Giuliani Urged Trump To 'Just Say We Won' On Election Night, Book Claims 1

Giuliani Urged Trump To ‘Just Say We Won’ On Election Night, Book Claims


The new book 'I Alone Can Fix It', in part, details former President Trump's attorney Rudy Giuliani on the election night of 2020 urging Trump to declare victory over Joe Biden ahead of the polls. The Morning Joe panel discusses.
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    1. @aka_just_matt Imagine believing a KNOWN con-man. It’s as though idiots like you forgot he existed before he was president. It’s as though you forgot he’s been a a con-man his entire life.

    1. @Sarah F. 4.2 Literal cult. I’m canadian and this is all you got. ‘mUst Be a RuSsiAn Bot’ 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

      Hate to break it to ya lady, you’re worse than Q but think you’re the good guy. My goodness this is crazy

    2. …and then Meadows went on to pressure Republicans in Georgia to change the results and hand the state over to Trump. Yeah, real moral authority he’s got there.

    3. @Its me Quenten
      I’m not repeating anything the “msm” told me. I have eyes and ears and can think for myself. Furthermore, I have paid attention to trumps antics for 40 years. Yes, more people became aware of politics under his administration which is why he was voted out. I have never liked trump because he has no qualities I find redeeming and after watching him the last five years, I stand by that sentiment. You can believe what you want but the way I feel about him has nothing to do with him being a “republican”.

    4. @Its me Quenten haha you cant argur facts so you resort to begging people to think msm lies, gee you must grown up brainwashed haha, youre pathetic kid

  1. One fool makes many!!!🤫 At this point, it doesn’t really matter who started it, what matters is who will finally step up and stop it for good.

  2. If the Milwaukee Bucks are going to lose the finals, I suggest they claim victory before the game is over.
    Done deal.

  3. Trump has always been this way – just proclaim your whim of the moment and pretend it is true – like a spoiled and developmentally delayed middle schooler.

    1. A 1st grader. his majestic & superior bigglyness said, in an interview, that he hasn’t changed since he 6, count ’em, 6 years old. The results which we all see.

    1. @Lynn Schmitt …..( doing ) or in this case , saying…… the same thing , over and over and expecting different results…is considered one of the definitions of insanity
      which really…does apply here….

      another hint…it really doesn’t matter how many times…ten….or thousands…you repeat something that is NOT true……it doesn’t magically …become true 🥴

    2. @Tyler Stroyny Network So much evidence that they lost every court case claiming fraud, including several in front of judges Trump appointed.

    3. @Sean Garner what judge would want to be known for justly overturning the election results in a state! Especially with a insanely radical left base of protesters who will burn down their own community in the name of cultural Marxism! No Judge Would Want That Pressure!

    4. @Sean Garner the left would have destroyed any judge no matter who they were appointed by! They would have hunted that judge down like the small businesses that they burned down and the statues of history they tore down! In a system where the left wing media was more honest and not promoting the same line of “voter suppression” over and over without even reading the bill and explaining the importance of voter ID, those judges would have done the right thing!

    5. @Terence Bell He has no evidence because there is none to be had. Trump created the “Big Lie” and his followers fell for it. There is no evidence of voter fraud or rigging on the part of anyone, except Trump.

    1. Yeah but…… Rudy fed the beast. Giving encouragement to a deranged monster. They are both losers. I Say losers because they cannot win legitimately. That means they LOST. cheaters never prosper.

    2. @Dingle Berry I think it’s a way to throw Rudy under the bus and maybe Trump will walk away Scott free.

    1. @evian pullman He’s still alive but not even Mel Brooks at his finest could match this level of lunacy.

  4. I am actually surprised that they didn’t just announce that they had won.
    That will definitely be coming in the next election.
    Republicans are never afraid of overreaching, especially since there are never any real consequences.

  5. If the entire tRumpublican party isn’t all drunk or high on something then they’re all mentally insane!

    1. @donna kluck Why would a woman support the most horrible abuser of women? What is wrong with you? You know he is a horrible liar and abuser. You know that he allowed 600,000 Americans to die. What is wrong that you do not care? YOU are the problem.

    1. @Kevin McDuffie yet now he’s just wallowing in his dispare. Not even Melania wants to be there. She didn’t even attend his birthday party.😞

  6. Trump blames everybody else except him and he is the only one responsible for all this circus.

    1. Trump has always blame others. He
      Puerto Rico for hurricane Maria. All because Puerto Rico was in the way. California wildlife. Claiming if California didn’t have so many tree. And of course he blame Covid on the Democrats claiming it to be a hoax.

    2. @Helga smith You sick Jim Jones cult, type personality. Trump supporters are akin to devil worship

  7. Poor Donnie – it’s difficult for a serial liar and grifter to accept the truth. Or to even understand what truth is.

    1. But it wouldn’t be a lie, anyone with a brain knows that there was massive fraud used to install the illegitimate, incompetent, bidenHarris regime when in actuality President Trump won hands down!! Democrats are just working their agenda to destroy the US!!

    2. @Kevin McDuffie “I don’t like the other guy so there must have been fraud!”

      Cool story. Too bad your little feelings don’t count as evidence lol.

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