1. I’m a 58 year old man. Social media is created by my ppls. I don’t do Twitter. Fi you so young dat yuh neva do BBM. Have respect fi yuh elders.

  2. Greetings ladies. Both of you exercised commendable tact while discussing this topic/subject of persons being rude and uncouth on social media.
    I write and coach about good manners, soft skills/etiquette etc. The challenge the world is facing is, too many do not know their place, boundaries are not established and so such persons often hide behind anonymity. I also think the world has become too casual: in attire, speech and behaviour/conduct. We’ve become so obsessed with being “down to earth” liked and followed that respect for self and others, decency and common courtesy have all been placed on the back burner or are rejected entirely. Loud, vulgar and confrontational reigns supreme. The Housewives culture on cable tv has highlighted, glorified and aggrandized this kind of unladylike, coarseness in our society. Not to mention the failure of many households to train their children well – to be authentic ladies and gentlemen. Most want to be known for their perfect brows, lashes and weave rather than their impeccable character and being an upstanding dignified human being.

    I’m working on a program that I intend to share with TVJ called Manners In A Minute, that I think will in some way help our young people in Jamaica to be Polished & Polite men and women. It’s the least I can do to attempt to save the few who are interested. Thank you.

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