‘Give America A Fair Shot’: Day 3 Of Opening Statements, Case On Obstruction – Day That Was | MSNBC

'Give America A Fair Shot': Day 3 Of Opening Statements, Case On Obstruction - Day That Was | MSNBC 1


  1. No matter what, we’ll loose the trial based on article 2. Evidence will show Republican Senators were complicit in corruption to protect him and a million other plots backed by wealthy donors with dissectible time lines in a mother of all extortions and blackmail of American Congress. Trump has that over America. Blackmailed Senators too deep in, to do what’s right.

    1. @Ken Jamison I voted Trump as a Republicans and became an independent a couple of years ago after the stupid crowd size brain killer and toilet paper and umbrella. I don’t care if you eat Hillary kkken
      Edit: kkketchup?

    2. @shkspr78 s no, but now I am.
      Jan 2020, ordered and carried out assassination of a foreign government official.
      But he doesn’t know anything about anything he did as in name or ethnicity of who he ordered killed. He was reacting to impeachment trial and didn’t clue anyone till the last minute. He actually used hawks to send a message to certain house democrats. Hawks may reap future benefits but they didn’t get any here.
      He had figured a country in war will not elect a new president and accused Obama of wanting to do it, but maybe obama didn’t need to, but it was also to show despise for Trump. With the Birther issue and negotiating JCPOA when Trump said he couldn’t be cause he is a weak negotiator and on and on to the jokes by Obama towards Trump. The very first thing Trump did was undo JCPOA. Setting stage by reacting to Muller report. Recent Persian golf shooting down of our drone, was a distraction to certainty of House getting serious about impeachment and Ukraine and challenges to his power grab by democrats. Abandoning Kords and wanting to pull out to please Turkey, he used the excuse of wanting to fulfil a campaign promise and wants to pull our forces from the region to keep up the lie. He has no clue what he is using for what. He was stopped before leaving Iraq but only got the message that generals want Iraq and Afghanistan. So here he is and he wants to instigate for Iran to directly reply. Look at Iran’s response in Iraq. Anyone studying the Iranian response, agrees to its being very measured, maybe including a shooting down of the airliner to say they shoot first… You know that was the public side bombing our base which we did nothing. But they won’t retaliate till after election so Trump will have to draw the first blood in the open and that will be a disaster for him. He could reach the codes not knowing what a conscious is. He is desperate and capable of Armageddon. Is this extorting America? Why aren’t we stopping him faster than Republicans close al the possibilities to? Is this any longer United States of America?
      Not quite as over the top but a real scenario that can play out…. Vote💙

    1. He’s an accessory to every form of treason and election tampering in the United States, He’s part of the Rino/dino Communist Uni party which includes Bush Jr, Clintons, Barrack Obama, John McCain, Registered Communist John Brennan and Jim Comey and about 90% of Congress… YOU’VE ALL BEEN PLAYED, THEY ALSO HATCHED THE ENTIRE MIDDLE EAST WAR

      Bill Binney wrote the governments mass Surveillance spyware program and he can’t find even 1 data PACKET proving that the Russians hacked our elections..

    2. what bootlick Lindsay is hiding is his true hatred of trump. So what does trump have on him – besides jacking all his voters?

  2. Graham is frantic, and appears covering. Probably many Republicans guilty of bribery, and being blackmailed.

    1. @Modded T quite the contrary….numerous dems are in the ukraine corruption…biden , carey mckain and more….KNOW before you speak.

    2. I don’t think that’s what Graham was doing. I think he was saying to Trump via the news “If you’re guilty, shut up about it.”

  3. Trump, Pence, Pompeo, Barr, Nunez, Giuliani, Sekulo, Jim Jordon, Kushner,
    Probably Graham, McConnell, Eric n Don Jr n Ivanka
    Who else is in on the conspiracy ?

    1. The entire GOP for covering up the charade and continuously voting not to hear evidence. Deport them to Russia.

    2. Who, among Republicans, are NOT part of this conspiracy to cover-up Trump’s on-going treasonous crimes?

      We’re watching.

