Goat Farmers Killed in Westmoreland Jamaica | TVJ News - Dec 14 2021 1

Goat Farmers Killed in Westmoreland Jamaica | TVJ News – Dec 14 2021


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  1. To the person reading this: Even tho I dont know you, I wish you the best of what life has to offer💫🌠

  2. 65 years old choose to work and these men choose to kill the men over their own sweat and property so sad mankind are so evil and heartless 65 could have been your dad or grandfather the system should lost them

  3. This is why food are so expensive in jamaica because they got to import because people don’t want to work they fear be killed for their hard work

  4. Hard working men murdered by lazy,heartless people.Extremely sad incident.If the killers get caught don’t tek them to the Police station tek them to the morgue.

  5. This is what these nonprogressive elements do .they wait till you Labour and then them come reap .I am so sorry to hear this ,my condolences to their families what is the ultimate plan from the authority. 🤔

  6. Sad thing is if the perpetrators get caught the go to prison and get feed by hard working taxpayers money even ten victims families money what the pay in taxes going to help feed them

  7. So so sad for these families who loose their family members like this 😢 it’s hurt ! These wicked people don’t care about others they came to kill and destroy people’s lives my deepest sympathy to there family members 💔 🙏 😔

  8. Family&Friends do not fall into despair fight with every bone in your body to bring those responsible to justice, someone out there knows something those men did not deserve to die like this. My heartfelt condolences to the families.

  9. This brings me to tears. People working so hard to feed their families and hoodlums destroying their lives. PEOPLE SHOULD NOT BUY ANY GOAT MEAT.

    1. Yeah the hard working farmers would suffer twice from the lost of their bredrin and the lost of income. What about protection and defense for the farming community.

    2. @Toomuchdebt the latter should be implemented. But you know what is true? People will be backing out of farming. This is happening too often since of late. Soon farming will be a thing of the past for Jamaicans and more people will suffer.

  10. There is too many guns and ammunition flowing into Jamaica everyday and are in the hands of criminals. This will make shootings and killings increase in all areas of Jamaica. Does Jamaica have any leader or member of parliament that can propose an upgrading of Jamaica’s outdated laws? Realistically gun find minimum should be 15 years. Shootings minimum should be 25 to life. Murders should be 40 years to life. Importing of guns 35 years for each gun.

  11. Smh ! Soooo sad ! No words to say ! God please show the police who commit this heinous act on these two farmers . My deepest condolences to the families. Sad ,sad

  12. I will be praying for the quick capturing or turning in of these men. This is wicked! People of the community need to Fall upon their faces and Cry out to God in repentance: if you all care for what had happened….

  13. My deepest condolences to the families and relatives impacted by such heinous crime of State terrorism. Communities must organize intelligently against all threats by terrorist gangsters and praedial larceny schemes. Learning how to even detect insider conspirators or traitors among other critical areas so as not to mistakenly involve the innocence of others in the mix.

  14. All FARMERS with clearn records must and should be armed with the necessary tools to protect themselves and their livestocks.

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