'Give me a large break here!' CNN's Dana Bash lambasts new Trump video 1

‘Give me a large break here!’ CNN’s Dana Bash lambasts new Trump video


CNN's Dana Bash and Gloria Borger react to a new video the White House released of President Trump calling for calm as the threat of new riots — which Trump said he'd been briefed on by the Secret Service — casts a pall over Washington.

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    1. @Papyrus 45 Not it didn’t. Trump’s cohorts, the complicit p*ssy GOP, failed to do what was right. Trump was never exonerated by the Mueller report either. Also, he (Trump) has not been awarded the Nobel prize 2x either.

    2. @Papyrus 45 neither impeachment failed. He’s been impeached TWICE. Impeached doesn’t mean removed from office.

    1. A lot of you people still believe he called Nazis “very fine people,” and think Hillary Clinton got a majority of the popular vote in 2016.

      Maybe you all just have very thick skulls

    2. @The Truth Hurts You! loving the Constitution, our Democratic Republic, poliece and military, he will be too busy doing the country’s work to see his properties and golf, has golfed nearly one of his four years in office.

    1. Someone “made him”??? someone made THE Donald Trump do something??? The man that puts himself on a pedestal on a daily basis. The man that says he is the best president to ever walk the earth? The man that his worshipers say is a gift from God??? Lol he’s only looking out for HIMSELF, like he’s done his whole life. He just doesn’t want to lose his political status or benefits, so he’s showing his followers his true self…. When his back is against the wall due to HIS actions and faults, he’ll do ANYTHING. If he was as brave as he claims himself to be, he’d NEVER have said this prewritten speech

    2. No one made him say anything. He’s always said what he wanted to say. He’s a POS trying to get some slack!

  1. “Knock the crap out of him! … I’ll pay the legal fees”
    “When you put your hand on their head when you put them in the back of your [police] car… I don’t think you should be so nice.”
    Ahh, yes, the anti-violence president.

    1. What video did you see? The tiny clip that this biased media shows so that you don’t see what really was said? You are a fool to believe this gl0balist-owned media.

  2. Wolf: “Do you believe, Dana, that the President actually believes what he just said?” Dana: “NO” lmao…lmao…lmao.. Trump is a pathetic joke.

    1. Yet you spend every day of your existence obsessing over him. I’d say you’re the pathetic joke lmao lmao lmao

    1. giuliani or dershowitz? His legal jeopardy grows every day. And that’s just on the criminal side. Not much yet happening on the civil side.

    1. @UC2taN2mr13V1btgc07MxZ8w When I was a kid, a Mark was a fool. Someone we looked down on bc they were pathetic and weak. Your name fits you.

    2. @UC2taN2mr13V1btgc07MxZ8w The statues weren’t torn down because the men were bygone slave owners. They were removed because they were monuments to TRAITORS of the United States of America.

  3. “Stand back & stand by”
    “Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities” Voltaire

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