Gionfriddo On Mental Health Crisis After Losing His Son | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC 1

Gionfriddo On Mental Health Crisis After Losing His Son | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC


President and CEO of Mental Health America Paul Gionfriddo shares his personal story about losing his son to mental illness and explains what the Biden administration can do to address the crisis during the coronavirus pandemic. "Let's put money into our children." Aired on 03/18/2021.
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Gionfriddo On Mental Health Crisis After Losing His Son | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC


  1. The care for mental illness
    Be content
    Be self control
    Be discipline
    Don’t give a rat booty about any problems.
    Don’t do drugs
    Don’t drink alcohol
    Don’t take any opioids
    You will be ok

    1. @Oba***Man YouTube took my channel out not everyone has the fortitude to deal with stuff without counseling.

    2. @Oba***Man YouTube took my channel out in reality there are chemical processes that trigger our emotions and shut them off. Try being terrified right now….can’t. When these chemicals are screwed up, what do you suppose happens? They get screwed up just as easily as any other biology and cannot be fixed by positive thinking anymore than a buggered pancreas or a broken leg.

    3. @Sarah F
      Absolutely agree.
      Self control is a very powerful habit to learn, majority of Americans are lack of self control, content and discipline, the wealthiest Americans have that, many of the wealthiest Americans families have history of opioids, alcohol and drugs addiction.

    4. @Cecil Brisley a dear friend of.mine is schizophrenic. Off of meds, she truly believes that aliens are marrying Queen Elizabeth in her kitchen. On meds, she is able to work, be productive, and have a normal life. Willpower meant nothing in her struggle. Medication was the only thing that helped.

    5. @Sarah F
      I hope your friend is getting better every day, I have empathy for other regardless of the situation, I understand everyone is different and every situation is different too.
      I was placed on seroquel, I remember whenever I took it, I wasn’t behaving right, I told a friend that this medication is making me tripping, so he was on alcohol, hardcore drugs, opioids, weed, so one day he said to me he’s depressed, if I can give him 1 pill of seroquel, I warned him that this medication is not a good medication, he took it in front of me, 30 minutes after he started behaving insane, then he said to me, it is the medication I gave him, then I told him that I warned you .
      My point is I took seroquel couple times and I got reaction to it, l stopped it and I promised myself I will never take any medication for depression.

  2. Their is going to be massive amounts of new mental health problems from covid-19 and hindering children’s social skills. It’s going to be a mess for sure. I don’t know what happened after but Stephanie Ruhle started to have a breakdown crying and trying to keep talking. This must have hit a nerve close to home for her.

    1. When the CEO of a mental health organization can’t take care of his own family his advice is of no relevance. Anyone that incompetent should be fired. No pity from me.

    2. @Sarah F I paint cars for a living. If I made a mistake I must make it right…That dude got off easy. He buried his mistake.

    3. Interestingly for those doing quarantine, children are doing better. Increased family time and more sleep due to online classes are the two big factors. The story for college age and mom and dad is different unfortunately.

  3. The money for mental health will only be used in states with non-reTHUGlicans at the helm.

    In texas, not only is there no help unless you are wealthy, greg abbott recently made it legal for mental health professionals to DISCRIMINATE, based upon anything they like.

    So, good for the people it will help, but it means nothing to me.

  4. We are all suffering from PTSD. Years of hysteria, disinformation, division , hate and a pandemic . For me it’s come down to a day to day choice.

  5. The thing is one goes to.the er to get help they get turned away. When they are having mental health issues unless they say their suicidal

    1. Don’t overlook the fact that dude is a CEO of a mental health organization and it didn’t help. Can’t change fate.

    2. As he stated he didn’t have all the answers…..mental health is so easy to over look as a child, we tend to think they grow out of it….not true…

  6. Much love to you and your fam, Mr Gionfriddo.

    If you or someone you know is hurting, please seek out the help needed.

    1. @Ro G Your comment is bogus. Gionfriddo should be the best help available yet it didn’t help his son. Son? He looked nothing like him.

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  8. America’s health care system has a fatal flaw in that it has been built up around employer based insurance plans. Those plans have been constructed with the intention of getting employees back to work as effectively and as efficiently as possible. Little emphasis has rested on the long-term health, mobility or life span of the patient or his family. The huge fast jumps in medical costs caused insurance reimbursement to go from “fixed rates” to “percentages”, but therapies remained limited in coverage. Mental health visits, physical therapy, and occupational therapy just were not considered necessary to employment. That definition of comprehensive health care changed with the introduction of health maintenance organizations. However, it has still been a system based on the primary insured person remaining employed. That hasn’t happened during the Great Recession and again now during the pandemic. Most of the rest of the World has already made the transition to a single payer system that accepts that healthcare is a human “right”. I was forced to temporarily interrupt my medical training and accept a job paying those insurance claims for a few years in the 1960s. Our failure to catch up to healthcare reform has been painful to watch for over 55 years. There has been a huge cost in lives, disabilities, and financial hardships. Our “system” remains filled with holes, and stringing together necessary services can require talent. It’s way past time for some responsible leadership in this area, but if the elected Republicans are simply going to act as dead weight, we will have to replace them first.

  9. We need to remember that early identification of mental health issues are no good if we don’t offer support for those suffering from those issues. Many of us have life-long mental health conditions, but support often runs out at adulthood. This has to change, or any investment in the future is just going down the drain in the long run.

    1. How does support “run out at adulthood”? We pay mentally ill people without dependents three times as much as what we offer to a single mother with a child under the age of five. We literally support mentally ill people for life in this country, sending them monthly stipends, giving them Medicaid, and SNAP for food.

    2. @Constituent A I was diagnosed with autism when I was an adult. Getting services for adults with autism is nearly impossible. However, if I had been diagnosed as a child, I would have been able to get support, education, counseling, etc. with ease. However, even then it is up to the autistic person to stay on top of all of that once they are an adult. I’m lucky that I can support myself if necessary, but too often that isn’t the case. It leads to a LOT of suicide.

  10. Seeing this as a mental health survivor is really sad, I was rather lucky to get the help that I needed, when I needed it because I know so many people who either can’t or refuse to get help due to money, time, and the shame around mental illness. I hope there comes day where there isn’t any stigma on mental illness because it’s a real issue for people who suffer everyday. The last thing to do when you are struggling is wait until it becomes a real problem because that guy is totally right when he said that mental health issues do get worse overtime if the person doesn’t receive help in the early stages of it. I just hope more people that need the help, get the help that they deserve to live a happy and better life. I’m sorry for the loss of his son, it’s honestly sad because seeing someone go through that is truly heartbreaking. I want to let anyone know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel no matter how scary or how long things get you can make it just please let people help you out. I really hope that this video reaches out to more people because it’s time to put to the end of mental health stigma.

  11. I hate that he lost his son and love the idea of putting more money towards helping our children, but I feel mainstream news/politicians fail to speak out or understand what is hurting children most: Social Media.

  12. Stephanie lost it right at the end after he thanked her. I could feel it coming, she is such a kind soul who wears her heart on her sleeve.
    You weren’t the only one, sweet Miss Stephanie.

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