      Voting BLUE across the board in 2020!

    3. rastapatch Mail
      Mick Mulvaney… Meth-lab Babie Conway… Huck-Sanders… Doug Collins… Mark Meadows… Chuck Grassley… Joni Ernst… Doug Jones… Martha McSally… Tom Cotton… Roy Blunt… John Cornyn… Ted Cruz… Lindsey Graham… John Kennedy… Lisa Murkowski… Marco Rubio… Rick Scott… Susan Collins… Doug Jones… Cory Gardner… and their token “Black” (as Drumpf calls him) Tim Scott… and more who are actually “In The Loop”.

    1. @crocusflower “true repub, judge others based on nothing to do with their character.”
      judging people based on their character takes balls. easier just to give everybody a pass. just let everybody steamroll ya so you never have to have a confrontation.
      thats the only reason republicans dont judge anybody by their character.

  4. “If the president thought he was doing something wrong, he’d probably shut up about it.” – Lindsey Graham
    “I don’t know, if a foreign country offered you help in an election, I think you have to listen.” – t’rump

  5. Graham needs to really stop acting like he a super ⭐️….quit saying America needs to know…he put himself in the mess….has nothing to do with the everyday working America…

    1. Joe, Ms. Lindsey’s hormones are raging! She is going through the change. I bet she cries like a drama queen each night, because Drumph is not by her side. And she is working Soo hard to save the Bloated Toad. She looks really Haggard and not enough sleep.

    1. @Gary Campbell
      Where I’m at he’s done.
      Dismissing the TBI injuries as headaches after he lied is not going over well in this purple state with a large population of both veterans and active duty…they know a TBI is more than a headache. They’ve seen their brother’s in arms with portions of their skull removed to alleviate swelling. They’ve watched their buddy’s try to relearn basic skills like eating, walking and communication over the course of years. Those 34 soldier’s meant nothing to trump afterall ‘they knew what they were getting into’.

    2. unfortunately, those trump toadies believe they are not supporting a mobster – time to brush up on your Russian – so you can talk to your new bosses.

    3. @oldrrocr
      Russians will never be my boss….ever.
      No doubt the toadstools are already taking classes…they need extra learning time.

    1. @Italiano Brandini Trump and the republicans are not allowing witnesses and the release of info that would be damning to his case and the speaks loud of his guilt that would prove his guilt. And No one should have the right to deny witnesses and documents because it might be implicating to their fellow party member. It’s not a impartial trail from the start on both sides

    2. Una…This whole Republikkkan party are SO waiting for the Russian Agent Spy to be gone too,! He is making problems for them but they are not doing or saying anything, because they are all afraid of the Bully. So, they are quiet because they have No Balls. What a bunch of WOMEN these things are 😡.

    3. @lord of the Sith liberal slayerHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! Funny, coming from a guy who subscribes to Bobby Rio for dating tips.

    4. Jason Leidy The Democrats had their chance to call witnesses and chose not to. There is no reason to call witnesses, there is nobody with any information, it’s all been hearsay of opinions and the democrats already said they had enough damning information to impeach the president. Trump is not guilty of any crimes or misdemeanors. Also if they had enough damning information they definitely wouldn’t have to call more witnesses. 😉

    1. …and had called him crazy and unhinged before the election…these politicians are fake, two-faced, back-stabbing traitors to their country

    1. Graham: Trump did nothing wrong in his mind.

      Unfortunately, we don’t live in Trump’s MIND…we live in the real world.

      Republicans: we are proud to be the party to Trump’s obstruction of justice.

  6. “Give America a FAIR shot…”

    Yes I agree let’s have WITNESSES, EVIDENCE, DOCUMENTS, and TESTIMONY RELEVANT to the case 👍👍👍 at hand….

