Giuliani Was Warned By FBI He Was Target Of Russian Disinformation Campaign | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC 1

Giuliani Was Warned By FBI He Was Target Of Russian Disinformation Campaign | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC


Rudy Giuliani was warned by the FBI in 2019 that he was the target of a Russian disinformation campaign that was designed to discredit Joe Biden. NBC's Ken Dilanian has details.

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Giuliani Was Warned By FBI He Was Target Of Russian Disinformation Campaign | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC


    1. @Mari Jayne To be illegal in this case would be if they went to the wrong place, as is what happened to Breona Taylor. This had Rudy’s name on it and the correct address. This is an entirely different situation. It was legal, it was served correctly, and it may be justice for 2 public servants who were dismissed because they testified against 45 at his 1st impeachment trial. Rudy was very influential in the firing of Marie Yovanovich. Sometimes, one needs to be held responsible for their wrong doings. He was warned by the FBI and didn’t heed their advice. Consequences.

    2. @Dixie Normis blew the lid how? he couldn’t even present any of this so-called “evidence” that he claims to have (not even on Fox news).

    3. @Arnab RS lmao BS the implicating email chains they got from his laptop are public domain. We have his laptop, the FBI has been given backups of all the files, because what did they do with it? Of course because it implicates their buddy they sweep it under the rug and claim it got “lost”. Bullcrap, it’s because they’re corrupt.

    4. They have no problem conducting a 3 year long investigation based on falsified evidence and a FISA warrant with a forged signature on it, as long as it’s against their enemy, the right-wing, and Trump (which amounted to nothing because he did nothing wrong), but when we present actual hard evidence, Hunter Biden’s laptop, and emails that implicate him in corruption, and the FBI ignores it. They’re traitors to this country.

    5. @Dixie Normis wait…so if its public domain, and you guys have had it for two years now, why didn’t the DoJ under Barr open an investigation using that evidence?

      why didn’t any Trumpanzee file a suit at a State-/Federal-level court against Biden, using this so-called “public domain” information? heck, Trump even had 3 SCOTUS Justices that he himself appointed.

  1. I hope Bill Barr will be disbarred and prosecuted for the cover-ups he has done for Trump and his criminal cronies!

    1. @PointingOutObvious … Like Trump in a dress smoking a cigar oh that’s right that was somebody else LOL

    2. @Andy Hutchinson it is definitely what the right think of him as a master he tell them to eat dog poop sandwiches and they would ask any certain breed

    3. @Andy Hutchinson explain this to me how is Rudy a patriot but is working with other countries funny how all the evidence is coming to light but let me guess you’ll say fake news something he embedded in the right heads bid tech is so bad but in the other hand trump loves Twitter and you all use big tech if you hated big tech so much why not boy cot it also why does trump support China more then he ever did America he paid them their taxes why should trump be the only president who didn’t have to provide his taxes when asked he always had excuses guess we will see when these grad juries indict them and of course trump is master and you all will say not true it’s fake even with hard core evidence

    1. @StanleyKewbeb1 i think stone would be a better mr freeze. eric trump as the riddler, don jr. as catwoman, mike flynn as scarecrow, manafort as 2 face and obvs trump himself as joker….
      who plays batman? bernie? biden is a definite alfred. bernie as batman and beto o’rourke as robin…
      or cory booker as batman and orourke as robin.. with sanders as alfred..

  2. Joke all you want but Rudy’s prepared to fight this all the way to the Supreme Courtyard by Marriott, while pushing Cheerios into the ground and waiting for donuts to grow.

    1. If you see him, tell him to bring three things to prison, if he can: toilet paper, black hair oil, and vaseline. He’ll be as popular there as a strawberry tart.

    1. @Roy Batty
      Geez Roy you could replace “America’s Mayor” with *Potato Joe Biden* in your comment and it would flow better .

    2. @MrShobar … of COURSE it was! He’s never passed up an opportunity at self-promotion, even going back as far as his days as a NY State Prosecutor…

    3. To think we all better than that guy..He craves hero worship..but all he got left is Maga and when he flips he’ll have nothing

    4. Over 300 cops and firefighters were killed in the Trade center Tower because Giuliani didn’t listened to those who told him to put their headquarters in the basement.

