Glenn Kirschner: Giuliani Should Consider ‘Who Are The Bigger Fish I Can Give Up’ 1

Glenn Kirschner: Giuliani Should Consider ‘Who Are The Bigger Fish I Can Give Up’


Former federal prosecutor Glenn Kirschner joins Ali Velshi to discuss the mounting legal problems facing Rudy Giuliani and his involvement in the ousting of former U.S. ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch. That could lead to Giuliani working alongside federal prosecutors, Kirschner says, because “if anybody knows the value of cooperating with a criminal probe, it’s a former U.S. attorney like Rudy Giuliani.”
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  1. 2020 Trump: “Person. Woman. Man. Camera. TV.”
    2021 Trump: “Prison. Guard. Jumpsuit. Cell. Bars.”
    ACED IT!

    1. @Chad Pettis I’m on the side of truth. You apparently are not. I have supported both parties when I thought they were relevant and honest. The Republicans are a major disappointment to a lot of people. It will be a long time before they will trust in them again. So saying, there are still a few honest republicans out there. Hopefully they will be able to start changing minds in some of the dishonest and criminal.

    2. Bubba is cracking his knuckles. There’s a new love in the air. Love is everywhere.

    3. bombastic attitude you all watch fake news and are considered low IQ re re’a now congrats

  2. Gangster Attorney general William Barr should be arrested too, because William Barr was the attorney general he ignored Rudy Giuliani criminal activities.

    1. Yep – former Attorney General Barr is on the radar now that Rudy Guiliani is nearing a charge of indictment by a Grand Jury. He knew what Rudy was up to, as did Bolton and Pompeo — these jokers are the big fish that may be Rudy’s “get out of jail free” card. But he has to flip fairly early once charged since his option for a pardon are nil now and given his advanced age and addiction to alcohol that New Yorkers all claim has been going on for years, his health won’t take this much scrutiny in his private life without serious consequences to health. It was not long ago that Rudy was on t.v. telling a news host that the man who replaced him years back at the Southern District of New York was sent to prison from crimes he was convicted of and Rudy had the nerve to mock him for having been sent to prison and having to spend time with criminals that Rudy put behind bars years before. It is likely that prison is a place where Rudy would never survive, given this fact. I wonder if criminality is genetic … Rudy’s father was a criminal … remember watching a TV special in the 80s that showed criminality in families show a genetic link, just as does insanity. If true, something for all families to consider when raising their children, just as they do when there is an alcoholic in the family, which has been shown to be genetic as well.

    2. @Dan J This is one dog most would love to see go to prison as well as Rudy … all the turmoil Barr caused the U.S. in his time in office, a long prison term would be necessary to make up for it.

    3. @Basilia&Lewey Thought it was highly suspect when Barr made a fast resignation after Biden won the election. He must have realized the Southern District of New York and the FBI that he held back from arresting Rudy were adding his name to the list of the big fish they wanted when Rudy flipped, particularly after Barr saw what Rudy did in trying to sell the “big lie” when all judges threw out their cases among over 60 States and Rudy persisted with bringing on nut cases to defend the big lie, as well as slander the voting machine manufacturers. Barr must have called his own attorney who told him to make distance sooner than later and try to save himself. Rudy has so much personal liability criminally and financially, along with the January 6th ceremony in which he also took part in inciting Trump’s base to march on the Capital, that it is unlikely he can afford a defense attorney with any merit who would even take the case. Alan Dershowitz is 82 years old now and any legal counsel he might give will be greatly affected by his age and likely become an interference and time-wasting to any defense team that Rudy may find to defend him.

    4. Absolutly Barr should get arrested also he’s the one that stopped every one of many investigations that should have happened.

    1. @Laura Holzler I so hope and pray you are right…the American people deserve to see justice served on the Trump Criminal Adminstration

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    3. For what. This is an issue that should be handled by human resources, not the FBI. Your tax dollars at work. What is the annual income of an american ambassador?

    4. @Grateful Fredly This ain’t Walmart, McDonald’s or KFC.
      “Human Resources” doesn’t handle conspiracy felonies. Nor do they possess any authority to reinstate prior federal employees (of State). The president with the Sec of State’s suggestions do.

