‘Go Back To History Class’: Harrison On Addressing The Filibuster’s Racist Past | All In | MSNBC

‘Go Back To History Class’: Harrison On Addressing The Filibuster’s Racist Past | All In | MSNBC 1


  1. I’m worried about the Republican party right about now there is no honor in this voter suppression is making the Republicans weak

    1. Well I think it’s clear to everyone who honestly considers the situation, that Republicans are lying and dishonestly representing their motives.

    2. I’m worried about our own party here. We have nothing but televised propaganda and hate. Us socialists calling them extreme lol.

    3. @Alexander Wells Some lawmakers are advocating for a vaccine passport in order to even fly or travel yet you feel that showing your driver’s license at the voting booth is somehow racist?

    4. @Alexander Wells bless you! I grew up in a family where some were Conservatives and some were Liberals. We had some lively conversations, but ultimately, we loved each other and we were true Americans. It was a very loving family with differing views. That’s how I grew up thinking about my country.
      Thank you for letting me know it still exists somewhere.

    5. @President Elect Keith Of course there was a Florida GOP Senator who is against the Covid vaccine passport and that’s reckless

  2. Only a democrat is so helpless and dependent on others they can’t even be bothered to procure their own water.

    1. @The Flame Fist God F 45! I’m a registered Democrat. Sorry but not all of us are twisted radicles who bow to the television like you.

  3. Let them try and do that in California in California we tell our congress people what to do or they will get booted out Californians run California and the Republicans know it they won’t dare step foot over here 🖕😎🤔

    1. @J you jealous because you let idiots run your state Don’t reply with no name put your real name up there Don’t be scared like the Republicans

  4. All I know is that Chuck Schumer needs to hurry up. He really does because the more time is wasted on the filibuster and doing what ever he’s doing the more the time is running out to make sure our Voting rights are protected!

  5. The ban on water is a ban on anything of value which is a law everywhere. It’s not a mystery, it’s not even unusual.

  6. our democracy is in danger, we need to vote like never before, bring a cooler a few friends to help you carry it, and don’t go to work that day vote.

  7. Walk through the line and give everyone two pennies. Then have folks pay a penny for water and a penny for a muffin! The bill said not to give water or food, nothing about paying for it!

  8. Absolutely accurate, in predominantly white voting precincts there will be 17 machines operating, and little or no waiting in line. But in the mostly black voting precincts, there will be 6 machines and 2 will be taped off as not working, and the lines outside will be 6 hours wait

  9. How to save Democracy in 3 simple steps.
    1. End the filibuster.
    2. Pass the 2 voting rights act.
    3. Vote out the GQP.
    Done! 😛😝

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