Glad to be on Jamaican Soil – Ukraine-Russia Conflict | Surgery Back-log – Mar 3 2022

Glad to be on Jamaican Soil - Ukraine-Russia Conflict | Surgery Back-log - Mar 3 2022 1


  1. Why they can’t the government or the institution make the school fee for medical students in Jamaica be a bit cheaper so that they can attend school in their own country.

  2. All these people I’m looking at right now why not send them to Russia Putin would love to interview them one at a time if not all politician could go to Russia these people have no purpose and Jamaican people are still unhappy send them out to Russia all CEO

  3. I strongly believe all Jamaican politician should head over to Russia for the president of Russia to interview them one at a time

  4. That road in Port Maria is ridiculously bad, drove there yesterday and its crazy that it has been that way for well over 10 years and getting worst.

  5. Hope that our Afrikan brother and sister get to go home as well!

    No help for the poor! The people in Jamaica in the inner city and beyond.
    It’s this same procedures needed for these communities who have experienced violence, they too needs organized trauma counseling.
    Why aren’t these services such as counseling provided for family’s who suffer violence and witness it. These are some of the same children who are now armed.

  6. Those Jamaican students needed to sue Ukraine πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦ primeminister for what they have done to them they treat them like sh.t

  7. They worried about a place that the dead is already dead and not about the living jamaican people open up your own eyes and stop let the government tell you how to think and how to live your life

  8. Father God,thank you for your grace and mercy that brought those students safely home,please remember your people who are going through that war,Jehovah is your nameπŸ™

  9. This is very heartbreaking but this what the bible tell us about so we just have to cry unto God for delivering only God can help us

  10. My God, those are not potholes, they are manholes. Pretty soon they will become pits. Where is the Representatives for those Constituencies? Why people keep voting for these incompetent Politicians? Something got to give.

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