao, real left wing spin is what u get… no facts what so ever… obama released 5 of the leaders for the army deserter… trump was trying to make a deal with them for afgan gov to stay in power… trump wouldn’t be begging for them to do anything! google syria crossing red line against trump/ missiles away!… cranky uncle joe only had beef with his imaginary friends corn pop… the endless war will continue because we left them a whole lot of hostages…

  2. Where are the 300,000 afghan troops the U.S. has been paying to train for twenty years. In Viet Nam the generals had bogus “body counts”. Seems afghan had bogus “troop$”?

    1. 60000 died fighting over two decades. Most were not being paid, and were not nearly trained close to adequately. Presumably they wanted to live, and given how things went, they managed to not get killed before being abandoned anyway. Not hard to think they did the smart thing

  3. More than 660k rifles left behind
    More than 20 thousand armoured vehicles left behind
    Hundreds of high capacity helicopters.

    1. Was left behind by the Afghan government/military not the United States troops , get it right …. besides the fact that most is junk the rest after our final day . Will be blown up as well as the bases ,runways and airports

    2. @kyle melby are you kidding, if they put me out there by myself i’d hand deliver 660k full autos, it would be an enormous task and an honor seeing as they got them for free, but ours is “shall not be infringed”? Thats just stupid leaving that amount of supplies with WW3 around the corner as well. Someone should’ve been in charge of at the very minimum selling them to a different nation, not the one we shat on for 20 years

  4. So very cool!! Very impressed by her not doing the dog pile on thing. Not Andrea. There’s nothing saying we can’t get everyone out but her. Trying to prove they don’t have liberal bias has many news sources going too far in the opposite direction.

  5. Most Americans wanted the U.S to withdraw anyways. When you withdraw from anything this reaction is bound to happen! People are so naive to think that it could happened any other way! It happened in Vietnam ( a true example of withdrawing results).U.S. probably shouldn’t have been there in the first place! ( Ret. Vet.)

    1. Wow it’s truly scary u think that way… Biden withdrawaled the troops and forgot about the citizens so he had to go back…when he took office there were a few thousand it’s almost triple that not to mention we most likely will be spending more time there cuz of him…nothin he did was correct

    2. @b s so how do 2500 personnel whose job is intelligence and air support evacuate 10s of thousands of people and an entire country full of equipment it took 20 years to get there? Give me your plan. I’ll wait but I won’t hold my breath.

  6. It was well known that we were pulling out by everyone since last year and so many decided to roll the dice and not leave, I guess there are thousands of people that thought the Afghan government would hold but even so our government urged them to leave ASAP AND THAT WAS NOT DONE.

    1. Ridiculous. Afghans knew it was a bad bet but had no choice. This is not a game of chance at Vegas, this is real life.

    2. Its true. People deny reality, or are overly optimistic. So an oppressive regime advances and they just sit still. If i was there, i like to think i’d be 12 steps ahead. Even now I’m planning a move towards the arctic circle ahead of when temperatures rise in the lower latitudes. Why wait until it’s too late and risk being stuck!

    3. @pdfico It’s sad what happened to that woman, but those atrocities are occurring all over the world, including in Saudi Arabia. Should we police those people?

  7. The Taliban can shoot their mouth’s off all they want. They know what the US & NATO could do to them if they are so inclined. If more time is needed then it will be so. The Taliban did not force the US and their allies out, they chose to leave, there is a difference.

    1. 1. Enemy combatants mixed in with an urban civilian population largely negates that advantage. 2. Our weakness is we can get castrated by public opinion at home if soldiers start being wounded or killed. They don’t have that particular vulnerability

  8. We have no way to pay the Afghan National Army 180,000 men and police 150,000 men. All unemployed and some disarmed. Always more guns in Asia.. There were mass demonstrations in Herat near the Iranian border. The new taliban regime seems to have a lot of work to do for their people. Afghanistan is an AID dependent nation and realistically needs a peaceful few years in power to establish their equity. They may be content to rule the south.

  9. Why isn’t our government reaching out to the Pakistanis. Even the Iranians. Involving other players will make the transition easier.

  10. We are watching a military, human rights and foreign national disaster happening before our eyes. Americans are going to be left behind by this administration that we worked so very hard to get elected. We had such a great hope for this new administration. Always say now is bitter disappointment.

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