1. Her Grandmother might believe God and
      Disown them
      Which is what the Church does when someone doesn’t repent before the congregation
      We find this in Luke 17
      Idk, but no one except God’s people are ashamed when they do wrong
      A godless society is only sorry they got caught nothing else

    2. thank you! not one word mentioned about the daughter coming out or a grandmother…this blog is a tease! not legit!

    3. I just rewinded like 4 times 4 that specific detail, but I’m sure it exists somewhere else online 🤷🏾‍♀🤷🏾‍♀🤷🏾‍♀

    1. @Deangirl4eva Idk why you have faith in one of the networks that its critics popularized the term “fake news” through

    2. @Deangirl4eva lol… yes they are. They are not a news network. They are a left wing propaganda organization…. hence the virtue signal title.

    1. Look onto that mafia on venues in Florida, though. Groups that haven’t left Cuba, when trying to tour, find themselves locked out of venues in Florida because of guess who?

    1. I’d like to seek compensation as an AMERICAN CITIZEN WHO IS not REGISTERED as a Democrat or Republican POLITICAL DOMESTIC TERRORIST OR SYMPATHIZER.

      I’m fed up and tired of being terrorized by these political domestic terrorist acts of; rioting, mass shootings and bombings.


      I’d start watching what I say online, documentation of Democrat and Republican hate for Americans is being done currently……

  1. Loved and love her songs. Specially rhyme is going to get you .. Anything for you …Here we are ….Words get in the way … Don’t want to lose you..

    It was sad that she had a horrible car crash and broke her back.

    1. I missed Gloria Estefan’s next concert after her accident years ago? I am thankful that she may have saved me from an unwanted child in my youth… It was a first date thingy.

  2. maybe maybe YES!!! gloria, i love you. it’s so hard to find authentic people in the industry. so glad you somehow remained that way all through everything!

  3. To me she’s an amazing singer and performer in English and Spanish. I had her CD’s in both languages. One Christmas she came up with a CD maybe a decade or longer ago in Spanish even that I think a few songs in English that every song was amazing and I know in the Latin charts at that year like 8 songs were in the top. Her daughter and son have nice voices. Her daughter sounds like her and her son sounds good too

    1. Gloria’s daughter, Emily, doesn’t have a ‘nice’ voice – she has an AWESOME voice…and her percussion skills are off the charts. I saw Emily perform at a tribute to her parents. Gloria was teary-eyed with pride and Emilio should be proud the legacy is secure. I admire her because she’s definitely not cruising on the Estefan name like some celebrity kids cruise (thinking the door automatically opens because mom and/or dad is in the business). Emily is very talented in her own right – absorbed her parents’ singing and percussion skills like a sponge.

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  5. Sad that she’s considered cross over when she’s the most American! Spanish and Cuban culture is American, as American if not more American than English and the Anglo, etc culture… She’s not cross over, she’s always been mainstream American.

  6. I would LOVE her beautiful daughter to do a cover album of all Mama’s stuff! Especially Bad Boy, including the adorable cat video! 🥰 So wonderful to see her & her family!

  7. Agree with her on that one! It took me a long time to prime my grandmother.

    You cant drop a bomb like that on someone old with health problems.

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