Girl found in Toronto dumpster likely not reported missing | POLICE UPDATE

Toronto Police Insp. Hank Idsinga gives an update on the investigation into a young girl whose remains were found in Toronto dumpster.

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  1. This is heartbreaking πŸ’” how can anyone hurt children for goodness sake, πŸ’” 😒 πŸ™

  2. Very heartbreaking.
    That shouldn’t happen in Canada.
    Hoping a teacher or someone recognize to help the investigation.
    Little peace for her until someone steps up. What a tragic end.

  3. πŸ˜ͺ Someone killed and dumped her body on purpose. Look at her parents, guardians.

    1. @DoucheCam Forensically she’s been identified. That’s the fishy part…that no one reported her missing.

  4. Rest in Peace🌷
    It’s also time to disclose, copy and paste pictures of the living demons responsible for the thousands of unmarked graves at the Indigenous residential institutions. These monsters need to be prosecuted. A.S.A.P! They are still everywhere continuing to do their wickedness! They are considered some of Canada’s most dangerous!

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