1. @J D I didn’t say it was the only reason but it’s stop a lot of diseases from spreading. When are you people going to get a brain Jesus Christ.

    2. @john scimeca OH ok, I thought I was asking questions. “You people are brain dead…” is this how you interpret questions from US PEOPLE? Why so insultful right of the bat bruh?

    3. @Lovey K I am not the one comparing co is deaths to abortions. A pro-kill person was. I was just giving the difference in numbers. Crazy to think, every 3 years, 1,000,000 babies are killed because most of the time someone slipped up and didn’t use birth control. One million! Crazy!

    4. @Imariuz CA is on par with Germany and India in terms of GDP. Texas isn’t even in the conversation, you silly dreamer lmao

    5. @Jack White well if the recall fails don’t be surprised. Rather predictable. Only time we had success was because we had someone popular everybody knows and he screwed schools over and they immediately voted him out. Poor guy reputation got ruined and it took a couple of movies to come back from that. The problem is they outnumbered us 61%

    1. Or for medicaid either huh? Shovel them into a volcano? You probably don’t want to pay for anything.

    2. @Least Trending Right so when you get some pregnant by mistake you will step up and pay the $200,000 it takes to raise a child. Or if it has a physical handicap, mental deficiency down syndrome etc., you will also pay for that, right. From your comments it doesn’t look like you would.

    1. They have to use it as a means to overexaggerate their points and make them sound dramatic by comparing it with slavery even though they are far from it. Shows how spoiled and entitled women of this country really are.

    1. @George Lamar Actually, he probably meant “strenuous”, and of course I could figure it out. The point is that the guy who posted it never bothered to look at what he typed.
      So shoot me – I was an English major.

    1. @Jason Scott But suckers thought Trump was a “billionaire successful businessman” because he played one on TV.

    2. @D.A. Oh Talking about previous presidents will just bring up Obama selling guns to the Mexican cartel in attempt to track them back down without informing the Mexican authorities first.

    3. @Ryan Wolf 1) If people want to complain about the Biden administration’s Afghanistan mistakes, they should consider the absolute flustercuck that would have happened if Trump’s crew of inept anti-immigrant worms actually had the courage to attempt withdrawing. And 2) Trump is the undisputed leader of the Republican party and expected frontrunner for the 2024 nomination. The unhealthy submission to Trump by Republican politicians and voters is so cultic that they they actually stormed the Capitol on his behalf, are blowing millions on sham election audits with claims that he won and will soon be reinstated, and have blown millions more on campaign donations that are actually going toward paying down his massive debt and legal fees. His Big Lie that he won has been proven false over and over, and even GOP extremists like Ron Johnson have admitted he LOST.
      3) Enjoy the Trump Trials! His crimes ARE relevant, whether he’s still POTUS or not.

    4. @Brian Sizelove I’m sure she thinks Michele Obama is a woman too.. And the Easter Bunny is Real.. I stopped caring about Liberals a long time ago.

    1. @Mitchell Monroe The most rational person on earth was Jesus, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. A fetus is a little baby that feels pain. When you rip it apart inside the womb where is is supposed to be protected it squirms as it is its only defense. You can’t argue that or you would be irrational.

    2. @TheNiwotmom It’s not your business what is inside a persons body… Even if it’s a baby growing inside of a baby growing inside of a baby

    3. @TheCriscoKidd you sheep. The poke doesn’t stop you from spreading it. no o one is telling that it does that.

    4. @Mr. H Apparently, I am worth it since you responded to that one and your attention span was too short to read the other message. Yet I’m still expected to read your’s. Your religion, politics, and morals don’t matter either apparently because abortions are still banned after 6 weeks in Texas. So I guess it’s not debatable in that regard. But I doubt you have any morals. You seem to just regurgitate party lines. By your logic, a patient on a ventilator taking up resources or a child in the system should be dispatched for the good of the people if we should so choose. If national security really meant so much to you, then letting in Afghan citizens who could potentially have some bad people among them is more important. Not to mention that Aghan citizens don’t feel the same way as liberals in most aspects. They are worse than Christians in their beliefs on things like abortions, LGBT, etc. Also, the men of Afghanistan love bacha bazi. But seeing as you have no morals, that is probably ok with you.

