Going Big: Buttigieg On Jobs Agenda & GOP Resistance | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC 1

Going Big: Buttigieg On Jobs Agenda & GOP Resistance | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC


In his "Beat" debut, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg joins MSNBC's Ari Melber to discuss the Biden Administration's plans to address American jobs, infrastructure, and climate change. (This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. ). Aired on 04/23/2021.
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Going Big: Buttigieg On Jobs Agenda & GOP Resistance | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC


    1. You do know that a Sec. has a staff that is apolitical, well trained in their field and able to plan and govern. The secretary is the head of an administration, he’s surrounded by this staff that help him understand the issues. He’s genuinely interested and intelligent to know that there is a lot to learn, but he can also be an input as a political, to plan the big ideas. Don’t be stupid enough to think that the Dems are as uninterested as the GOP secretaries in their field

    2. That’s part of it, yes. They’re actually reaching agreements with coal working professionals to ensure they’ll have job to better facilitate the energy transition

    3. @Commander_Ninja of course this is the solution to give these guys an opportunity to get decent jobs. With their knowledge, their practical experience, they can be so useful to the transition of your economy. In the EU, a lot of trained staff are now transitioning from the fossil fuels economy to the hydrolic/Solar/wind. This is the way forward, not to give hope to people that their knowledge is doomed because of the closing of mines/plants, their knowledge will be useful elsewhere, where it’s good for the planet and better for their health

  1. This is why every member of the Biden Administration must remind every world citizen of the damage the Trump junta did to damage the planet.

    1. I don’t think the Biden administration has to remind the rest of the world of the damage brought on by the previous president’s policies. Just reestablishing our global security alliances and rebuilding trust with our allies draws attention by its contrast to the damage that the previous administration did to our standing in the world. Finally building the national infrastructure we deserve will be a lasting testament to how we can build back better after the previous administration “deconstructed the administrative state” as they put it.

    2. THE BIG LIE, CLIMATE CHANGE! Forcing the world into any kind of engendering is doomed to fail. Gods gift to all is FREEDOM from teariny of all kinds. Let humans live free.

    3. @Michael Curran Thank you from the peanut gallery on climate change. I guess tyranny was too hard to spell?

    1. @Jean Knitter That’s the problem. People expect entertainment, not serious discussions about serious problems.

  2. “Job creation through climate action is the way forward”. Peter B. is an impressive man. Go big or go home.

    1. You ARE being a follower right to the slaughter. I saw a Documentary long ago with the physical plans for Agenda 21. Basically, there would be no more nation states. The world would be sectored off and those areas giving specific purposes. In the US, the plan would have about 12 or 13 huge mega cities. Everyone would be living in high-rises because it takes up less of a footprint. The majority of land would be slated as forbidden, for wildlife only. The other land that is left could only be travel done by permission. There would be a purpose for specific purposes for that land. The United Nations would have complete control over all land and water. They have been trying to do achieve that for a while and have in some countries. China is exempt & I believe India too, from CO2 emissions in the Paris Accord because that would be the manufacturing area for the world. If I remember right, Russia was supposed to be the energy sector. Everybody would be under the United Nations Charter. There is a depopulation plan to help them better manage the people for “sustainability. Corporations and ngos would basically take care of people’s needs. It’s almost a blessing that the green energy failed in Texas because it is a stark warning. Could you imagine being in a cold climate and you have an energy failure? Go read the 1992 Agenda 21 Manifesto.

    2. I live in a climate where it gets extremely cold and I sure would hate for the green energy to fail in the dead of winter like it did in Texas. There would be no way to get kerosene to fill a heater or a generator.

    3. @Jean Knitter I can understand other view points but it sounds like you being lead by fear… I live deep in the Appalachian mountains its a cold climate and we have a wind turbine that has no problem all year round….. . I don’t buy into conspiracy theories… Texas opted to not Invest in winterized versions of their wind turbines thinking it couldn’t happen to them… That’s what happens when you don’t invest properly in infrastructure… They have wind turbines in very cold climates that work just fine…

    4. @Jean Knitter PS no one leads me anywhere.. slaughter is us letting our countries enemies pass us by while we argue and bicker and in fight over nothing… They laugh at us and infiltrate our social networks to create division and slow us down… We deserve to lead we always have… INVEST IN US!!!

    1. In order to breathe you have to take the muzzle off of your face because the 2008 preliminary report on surgical mask deoxygenation proved they lower your blood concentration. Not only that, masks are Petri dishes for bacteria and proven not to protect against virus. Even Fauci’s NIH report on the 1918 Spanish Flu concluded most people died of bacterial pneumonia who otherwise would have survived the virus alone. They made people wear masks in 1918 too. That’s not surprising though because Fauci was aware of the 2005 chloroquine study that proved it cured and prevented covid virus. The only time he ever told the truth was spring of 2020 when he said there was no reason to be walking around with a mask on and that they provide little protection. Mask studies since then prove that to be a fact. BREATHE

  3. I always used to joke that one day they would force us to strap a fart meter in our rear ends so they could get a carbon tax from the CO2 emissions. I sure hope I wasn’t making an actual prediction LOL. Seeing what the Democrats intend on doing, I’m getting quite concerned.

  4. Thank you Pete!! You are so pleasant and informative to listen too. Such a relief from the last administration

  5. Secretary Pete! Please, Please, Please bring RAIL transportation to the US! Airports, Roads, Bridges are important…. but think of those that can’t or don’t drive!

  6. Republicans will never pass anything until they can figure out how to get their financial cut.

  7. The GOP has no interest in working with Bidens administration their offers are so disingenuous bc they only care about the wealthy and will obstruct and delay so Biden should push ahead

  8. What a pleasure it is just to hear Pete speak! It gives Americans a sense of pride and a reason to trust our government again. It makes me feel proud …and safe, to know there are erudite individuals in charge again who are looking out for the People rather than themselves or their boss. Thank you President Biden and Secretary Buttigieg! America is back!!

  9. If President Biden chooses not to seek a second term and, presumably, Kamala Harris is the Presidential nominee, she should definitely name Pete as her running mate. I think they’d make an unbeatable team.

  10. The way you can be sure a policy makes good common sense is to verify that republicans don’t like it.

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