    1. I recall, when I was a hot-headed little kid, whenever I felt falsely accused of something, I’d yell, “I’m gonna go to court about this. It’s wrong!”

    2. @Ken Albertsen Thing is Rudy is a lawyer, he knows exactly how much BS he is spewing. He also knows the people he’s pandering to the camera for are stupid and that it will work.

    3. @badtz maru Rudy is inept as an attorney. Look at his track record in recent years. Every case he’s tried, he’s been laughed out of court.

    1. @Debbie Bassett ​ Debbie, girl, you are so right mate.
      We sit back (world audience NOT living in the US I am in Australia), open the popcorn, crack a tinnie and watch *”American Gothic 2.0″* wondering what horrors awaits us each morning.

      *Edit:* I literally get up, go to PC, browse YouTube, open several TABS in browser after picking what I want, go get breakfast then come back thinking, “surely it cannot be any worse?”

      Brrrrrrrrrr, WRONG! It *always* is. eg: This morning I got up to see a link in Messenger from a friend in the US, that Stephen Miller (that streak of misery) has filed a lawsuit against Joe Biden Headline: “Stephen Miller is suing Joe Biden for discrimination against white people”

      Just that bit more crazy each day, sadly

  3. “They were careless people … they smashed up things and creatures and then retreated back into their money or their vast carelessness, or whatever it was that kept them together, and let other people clean up the mess they had made.”
    The Great Gatsby

    1. And the manners you might find in a carnival, and now you see them beating against that current.

    1. He is screwed; either he got rid of Marie for money for Ukrainians..or ’cause Trump told him to..

  4. Well, at least he can be thankful for a couple of things: (1) he was awaken in the morning after a good night sleep; and (2) he wasn’t shot by the FBI during their raid!

  5. I was going to stop commenting but in this case I can’t help myself, and all I have to say is that if the FBI shows up at your door they don’t care if it is a convenient time for you.

  6. First it was pizza Gaetz, now it’s Ghouliani and, something tells me, a bigger fish will follow.

    1. Let’s start with Barr
      Side dish: Don junior
      Main Course: Senior

      The other family members and GOPers will have there own dinner served.

    2. Trump tards blain Biden but the FBI have been looking at both of these crooks for years. The difference now is that Trump and Barr can’t cover up for them anymore

    3. Ever larger chunks of taxpayer money will continue to get spent on cleaning up parts of the mega oil slick left behind by Exxon Trump.

    1. Well, to his credit, he was daubing his head with a used hanky (he’s shown sneezing into it, immediately before daubing), …but he was daubing the wrong sections.

  7. Guiliani: I was warned they were coming 2 yrs ago, so i just kept all my dirty electronics and changed all my passwords maybe they wont find anything

    1. Worse than that he went to work for the Russians..apparently that’s what a Patriot does according to Trump

  8. Oh the sweet sound of Rudy explaining the sound of the 6am knock. At least he got the knock and enough time to look at the warrant. Some people are never alive long enough to ask any questions. Lucky Rudy. Still what I can say is LOCK HIM UP.

    1. So many more dominoes need to fall: Charles and Mike Flynn, the Trumps, Stone, Kushner, …the list is long and ugly. I hope Mr. Parnas doesn’t get killed in jail, like Epstein did. Epstein had enough dirt on Trump to fill 4 dumptrucks.

  9. FBI: “You may be the target of a Russian disinformation campaign.”
    GULIANI: “No sh*t, Sherlock? Now get out of my way, I’m late for a meeting in Moscow…”

    1. Actually, many Russian agents don’t even know they’re agents. Rudi is their poster boy, along with Trumps Jr & Sr. Meanwhile, Kushner and Barr are heavily invested in Saudi Arabia, and their ilk are likely unwitting agents of the Saudis. Qatari security would know.

    1. Rudy soooooo wanted to be a player on the world stage. Well, he got his wish, …but not quite the accolades he yearns for.

    2. @Mari Jayne When you have a warrant, signed by a judge, it is not an illegal “raid.” Rudy knows this,and all his huffing and puffing will not make a legal warrant illegal.

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