1. I know when I’ve had the flu….I feel it in my whole being, how is it invisible????

    1. Angeline Baekhave The VIRUS that infects you is invisible to the naked eye…not the symptoms it ends up giving you.

    1. I tested positive a week ago. IT IS NOT LIKE THE BLOODY FLU!!! My lungs hurt like hell everytime I breathe.

  2. There’s plenty of information explaining how we do NOT and can not catch viruses. It’s your responsibility as “Adults” to look into this very important information or laugh and continue living in the echo chamber. Companies are more scared of the goverment than Germ theory. You have to stand up for what is right in life and unless you dont do that you are nothing.

  3. What did you think would happen when everybody just does what they want and throws shade on any attempts to follow protective protocols?

  4. Start ordering exercise weights on amazon and start stalking up 👍🏼 and stay sober we need to prepare for the lockdown war after summer

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