  3. “Whose political & business interests would be stymied by our anti-corruption methods” – Maria Yovanavich, patriot.

    1. @Deborah Szczesniak No, that’s not how it works, Trump did not fire anyone involved here, except his own envoys. The foreign service is apolitical and made almost entirely of career officials. Presidents appoint only the ambassadors themselves, which can be either political nominees (people the president trusts personally, who become his envoys) or career officials like Taylor and Yovanovitch.

      If a political envoy gets recalled (like Trump did to Sondheim, his donor turned EU envoy turned witness against him) and replaced their stint is over and they return home, but if career officals like Marie Yovanovitch or Bill Taylor are substituted in such roles, they return into the fold of the State Department who runs the foreign service and soon dispatches them on a new mission. In our case Taylor had retired a few years before being called back into action so he re-retired when recalled, Marie Yovanovich returned into the fold and was offered several options. She ultimately chose to teach, becoming a resident fellow at Georgetown’s Institute for the Study of Diplomacy.

      We will see this process in action in the next 10 days or so. May 7th is Foreign Service Day, and Biden may announce some of his first choices as early as Monday morning. I hope he will appoint Cindy McCain to the U.K. she’d be perfect for the job and it would mean a lot for bipartisanship, and of a different kind, that Mitch Mcconnell can’t torpedo. Would be wonderful if he asked Marie Yovanovitch to return to Kiev, but I don’t know if she would want that. We need someone he is very close with at the E.U. and a person of great calibre is absolutely required for China. A friend as envoy there would be inappropriate and seen as an insult, a Chinese American academic or Noble laureate would be ideal. To Moscow Biden could as well send a sock puppett with googly eyes, as diplomacy with Putin is going to be rather unproductive to say the least, unless first there is a considerable escalation in sanctions and other pressure.

      Finally, a few dozen ambassadorships will go to donors, friends and allies. This would be unthinkabe in Europe, but is tradition in the United States.

    2. @soylentdean I would tiny Tim, but it is almost time to change your nappy and given just how full of sh_t you are it will probably require a team to do it and then there is the haz-mat crew which will need to locate a toxic waste site. Somebody has to provide supervision.

    3. @Jorgen dahl lol. I guess that means I could run for President on the Democratic ticket then.

    4. @Paolo Curradini Thank you for the lesson I’m fairly new in politics and have not learned everything yet.since he had a habit of getting rid of people in other areas like home land security,ect I just figured he did it with her to.thank you again fo explaining it nicely ,other may ave just called me stupid

    1. In his circle nobody has any buddies at all. A group of narcissists all waiting to stab their “ buddy” before they are stabbed themselves. It’s the ultimate Mexican stand off. We will all see this in graphic detail quite soon.

    2. I’m looking at Rick Perry, resigned Secretary of Energy. If you’ll remember he abruptly quit when Vindman was announced as a witness, said he wanted no part of any of this. There was a shady oil deal going on in Ukraine concurrent with this and he was elbow deep in it.

    3. @Tigs2 that’s a very interesting analysis. That explains so much. I knew about various individuals of the group and most certainly those folks that I am aware of are narcissists but the entire group? Let’s see Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani, Matt Gaetz, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Rick Scott, Betsy DeVos, Ron DeSantis, Mitch McConnell, Steven Miller… okay just off the top of my head that appears to track.

    4. @Tigs2 I’d say that it’s a ‘circle reach-around’, but it’s looking like the action is a tad more ‘direct’ than that.

  4. Love Glenn Kirschner Thank you for having him on. He has made this Trump nightmare so much easier to understand.

    1. One more thing.. President Trump was the best President we Americans had during our time. He did everything he said he was going to do. This fake news media, big tech, corrupt politicians both left and right did everything they could to silence his success. President Trump didn’t hide with his head between his legs. He stood strong.. and those Americans that recognize that stand behind him 100%. And the Conservative party is growing strong. Everyday. I let you figure the rest out. Don’t believe me? I dare you to get away from the fake news for one week. Get your information by research and different news sources.