    1. @Graeme Hindmarsh..The Hitchen’s quote is apt for my main point: the entire burden of proof is on the Democrats.
      And since they’ve provided an incredibly weak case with little to no evidence, it can be dismissed without any exculpatory evidence.
      It would be completely nonsensical for Trump to introduce new witnesses or evidence to the proceedings. Why on earth give the Democrats more opportunities to play political games for their base? And why give them more opportunities to lie, fear monger, slander and spit on the Constitution?
      The “Obstruction” charge is laughable. It’s neither a crime nor acknowledges Separation of Power and Executive Privilege.
      And the “Abuse of Power” charge is ludicrous. Obama was cited SEVEN times for breaking federal law by the Government Accountability Office…yet Trump does it once and that’s an impeachable offense?!
      My friend, this circus needs to end. The Democrats lose, Trump wins…again.
      (and by the way…kudos for your use of the word “contrarian” and for citing Sagan’s quote..you’re clearly an intelligent person)

    2. @hugh jorgan it sounds like you’v contracted fox news disease if not treated it could infect you’r brain it sounds like you need to seek emergency medical attention ASAP it sounds like it’s already started to spread to you’r brain hopefully the doctors can save you if not you’r only other option is to hope that the chosen one has time to come lay hands on you hope he’s not playing golf at taxpayers expense or busy tweeting fox news disease is very contagious please warn all you’r friends

    3. @hugh jorgan
      Hugh, Graeme, I am impressed by you both, however, I’ll have to side with Graeme. You make a decent argument on process, but trump is criminally corrupt, beyond doubt.
      Trump has done more to undermine the Constitution in three years, than the Russians have in the last 75. He has referred to it, in it’s entirety, as a ‘sham’ and called it’s articles and ideals ‘phoney’. Your mentioning of the Constitution in his defense is ingenuous at best.
      I’m not going to get into the extensive list of his offenses or the longer list of his stupid policies, ideas and, well, general stupidity, as my girlfriend is already giving me the stink eye.
      Anyhoo, the “stupid or complicit” question would be a redundancy here since you, unlike the vast majority of trump’s base, have obviously not been duped by a moron.
      Your candor in this regard is appreciated.


    1. @Fred Cook …you could also be referring to Pelosi, Schumer, Waters, Feinstein, Nadler and many more who are just not cutting the MUSTARD.

  7. “If he knew he did something wrong he would probably shut up about it” -Lindsey Graham
    WOW 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  8. “In his mind if he thought he was doing something wrong he would probably shut up about it.”

    Case closed. Guilty. Impeach and Evict. Even his defenders know he did wrong and the best they can offer is Trump is too stupid to know he was doing something wrong. That’s not a defense, that’s an admission of guilt. At best it’s a plea for leniency, which may get him off without jail time if everyone if feeling particularly generous and forgiving. I wouldn’t. An example needs to be made so America NEVER stoops so low again. Failing to do that, the sun is definitely setting on the once great Republic.

    The only question left is what to do about the bigger guilt shared by all the Republicans who kept defending and deflecting and “Yes Sir” ing him while they KNEW he was doing wrong. And are still doing it.

    1. Trump is the President and Chief of staff. He has privilege with the office. We hired him to drain the swamp. I now love and will re elect Trump 2020😃😃😆😃😃.

  9. I disagree with Graham: “From the Pres point of view he would probably shut up about it.” No he wouldn’t. He’s confessed publicly to wrongdoing many times over the last 3 years.

    1. Trump has lied ALL his life!! Facts and Fiction are stored differently in the brain and liars will lose their grasp on reality!!

  10. We deserve to have witnesses and evidence presented the American public .The American is paying for this impeachment. We deserve the truth not a cover-up.the. 🇺🇸

    1. Trump has been able to buy his way out of jail most of his life, and this time he’s doing it with the Senate’s help and our tax dollars.

      The country demands and expects documentation and witnesses at a trial – anything else, is not a trial, but a “get-out-of-jail-free” card for Trump.

      Voting BLUE across the board in 2020!

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