      The whole get vaxed, wear a mask, etc thing…why wear a mask if a vaccine mandate were to be passed? This vaccine sure is proving to be ineffective if the party line goes from “if you’re vaccinated, you can do whatever you want with however many people maskless” to “you should still wear a mask if vaccinated because you can still get it and lose your life”. I’m glad the unvaccinated are a scapegoat for the recklessness of the unmasked vaccinated folks who thought they couldn’t get or spread covid. And once again, the vaccine hasn’t worked for Israel, but you keep dodging that one.

    1. “Jane Roe” aka Norma McCorvery never had an abortion. She actually gave birth during the litigation and gave up that child for adoption. She passed away of heart failure in 2017. Of course you wouldn’t know this, because you DIDN’T RESEARCH IT. Next time do your homework before making such statements. JFC

    1. @Money BitcheS Why do you think that it’s a good idea to force someone that you see as so immoral that they would or have murdered someone into giving birth and raising a child/children?
      If you think that adoption is the answer; how many of the births that you want to force to happen are you willing to adopt and/or fully financially support?

    2. @D.A. Oh
      You don’t punish the child for the refusal of the parent to take responsibility for their action. Oh wait, you do it’s called abortion in this case.

      You got me, it’s always someone else fault. Everyone else is to blame but yourself and everything on this planet is there to make you feel better about yourself because you are the only person that matters regardless if you are worth it or not. Which surely you aren’t.

      I do agree, the parents have got to do a better job of raising their children, but then again it’s kind of hard with people like you telling them it’s not their fault & they can correct any mistake up until something completely wreckage of their life occurs that fucks them over completely.

      Personally I think it should be mandatory for individuals using abortion to see what exactly comes out of them instead of letting them off letting them run off to get impregnated once again to just get another abortion.

    3. @Luis Serrano what are you talking about? It’s a civil crime now which means anyone who aids in facilitating the transportation of someone getting an abortion can now be brought up on civil charges of up to $10k. How can you say that doesn’t include a bus driver?? A bus driver who drops a woman off near planned parenthood can now be brought to a civil court for aiding the woman by transporting her to her nearest abortion clinic. It’s draconian laws like this that make the whole thing absurd. If you’re against abortion then don’t have one. It doesn’t impact you. The truth is this should be a matter between a woman and her doctor and it 100% doesn’t concern anyone else!

    4. @Lara Charming that is a great question but I have a question too mainly because I have not read thru the whole bill. If you are taking the plane do you not have to alert someone at the airline what you are doing before you can sue someone? I’m sure there is fine print that needs to be read first, right? I wouldn’t think you could just sue anyone without them knowing what is going on. Just wondering.

    5. @Naurei There’s no child involved in my question to you that you did not answer. YOUR view that every fertilized egg is a child is NOT shared by a majority, and it should NOT be forced onto any woman who wants control over her own body.
      But your cynical view that women are just abortion-happy, irresponsible nymphos sure makes it clear about how you feel about women being able to choose.

  1. Illegal abortion clinics? I remember the time when they were in existence. All us older people remember those days pre Roe vs. Wade. Used to hear about them in the news all the time.

    1. @Commander Zavala Sorry, but attempting to use a slogan that’s used to fight off christofascists that want to turn women into incubation slaves to perpetuate the very thing that’s responsible for the pandemic not having ended by now (i.e. outright ignorance and stupidity) is not going to cut it.
      If anything it just makes it obvious that you’re a part of the problem.

    2. @Commander Zavala Why do you think that it’s a good idea to force someone that you see as so immoral that they would or have murdered someone into giving birth and raising a child/children?
      If you think that adoption is the answer; how many of the births that you want to force to happen are you willing to adopt and/or fully financially support?

  2. Vote the politician out. This occurred because people are indifferent to politics & won’t use the same zeal they are now protesting to get out there and vote.

  3. I love how the kids of today actually think there was a railroad 🚂….🚇 underground! Most have no clue what the term means or what it was for! The modern day school system at its best!

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