1. Judge a judge by the quality of the company they keep or in this case, the quality of the company they sleep with.

  2. This woman has some very serious moral issues. She has given new meaning to the word “compromised”.

    1. @Ted Harvey III what? expressing free speech doesn’t make you correct or untouchable. it can show everyone that you have very serious moral issues, and that you have compromised yourself and your husband’s legitimacy.

      she has a right to say ‘overthrow democracy’ and we have a right to react to that.

  3. Are there ANY honest, loyal to the Republic people on the Right…remaining that are going to step forward and take active measures to prosecute Ginni Thomas, Mark Meadows et al who took direct and active measures to overturn BOTH the popular vote AND electoral college outcome in 2020?

    1. @Acer Maximinus HE ( Reshetnikov ) went on hyumilieting my Father Borislav asking him to stay more time in Reshetnikov s appartment at Goncharnaya Street Moscow then in late 2000 , .. we sat more … till his daughter came with HER boyfriend hand in hand … that s why Reshetnikov PUSHED my father to STAY to see his daughter Sasha and her boy friend ( Reshetnikov said that her boy friend was studing the same school that Mihail Kassyanov ) … pooutreagous provocation in 2000 ! By Reshetnikov ! Outreagous !!!

  4. Republican response: “So what?” As long as they aren’t in handcuffs they simply don’t care. Nor do their constituents

  5. WTF is going on, NO. This criminal Ginni needs to be in jail and Clarence needs to be disbarred and kicked off the court.

  6. I’m so sick of these people in power, doing unethical, and illegal activities. Nothing happens to them. I’m sick of it. Innocent people sit in prison right now, but have no money or power. Shameful. They all will meet their maker.

    1. @Teddy Jam spirit and karmic way, crimes against humanity are handled no matter what humans do to hold others accountable 🙏

  7. Don’t ask Justice Clarence Thomas to recuse himself, rather impeach, remove and replace him by the judge who cares for the opinion of the people of USA.

    1. Then you won’t like the Democrat Party, cause that’s what they did in 2020 and in Georgia 2021.

  8. He needs to resign and we the people should vote the justices in not the senate and they should not have lifetime appointments. She should be prosecuted for her involvement in the Jan 6th insurrection

  9. A Supreme Court Judge with a spouse that engages in this type of activity equals chaos for the USA.

  10. “The world is in more peril from those who tolerate evil or encourage evil than from those who actually commit it.” -Dr. Albert Einstein, 3/30 1953

  11. We really need to quit pretending like republicans are still using the same handbook.
    At this point, it feels like the GOP is re-reading the anarchist cookbook and democrats bought the book “politics for dummies” but haven’t even started to read it

  12. If ever there was a legitimate reason to add to the number of Justices on the Supreme Court,
    THIS IS IT!!!🇺🇸

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