1. You mean we didn’t see between it’s legs. What “pronouns” the dog prefers does not determine gender. How stupid.

    2. Most liberals I’ve met really don’t care about the LBGTQ stuff they just want them to have equal rights. It’s right-wingers that are angrily obsessed with it. In fact they’re pretty much always angry about absolutely everything like the Hulk.

    1. @Затворник Шестипалый he said yeah how about you just enjoy the damn video it’s not being political is not being anything it’s just a f****** dog video there I solved your problem

    1. I’m so sorry that you don’t know the difference between news and commentary. You must watch Fox…

  1. I can’t believe it… a light hearted, non political, non covid, non Afghanistan story on CNN… fake news?

    1. @Brad Thomson good point. That dogs probably a contagian carrying, double agent, lizard person leaked by a Chinese lab in Afghanistan. Jk, that story would be on Fox news.

    1. @Shawn Wheeler They’ve had this segment for at least 10 years, and they run news 24/7. What are you yelling about? Like right wing news doesn’t have their fluff stories?

    2. @aeroripper who’s yelling? Just asking a question about timing and doing a fluff piece during a humanitarian crisis. Which is a legitimate question. Who brought up Right Wing Media? Relax I like puppies and dogs too.

  2. Why are you showing dogs to us while other channels are showing Biden’s press conference on Afghanistan??!

    1. @Grace, no, it really isn’t. You’re free to watch whatever you want, but you’re here stirring , you troll.

    2. @CrowRedEye In with you. Not everyone is lucky enough to have a furry critter in their life. This is an they have. I’m lucky, I have 4 cats and a dog to keep me company while I’m trying to stay at home as much as possible. Animals don’t typically bring drama, just lots of joy. We all need a little bit in our lives when things are bad like they are now. There’s no harm in a feel for story in amongst the gloom and doom. Some puerile are really depressed and things like this give them a reason to try. Sometimes something seemingly small and insignificant to one person can make a huge positive impact in another.

    3. @CrowRedEye i love dogs! But it should not be shown instead of the President! Reminds me of the Soviets, who showed ballet on tv for two days when there was chernobyl

  3. Biden just killed all those Afghan civilians and gave the Taliban half our equipment. Its fine here’s a cute dog…..lmfao

  4. What’s with this naration??! It sounds like a horror movie with the awkward pauses and what not

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