Goldmacher Breaks Down How Trump Campaign Steered Supporters Into Unwitting Donations

Goldmacher Breaks Down How Trump Campaign Steered Supporters Into Unwitting Donations 1


    1. @grant smythe Good for you! Not here in WA.. Some schools have hybrid – go 2 days a week for 3 hours lol.

    2. @Google User am also in WA. Local schools are going back full time where I am although families have option to keep kids home. Real challenge for teachers trying to handle both Zoom and classroom.

    3. @Linda Scott That will be nice! It’s sad to see kids stuck at home living beneath the TV with their extremist parents.

  1. I love this. Maybe now some of his supporters will finally realize what we’ve been trying to tell them for years that they refused to listen to. He only cares about himself and what he can get from you.

    1. @Google User the list of Biden accomplishments in 2 months: vaccines, stimulous checks for people, an economy showing signs of picking up, actual infrastructure legislation as opposed to incessant “infrastructure weeks”, respect on the national scale, a justice department that’s not a political tool, cabinet officials who aren’t corrupt grifters and do have subject matter expertise, etc.

      Trump’s accomplishments in 4 years: a huge tax cut for the wealthiest and for corporations who were already in the stratosphere of wealth, tanking an expanding economy he inherited, being the laughingstock of the world, more corruption than any administration in our nation’s history, and 400,000 needless deaths.

    2. @Linda Scott You can thank 45 for all those items.. 2 stimulus checks last year and over a million vaccination day before sloppy jo sat down. So Has Biden accomplished anything himself aside from creating a border surge? Not that I can see…

  2. When the total size and scope of Trump’s criminality is finally revealed, he will go down in history as the biggest fraud and con-man the world has ever known. It will be enough to even make Bernie Madoff gasp in disgust.

    1. @jennie henriksson Are you totally ignorant? Many didn’t know they were giving that much to him. Did you not watch the video at all??

    2. @JJ Strumr you are right, I don’t care about you, Trump or any of his current/former supporters, you can lose all of your money and I wouldn’t give you 50 cents for you to find someone who would care!

    3. @Thaïs Lumpp-Lamkie, GG Yeah dude no. His braindead followers would give their first born if their cult leader said to

    4. @JJ Strumr would you care if Trump supporters had their hands in my panties? I didn’t think so!

    1. YES…MAGA MORONS! You know the Ones…..the Ones living Under their Keyboards?? Get Outside..Breathe some Fresh Air…Life is Short….Enjoy Yourselves!! You just Might forget that you’ve been HAD, by Your cult leader. You have Chosen Hate…..its NOT to late to Change. Good Luck.

    2. Not merely morons… Trump’s supporters are HATEFUL morons. They’re foaming at the mouth and irrational… and irrational people can become very, very gullible.

  3. The theft IS the feature, not a bug. “Oh Trump mustn’t have known…” How these people somehow made it to adulthood mystified me.

    1. I’m still trying to figure out why so many evangelicals support this man. These are suppose to be educated religious people.

    1. exactly..’… I said that 2 my husband the minute I heard about these ”grifters’… You are awesome…PEACE

  4. And Trump is ‘so rich’ that he had to use other people money to refund that money!!!
    That woman: she still believes in Santa Claus??

    1. @Jose L. Martinez AND Belting out a Homeresque…. D’OH!!! All while slamming his head into the cell door bars…..repeatedly asking himself….”who knew it was That EASY”??? I Love it Jose.

    1. Some of them were fools. Most were people like you and me who had this misfortune of growing old and got taken advantage of. Don the Con is and always will be a man with no integrity. Those responsible for this should be jailed. How many people around him have to be indicted before all his supporters realize that this man is just a reprehensible con man who thinks he is above the law because he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth.

    2. @oakpkdude Speak for yourself, dude. I would never be conned by someone who is so obviously a grifter. Even when I get old.

    3. @oakpkdude The quote still stands. They were fools to donate to the Trump campaign, in the first place. I can’t really say that I feel sorry for people who gave their financial information to someone widely known as a scammer and a cheat. Alas, even after getting robbed, they still think that he’s the bee’s knees.

    4. Another thing my mother used to say often, was “See a sucker bump his head.” Not sure of the origin but it sure fits in this day and time.

  5. Over 3 years ago, I took a Trump campaign survey and gave the most negative possible answer available on every question. For over a year and a half I got emails thanking me for supporting Trump and offering me another survey in exchange for a $5 donation to the Trump campaign. Despite never responding, the email beg-a-thon continued relentlessly.

    1. @Facts Matter When Trump supporters are confronted with facts, they resort to “both sides” narrative

    2. I don’t know why, but I got robocalls and emails from the Trump campaign too. They probably don’t monitor those surveys. Make sure you delete all of your cookies. Some of them are well hidden on your cache.

    3. I did one of those survey things too because I wanted to make sure I got some non-supporter coverage on those surveys. All the options were Trump is doing great or amazing. There wasn’t an option to select anything negative towards him in any way. So I left the survey uncompleted and never submitted it, but still got emails like you were mentioned… It’s so obviously scammy it’s not even funny.

  6. And just think, some of the people that got fleeced are currently in jail for storming the Capitol on Trump’s behalf. 😂😂😄
    Not only did they get robbed by Trump, they’re now sitting in jail, and can’t afford bail. 😂

  7. Hes a grifter,his supporters have been told over and over but still hang on to a crook,its their fault as much as his

    1. The fact that anyone still supports the orange clown absolutely boggles my mind. If you can’t learn from your mistakes, you define idiocracy.

    2. @David salo Unfortunately, there are many corrupt churches. I know the sweetest widow who is in her eighties and thinks Trump was sent by God because of her pastor. Not everyone is well educated and independent. Her husband told her how to think for 60 years because he died and now she dedicates her time to her church. She has no idea how much a despise Trump and I never mention it. I just listen to her talk about her family, how much she misses her husband and try to change the subject if anything political comes up in my presence.

  8. If they were smart, they wouldn’t have sent donations a snake oil salesman in the first place

  9. As my wife often says ” you need to be 20% smarter than the thing you’re trying to operate”

  10. The crazy thing is they would still vote for him even after being robbed. The buck never stops with him in their eyes.

    1. “Pay me $100 a week for the next 6 months and I will make sure no one comes and takes your guns and I will personally fight the communist coming to your door step… oh yeah, I will keep all the minorities oppressed”

  11. “Many didn’t believe it was his fault”
    Must be nice to know that no matter how many times you screw someone over, they’ll always vote for you.

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