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    1. Then why oonu supporting parties who have been loyal servants to the british monarchy. Why??? Barbados is now a republic.

    1. Right, but do you see the length of the girls’ skirts standing outside? LONGGGGG. Not 5 inches, but long. Imagine if everyone waited until August to have uniforms made, growing kids. They would never get it in time.

  1. Rules are needed everywhere and students should adhere to rules. HOWEVER making girls skirts long to their ankles to avoid rape and sexual assault does not solve anything. It’s actually victim blaming women on the basis that THEY are responsible for being violated. We also live in warm climate how functional is unnecessarily long clothes for students in this climate??

    1. If before the child attended the school they knew that the uniform should be to the ankle then argue from there. Don’t agree and then disagree on the school day.

  2. Godfrey Stewart has much worse problems than dress code. It’s class GPA is below 60%. My step daughter went there that school is a failure. The stories she told me about the male teachers having sex with the students was sickening. After principle Ferron left there was no hope for that school. work more on educating the students and less on this dress code stuff.

    1. INDISCIPLINE and learning go hand in hand. Students with ” POOR ATTITUDE” will NOT succeed regardless of their ability. Who is responsible for the overall state of affairs of our schoo/EDUCATION system-it’s the parties that the people have been voting into power since 1962. When last have you ever seen people demonstrating to have a better educational system in the country-no they are quite content and accept the mediocre leadership from the PNP & JLP; recyling them over and over again and expect the results to get better. When are these black people in this country going to come to their senses and stop allowing the british monarchy servants (PNP & JLP) to stop blighting the progress of this country.

  3. Stand for principle mr Wilson, too much indiscipline in our schools, homes and society, some of these same parents are fighting against rules and school regulations will one day hold their belly bottom and cry.

    1. @michelle jackson wow!!! Some has a race / color issue. I’m Jamaican born and raised , and these young ladies are my people . They are kids/young ladies who should respect themselves and be taught how to dress appropriately, especially for school. But with role models like yourselves the future looks very bleak for them.

  4. If you got to a school approved tailor and arrive in the uniform, how must you be turned back. A few parents said they went in the summer to get measure and a growth spurt could have occurred. If everyone waited last minute to measure their growing kids – kids wouldn’t have uniforms to go school in Sept morning. Look at those lengths! Not 5 inches but long.

  5. I support the school. Sad, is it that the parents lead the chaos? Trying to understand what message they are trying to send home?
    Rather than having a respectful discussion with the school, chose to publicise vulgarity as if the victims.
    Lord help us

  6. All when uniform at ankle man still a look young girl. I understand rules are rules but come with a better reason. skirt can just lift up

    1. The uniforms shirt are looking decent for school. For the love of God let the kids be Jamaica weather is already hot.

  7. Hello fellows viewers the topics on the school uniforms children should wear the uniforms because it’s less expensive on some parents pockets not everyone can buy the expensive clothes and wear to school so let them dress according to the school rules my children and grandchildren also I wear uniform to school it much cheaper on the pocket rules are rules i obey it u go to school to learn not fashion house get a good education ok

  8. Parent teach your children values and morales let them get a good education for the future education will last fashion comes and go please parent today is different from other generation their disciplines and parenting some think it is ok to to behaviour the way the no best and when their children turn out different they said all kind of negative things about the ones who are doing well and successfully their start to hate them said mean things about them tell your children to work and study hard they will see the result and success of the fruit and they will thank you not cursing and blame u or anyone for the mistakes that was done let’s sit down and start to speak to our child thank u

  9. The bottom line is the school set the rules for the students. What is so hard about adhering to the rules. If the parents don’t like it then move your children to another school where you are more comfortable.

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