Glitch Today in Clansman Gang Trial | Poor Road Drive Taxi Strike in St. James | TVJ Midday News 1

Glitch Today in Clansman Gang Trial | Poor Road Drive Taxi Strike in St. James | TVJ Midday News


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  1. Hope the father takes the child from her she’s careless and a waste woman because how can a man damage your child like that and you don’t want to press charges?

    1. OMG that child was abused and traumatised by those two adults.
      What could he have done to be beaten like that? I hope they will be punished. The boy will need some therapy and some one to make him feel comfortable when he is around adults.Hopefull he will have someone to care for him and
      let him have a life of love and kindness not to be abused.

  2. I guess I should consider a degree in Social Work this country needs some serious social restructuring the youth them crying out…smh

    1. Exactly to get rid of crime and violence and the hostility in our society we have to start with the children

  3. The mother is like the step pupa she prefers the man more than her Baby why she doesn’t want to press charge that same man going to kill her wicked monster

    1. the father of the child can press charges against the mother and the step-father. he can also sue for custody. if i was in his shoes i would do that.
      then again when the government gets involved, he may not need to press charges because the government can do so i think.

  4. God knows, the child agencie can press charges and so can the father. Yes we have rude yutes but putting your hands on someone else will sometimes end in death, Jamaica tek nuff things fi joke

  5. It’s funny how they are trying to sensationalized this trial lol . Blocking off road sniper , on building riot police in war gear attire and police every where around the court house . Funny tbat these security measures did not live up to their expectation as it seems that people did not really care and went about their business as usual . These people always blow things out of proportion trying to make things seems bigger than they really are lol . Instead of calling those convicted by their names they bundle them up and give them all an individual gangster title lol.

  6. I understand the plight of the Spring Mountain residents. It’s the same problem we have here in LONGVILLE PARK, CLARENDON. it is a shame and disgrace, there is only one road into the community from the Best Dressed Chicken building and as u enter unto the road it is a mess.

    1. And says he talking as a father . Me and my baby mother not together but I make sure that my little boy is with me so I can know where he is at all time.

    2. @d’b salva exactly he probably isn’t in the child’s life at all and is chasing some clout I checked his IG page he is trying to be a influencer non the less hopefully this is a wake up call to him and not just a opportunity to become a popular social media personnel

  7. I really love my one son SO MUCH that he lives with my baby mother who I have no contacts or known where abouts of? The Father, Mother and Step-father fi guh prison.

  8. You mean to tell me they cancelled for the day because the fancy projector wouldn’t connect no wonder justice takes so long lol I wonder if that’s a law or something

  9. This so called Health Ministry should be arrested an charged for breaching the DRMA, up to now this man cannot give an account on why he was in Westmoreland when there no movement engaging men coming of the sea to collect Ganja. I cannot understand why the JCF has not arrested and charged this man he is not exempt he not a frontline worker. Why his not arrested and charged. Immediately, he breached the DRMA he should have handed in his resignation.

    1. Alot of them, look at Ruel Reid still being paid and he supposedly no longer in office, they all need to be charged and for not giving us proper vaccine which is worldwide recognised.

  10. Thank you dad for initiating this investigation.Hope child is okay.Thank you Andrew Holness for giving priority to our children

  11. Need a “reference hospital” in Jamaica that has all the medical departments cause I’ve seen videos where Jamaicans have to be fly to Florida hospitals for treatment

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