    2. That’s “uncle Glenn” to me lol… he’s not blood, but he’s still family. Love him and his amazing work.

    1. @BigBad Daddy In the infamous words of Alyssa Edwards, “You think you’re clever, doncha?” How long did it take you to come up with this puerile equivalent of “I’m rubber”? If this is the level of your witticisms, then please don’t bother again. You will only embarrass yourself using this level of what can loosely be called “wit.”
      Noel Coward you ain’t.

    2. How did he post bond? He surely is a flight risk. Has he been sentenced yet? How many years can you get for being an “embarrassment” I hope this process is faster than the Mueller report. The sooner this mad man is behind bars, the better…..

    3. @BigBad Daddy – yup! You got us. In between gardening, grocery shopping and doing the dishes, I’m all about that rioting! Be super afraid of me. After I get my smog check done next week, I’ll be sure to do something crime filled.

    1. Having lived during the time that Rudy had his heyday, it is not only disgusting but actually rather tragic that this is what he has become. At the time, he truly was considered a national treasure instead of a national embarrassment.
      So much for his legacy. History now will portray him as yet another lackey for his Dear Leader.
      Your sarcasm was very much enjoyed. For some reason, it is Phyllis Diller that comes to mind. Maybe it’s the “Ha!” It was one of her trademarks.

    1. @Maharajji NKB – Um – because Ghouliani and the FAKE president are both crooks. Duh…

    2. @Richard Ivonen – Rudy has a serious addiction that he picked up after 911 – he’s utterly helpless to turn away from a microphone or camera if either is pointed in his direction. He never was any kind of hero – but once the media pretended he was – he was hooked…

  5. Rudi Guiliani used to be so proud of the PerpWalks he’d initiate. I hope we get to see him in the same situation.

    1. They’re gonna find Rudy dead and cold from suicide. He’s not trying to snitch and become another Epstein.

    2. He was an empty suit, a hollow man who excelled at self promotion, stealing credit from others. Sounds like his hero.

  6. Remember Levs footage that was filmed at a trump dinner where he mentioned Maria Yovanavitch being an obstacle in their plans & trump said “get rid of her, get rid of her, she’s out” & they all laughed.. Then later trump said he was against her because she hadn’t hung his picture in the embassy. This is a tangled web of corruption that connects all these deplorables.

    1. I remember that interview. And yes I agree, its a very tangled web that is slowly coming untangled and unravelled.

    2. @Heart Strings Yes it is. There’s so much that has happened the lev & Igor business seems like a lifetime ago & people almost forgot it had even happened , but all the dots are being joined up now aren’t they.

  7. I really hope former ambassador Marie Yovanovitch’s service record is completely cleared as a result, and she can put the corrupt criminal behavior she was the victim of in the past. I think she deserves a public apology from the current State Department.

    1. @Deb Hammersley I don’t watch them at all. I watch CNN, Msnbc, NBC, and the Easter Bunny. Deb you need to wake up from all the propaganda and gaslighting. Exercise some critical thinking.

    2. Yeah, they have a human resource department for those issues. A president can remove an ambassador at any time.

  8. Things are now starting to make sense after 4 years of being succumbed to the twilight zone.

    1. Part of the confusion was that we on the left did not realize how low the Republicans had sunk, how corrupted they had become. Now we know and it’s time for justice.

    2. @Candy Wilson – a lot of them weren’t interested or listening because if they did Trump would get rid of them. After what the 1st whistleblower went through who was going to be brave enough to come forward a second time. And as for the GOP, well let’s say no more………..

  9. Glenn always sorts these legal issues out, and then looks for what’s next.
    It’s been educational. Thanks for having him on.

    1. i think we all learned that the maxim “The Price of Liberty is eternal vigilance” means there will always be evil people who will take it from us as they just tried. We must strengthen our democacy; Republicans are working furiously to suppress it.

    2. really in the pass four years china Iran Russia knew not to mess with america or our allies now acting up . are gas prices are going up again more hate and division in america do to the left democrat leaders and mainstream media is one sided and people who don’t do research on the what really going to happening to are country no freedom and right check put how socialist country’s like china Russia Venezuela cuba see how they live that what the left wants totally a socialist country

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