‘Go Bigger’: Progressives Urge Biden To Spend Political Capital Now

As the Biden administration faces new challenges after withdrawing from Afghanistan, MSNBC’s Ari Melber looks at the President’s record to this point. Melber explains how Biden’s historic coronavirus relief bill and infrastructure bill have helped keep his approval rating above 50 percent, and asks if now is the time for the President to address tough issues like police reform.
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    1. President Biden, you’ve tried your best and failed America mightily. Please resign so we can save the country for your grandkids. Signed, Hurting Americans

    2. @Scientific Methodologist He hasn’t failed us yet. I can guarantee to you America has seen worse days with worse administrations

    3. @Scientific Methodologist Except he’s done infinitely better than the orange traitor ever did. He’s actually got an approval rating over 50%, something the orange loser NEVER managed to achieve.

  1. daily reminder: trump incited an armed insurrection on january 6 2021 to overthrow a democratic election

    1. @Larry Conley Really Larry? He is responsible for the last 8 months of a 21 year war started by Republican liars? Please tell me your logic behind that!

    2. @Enchanted Homeschool so you deny the fact that a ton of military equipment was left in Afghanistan? Jeez, man. They have video of it all!

    3. @Anon Anon Let’s not forget the pizza parlor in NYC that does child slavery and the Jewish Space laser. None of those were invented by CNN but they were REPORTED by many real news organizations as being from your friends at Qanon.

  2. End Republicanism…VOTE accordingly…even if it for Democrats. We will teach THEM the next lesson if we do the first one.

    1. @Scientific Methodologist How is creating jobs through infrastructure rebuilding and fighting for voting rights “failing America mightily?” Please be specific.

    2. @Randy Zee We have ten million job vacancies in this country. End the welfare state and lock downs and the economy will not be a problem. People have voting rights. Why don’t liberals focus on their own blue states instead of worrying about the laws passed by red states. Infrastructure is very important and should have been done a long time ago. However, I don’t like this infrastructure package. I see the potential of a lot of money going to waste and a lot of jobs going to illegal immigrants.

    3. @Tony Mozo So you obviously make your decisions based on fear. Why do you fear poor brown people Tony? Red States contribute less tax money and spread more Covid. Why not just end welfare for billionaires? People who work for minimum wage spend their money locally. We have to finance Walmart workers who get food stamps. ow about a larger minimum wage instead? Make sense?

  3. Progressives were not the people who put Biden in office. He got so many votes because so many moderates, and sane Republican types were disgusted with Trump. The last time a Democrat, Carter, pushed too many progressive ideas on the public, while screwing up in the middle east, he only lasted one term. Biden should make the people who elected him happy, and ignore anything the “progressives” say.

    1. @MyndGod AndPsyche The “progress” **I’m** pushing for is equal opportunity for everyone. Inherently unachievable, sure, but we could do a lot better than we are now.

      Equal recognition of everyone’s basic humanity and right to live is also appealing to me. I literally can’t comprehend why anyone would oppose it, and I have been trying.

    2. @soulful41 We are over 30 trillion in debt. How are we going to pay for healthcare for almost 340 million people?

    3. There was extensive fraud in the 2020 election. The audits have revealed this and its not up for debate anymore.

  4. Pass both sides of the infrastructure bill first. His popularity and political capital will go up again after people see that he is investing in them, believing that the people are what make this country great. He’s on shakey ground until after those bills become law.

    1. @MyndGod AndPsyche No….because it’s what america is known for.

      Closing down early, and limiting polling places, and times then not letting people to vote that are in line because its past the time is just wrong….but nice try 6 month old tRoll account.

    2. @john smith and what does that have to do with being a black person? I’m black I know how to get up on time to vote you schedule your life according to the circumstances that change that doesn’t need to be a voting right. My grandmother my great-grandmother my mother and myself have always voted as black women and anytime you change your rule or regulation you would just and you do it if you don’t want to vote then don’t vote. No one is stopping you from voting

    3. @john smith so because the polling place closes early black people don’t know how to get up on time? How racist are you john? And if anyone is a troll it’s you sweetie

    4. @john smith for you to believe that my ability to adapt to a situation as a black person means that a law has to change to conform to my personal habits is sick.

    5. @MyndGod AndPsyche I’m a proud black American. I love my people. But if you can’t get a state issued ID, get to the polls on time, at the appropriate polling station then you should not be voting, period. I’m tired of democrats talking down to black people like we’re all lazy and mentally inferior.

  5. ..and here we have an example of how the media protects the status quo by kicking those who have the audacity to point out that actually this ‘bi-partisan’ nonsense dems are pushing is just a way of having an excuse for doing very little.

    1. Exactly. The GOP is exclusively partisan no matter what. They could care less about the general public’s needs. They only serve their wealthy donors so they can stay in power.

    1. Why? Because he got us an infrastructure overhaul and Trump didn’t? Please tell me why and be specific. Are you holding him responsible for a 21 year war started by Republicans when he has been in office all of 8 months? Yer’ a genius!

    2. Because Republicans only strategy is to play the blame game and point fingers, that’s all I’ve seen them do!

    1. The only border crisis is on Faux News. You do not even know why people try to come here as non-citizens, do you AND that most arrive by plane! Ignorance is bliss…

  6. The first sign of a weak leader is taking no responsibility for his actions. And that’s what I see with Biden. Total BS.

    1. Oh, you mean like Trump took responsibility for Covid (it will disappear in April) and the half a million deaths he was responsible for? What has Biden taken no responsibility for? No answer means that you don;t know.

    2. @Randy Zee No, absolutely not. Trump took responsibility for getting the COVID-19 vaccine out in record time. If everybody was vaccinated for COVID-19 that would severely restrict the spread of the disease. That’s what you meant.

  7. Somebody at the White House get The Lord on the line—The President listens

    My Dad would say to Me when I was concerned about an outcome—There are things at work here that You don’t see—have Faith.

    And if The Lords busy—get Charlemagne

  8. Political capital? He has no political capital after this Afghanistan nightmare. There is no political capital that Joe has and that goes for his entire administration.
    There are also whispers around the halls of Congress that Nancy is considering holding congressional hearings on the Afghan disaster. Might she be going to try to invoke the 25th amendment against Joe? Is she going to try to commit an insurrection? Stay tune folks

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