‘Go f*** yourself’: Jill Biden's reaction to Kamala Harris moment, according to new book 1

‘Go f*** yourself’: Jill Biden’s reaction to Kamala Harris moment, according to new book


A new book by reporter Edward Isaac-Dovere discusses the fallout after Kamala Harris confronted Joe Biden over his record on bussing at a 2020 Democratic debate.

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    1. …I thought why did cnn not write Dr Jill Biden in the title … she is not a doctor this week ???

  1. Kamala wasn’t calling him a racist…she clearly said it…she just wanted him to agree that he made a bad decision that affected Black people back in that time. SIMPLE

    1. Hi !… I’m Joe Biden…

      …and this mask nicely covers
      the “welts” on my face from
      “msssssssssss harris”
      slappin’ me around….

    2. Hi !… I’m Joe Biden….

      ..and I’m ready for my FIRST
      news conference, after my
      “sound defeat” of “Georgebhgggjjjzz”..


      Ok, so according to teleprompter,
      were gonna let 200 million
      mexicans in, as our “goal”,
      and “vaccinate”
      500,000 dead people….

    3. Hi !… I’m Joe Biden…

      …and, like they say on TV, I wanna
      see that YOU get ALL the BENEFITS
      that YOU DESERVE…..….

      Call that “1-800” number
      on your screen for medicare….….

      If you are
      “coming across the border”…
      call “1-666-DNC-VOTE”………

  2. When the notification hate my phone, I was like wow this is hot but not what i expected.

    1. @Kyle Walker nah man, it is just a thought. That happen obviously but you can power phrase it.

  3. Well it looks like somewhere along the way they decided together they were a force to be reckoned with.

    1. @Noah T is that what you tell your demoncrat overlords when they brainwash you every night? Keep staying in your echo chamber and continue to be a useless democrat

    2. @OnyxLynx6 well I’m not sure how you could be impressed with Kamala Harris as VP. Biden gave her the job to have diplomatic talks with countries south of the border and she did nothing for over a month. He bigged her up, insisting she’s the most qualified person for the job, but she just ignored him. A reporter asked her when she’s going there to sort it out. Her answer? “not today, hahahahaha.” The woman must be a psychopath, clearly she doesn’t care about the humanitarian crisis going on down there, the humanitarian crisis the Democrats and their media denied existed. And what’s she done so far? A couple of pointless zoom calls. You’re clearly trying to insult my intelligence thinking I will be fooled by you into thinking she’s competent or even a pleasant person, but I’m not as daft or misinformed as you hoped.

    3. @Yvonne Tomenga yes I know he only said he would pick a woman and not a woman of colour, but at least you’re aware that he picked her for her genitalia rather than being best qualified for the job. I’m sure his handlers instructed him to pick a woman of colour. Also do you think that’s acceptable for them to absolutely destroy the opposition within their own party? She basically called him a rotten person. Making someone look bad and attacking them on such a moral level are very different. Maybe you don’t understand that.

    1. @Green party of Wakanda Yeah, which has done. We have these things call telephones and even this new future tech called video calls. She can talk to everyone she needs to from DC, which is where she needs to be to actually do anything.

    2. Hi !… I’m Joe Biden…

      …and this mask nicely covers
      the “welts” on my face from
      “msssssssssss harris”
      slappin’ me around….

    3. @Amit Kewalramani You think paying less than half of what we give the country that paid for 9/11 is enough to really change conditions in countries where our drug war literally paid for “death squads” to decapitate nuns. It’s our problem because we made it our problem by toppling governments less than a generation ago and laying on heavy sanctions to already struggling countries. Secondly, humans are all reliably human. You would upnrootnyour family, travel across a desert for hundreds of miles with other poor desperate people, and have just a fraction of a chance to get exploited for back breaking labor and live you entire life in the shadows just to be “opportunistic?” Maybe if we stopped going against the free market and let them in we could go strong and wages would be forced to rise and remittance payments and q larger tax base would make conditions better. Probably a new Marshall plan too. But the alternative that Republicans ran with was locking poor families up (against the international law we wrote) at the cost of 700 bucks per person PER DAY. No wonder Gen Kelly now sits on their board for selling that idiotic idea. God forbidbwe let them in and grew our economy (what every study ever on immigration basically states from right to left). But seriously, empathize a little. People don’t leave everything they have know for nothing, with the clothes on their back for nothing

    4. @DAMIEN KOY They really are lost..they dont evan know how politics work..Over half think Biden picked Harriss for VP, No wonder their so easily played..SMH

    5. @red red Domestic terrorists getting charged with misdemeanor charges??? Not 1 person has bern charged with a felony yet..Tresspasssing on govt.property and interrupting Congress while in session..The Court cases are free public knowledge, look

  4. This was a very lively and informative exchange featuring Brianna and Jon asking great questions and Edward-Isaac Dovere responding openly and apprpriately. Interesting stuff.

    1. Old news. Helping the author to sell a book on how to break up friendships and partnerships.

    2. I don’t think it’s in good taste especially the beginning where he gets excited about cursing. Not a fan at all. He could have waited. All these books. Does anyone even buy them. Show some pic of this guy with any of the ppl he wrote about. Nope!! I don’t like it!!

    1. @Look Out Sure! And Elvis is still alive! And the moon landings were faked! And the Earth is flat!

  5. This is actually funny!! They’ve forgiven each other but man this tickled the h377 out of me.

    1. @fah q Not that I made it up, it could be possible. Btw, I’m not part of any of these parties or into politics!

    2. Yeah they’ve “forgiven” each other now that is freaking comical. The fact it shows you how politicans will do anything for power.

    1. @Tony Peterson You obviously haven’t been paying attention to this vice President.Mrs Harris is sitting back patiently waiting for JOE Biden to become too sick to do his job so that she can take over. SHE had pure hate in her eyes during this debate. This was a down right personal attack against joe.

    2. @Cyber Security first of all, would you call any previous vice president Mr. _____? Did anybody call Pence, MR. PENCE? That sounds subtly sexist my dude. If a man had made that comment would you still call it a personal attack? From everything I’ve heard, which in contrast to our last president isn’t much, thank GOD, Biden/Harris have been making moves all over the place. Do you have any piece of reporting you can recommend that backs up your claims?

    3. @Cyber Security Considering that debate was 6+ months ago, and Biden said outright he selected her for running mate because he liked her, and thought she would be a tough, strong voice he’d like to have on his side, it seems more likely they’ve quashed any previous animosity between them. Grown up adults are capable of settling their differences and working together.

  6. It’s a political competition and she was looking to get a foot in the door, but most importantly this is a testament to the great character of the Bidens to get past anger and postering to forgive, and put love, strength, and greatness ahead of grievances.

  7. Now, it may not be the correct thing to say, but honest as can be and descriptive of her feelings

  8. She made it a point to state that she didn’t think he was a racist, she just pointed out his position on bussing.

    1. Thank you for pointing that out. It was practically the first thing out of Sen. Harris’s mouth! Pay attention, Dr. Jill!

  9. Jill’s Jersey girl from Hammonton, NJ by birth, and let’s be honest: thats pretty typical for us South Jersey girls to not hold back or have a filter of curse words. Lol

    1. She was picked by the Democratic party, Not Joe Biden..These politicians are loyal to the party, not you..In the future look to politicians who put citizens 1st, Politicians last..look at all the democratic voters being evicted now in Texas , 2 Trillion dollar Covid Bill and No rent relief, he gave the money to the politicians running blue states instead

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