Giuliani Learns Trump's Orbit Is A Dangerous Place For Lawyers 1

Giuliani Learns Trump’s Orbit Is A Dangerous Place For Lawyers


Rachel Maddow points out that Donald Trump's favorite lawyer, Roy Cohn, was disbarred 35 years to the day before Rudy Giuliani's law license was suspended in New York, with Michael Cohen, Trump's other personal attorney having also been disbarred as a consequence of his conviction in a hush money scheme that prosecutors say he was directed to commit by Trump. 
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    1. @DD2225I’m talking about Guliani, Trump, and Biden. They all are very much alike to me.

    1. why doesn’t everyone get it ?? = [ the DEEP STATE has us all arguing against each other, meanwhile this Entire Shamm was planned out] ..Washington Swamp had to get rid of an “Outsider ” that was exposing our GOVERNMENT, ACADEMIA , and MEDIA ! 💡 set the illusion up that TRUMP is the Villain, but in actuality, Donald T is a Fearless Patriot ! 👍

    2. @Tommy Savarino Lol…That man is retired with 50 mil in the bank. Basically came out of retirement to be Trumps pit bull. Yes, he’s a dishonest pos…did he do anything they could jail him for? Nope.

    3. @Caleb B. “The Babylon Bee”

      My guess is most Trump supporters would absolutely agree.

    4. @Dollie_Bhie You’re not wrong. But- it can be quite entertaining. And it’s going to happen regardless. But you should google “We, the screamers”Arthur Koestler January 9th 1944

    1. He’s supposed to defend himself against defamation lawsuit from the crooked election company . Hmm coincidence

    2. @dabe Vautista GOOD QUESTION…I would guess NO. He charged Trump USD$20,000/day or USD$140,000/week. Trump doesn’t even pay his own bills,
      so do you think Rudy got paid.?🤷‍♂️ I have to give that a few—>🤣🤣🤣

    3. @dabe Vautista Trump is notorious for not paying his lawyers, or anyone else. Giuliani has done a terrible job as well, so I would think it’s even less likely he would pay him.

  1. “Rudy? I never met the man. Maybe had my picture taken with him. Great American. Never heard of him.”

    1. @Death to Communism I would agree but for me it’s God bless all Americans. I’m a Democrat. I fought in combat in Vietnam. I love and fought for my country. So to single out 1 group of Americans is just plain wrong. Wishing you and your family peace and happiness.

    2. @Ron Cassa Thank you Ron, while I don’t agree with your political party I have more respect for you than any republican that lumps all democrats together. It’s your attitude that is the only thing that can save this country from destroying itself. Best wishes to you as well

  2. Remember “Those the God’s wise to destroy, they first elevate. As my dear departed Mother used to say, “It’s not the fall that kills you, it’s the sudden stop” 😳

    1. It is time that people believing in God, in His Ten Commandments and in Jesus’ teachings to begin to pray asking with humility God’s help in establishing His laws in this nation and talk among ourselves about what we should do to bring back more respect to God’s Ten Commandments in Exodos 20 and to Jesus’ teachings in Matthew 19:18-19 and Matthew 20:25-27. According to God’s Ten Commandments in Exodus 20:16 and Jesus’ teachings in Matthew 19:18 we all need to abstain from making false accusations against other people; according to Jesus’ mandate in Matthew 28:18, we should instruct to many people as possible to abstain from making false accusations against other people and to teach them that the government should be establish to serve the people; it should not be the other way around having the people to serve the narrative of those who are in power.

      The action against Giuliani is and action that is an open defiance against God’s mandate through the Bible and through Jesus’ teachings. First the court disbarring Rudy Giuliani did not offer any proof beyond any reasonable doubt why he was wrong to say that there is election fraud and it gives the impression that New York court system has fallen under a political partisan agenda something that is against the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ because people wishing to be in government should not punish those who do not believe in a narrative established by people in power or by a politically partisan news media.

    1. Cult mantra. Cult has a leader (tRump) uniforms ( red hats) mantra and rhetoric and a specific set of talking points that they say over and over but still have the nerve to say they are not a cult. Lol.

    2. @Fiona Bologna well it’s looks like down votes have been….ah tampered with, Raymond no truer words!

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