Goldman On Roger Stone: Trump Basically Commuted A Co-Conspirator | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

Goldman On Roger Stone: Trump Basically Commuted A Co-Conspirator | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1


Fmr. Asst. U.S. Attorney Daniel Goldman reacts to the shocking commutation of Roger Stone by Trump just months before he faces re-election. Aired on 7/10/2020.
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Goldman On Roger Stone: Trump Basically Commuted A Co-Conspirator | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

63 Comments on "Goldman On Roger Stone: Trump Basically Commuted A Co-Conspirator | The 11th Hour | MSNBC"

  1. Diane Davidson | July 11, 2020 at 5:26 AM | Reply

    Stone has always been a con like Trump. He finally got caught and his lying con friend commuted his sentence unbelievable.

  2. somthingbrutal | July 11, 2020 at 5:32 AM | Reply

    i thought your military was meant to protect you from enemies foreign and Domestic

  3. Trump is more concerned with helping his henchmen avoid the consequences of their crimes to cover up his own, than he is fighting COVID-19.

    • @Leb Dav, and who is that? No he want the ones that won’t contradict him when he is lying. So you rather listen to a man that suggested ingesting disinfectants and to take unproven drugs?

    • @Say What Or put seniors in infected nursing homes.

    • The one drug is proven but not a cure

    • @Leb Dav you’re desperately trying to defend the Murderer with whataboutism. Why didn’t you mentioned the other Governors that did the wrong thing. The bottom line is the buck stop at him. And if he was a competent leader and wasn’t driven by ego, selfishness and greed 1000s of people would still be alive.

    • @Say What The buck stops with all of us doing the right thing so the scientist say. I think it would be a smart thing to stop flights from China–whoops someone did that already THAT XENOPHOBE TRUMP so called by a guy who is hunkered in his basement

  4. BooHoo Whiny president : Roger stone was treated very unfairly like me.

  5. Loretta Keesee | July 11, 2020 at 5:51 AM | Reply

    This whole administration is the most corrupt in our history….

  6. Blame the republican party for allowing this thuggish corrupted dishonest lawlessness.

    • The long-time GOP fossils are reading the writing on the wall. They know what’s coming in November is going to doom them to again being the minority party the congress while losing the White House too. The American Electorate punished the GOP at the polls for Nixon for almost a decade. It will take a lot longer for Americans to forget that the GOP foisted the biggest disaster of a presidency in a hundred years of presidencies on the US.

    • Move to the new country of CHOP

    • @John Swo Maybe they’ll rebrand, by changing the name to the grand neo party of privilege & fragility ?

    • pax und peace | July 11, 2020 at 3:59 PM | Reply


  7. One day it will all come out how treasonous the republicans have become.

  8. Chris Hinton | July 11, 2020 at 6:01 AM | Reply

    Yes everybody has been treated so unfairly that’s all he ever says, he pardoned stone and defends other criminals who are co-conspirators to cover up his crimes, Barr, Pompeo, McConnell, Pence , McCarthy along with trump are destroying our country

    • But the innocent and good people he punished and call’s them traitors. Just like a king. If the Senate didn’t make a deal with him and did there job right and Congress acted like Congress then we wouldn’t have this. Inforce the Constitution before he changes it he’s already claimed it false so he’ll improvised it his way.

  9. With friends like him who needs enemies ” I could have flipped on Trump”

  10. Disgusting is a complete understatement. I can’t believe what I see happening in America. This is more typical to where I come from, it’s how dictators roll. This fool is a real danger to you AMERICA. I don’t see how there is still folks that don’t see it.

  11. Justice:
    “A terrible disgrace that should never be allowed to happen in this country again”.

    • There were three people who could bring Trump down, Manafort, Epstein and Stone. Epstein was taken out, Manaforts family was threatened and Stone was rewarded with a pardon.

    • @Hector Perez No, “Hector” you brain-dead tRUMPette. “We The People” *did NOT* vote for that thing, that disgusting fake “human” being. The orange monster *LOST* by 3 million votes. *Only* the out-dated Electoral College “installed” the Mango Mussolini into that position — and it came down to just about 75,000 votes scattered amongst some swing states. But you seem to *LOVE* fascism if you still like this corrupt immoral piece of filth.

    • Marilyn Reallon | July 11, 2020 at 10:10 AM | Reply

      @Hector Perez only the stupid people voted him in!

    • @Marilyn Reallon and the rich ones who knew they’d make out by getting him to lower their taxes – while they secretly laughed at him behind his back.

    • Marilyn Reallon | July 11, 2020 at 1:08 PM | Reply

      @Paul Ford yes so true!

  12. william foreman | July 11, 2020 at 6:42 AM | Reply

    I can’t believe trump still has sympathizers and supporters and enabler‘s after all of the terrible awful things he’s done against this country and its constitution and us as citizens,,,trump is working on a pro Russian agenda he is a traitor and he is guilty of treason

  13. In Trump’s America Lt. Col. Vindman is the bad guy and Roger Stone is the good guy.

  14. Kirt Williams Williams | July 11, 2020 at 7:10 AM | Reply

    Trump knows he’s leaving soon so he’s doing all his pardons ASAP before Pence pardons him

    • But Pence can’t pardon him from State crimes. I wonder how he’ll like the State prisons back in New York? 😉

    • When will Pence be president ? After Trump ?

    • I think Trump could be running a Hail Mary pass. He might be executing an exit strategy to resign for whatever reasons then have Pence pardon him. So they’re using Trump to pardon the hard ones like Stone and Barr does the easier ones like Flynn so that Pence doesn’t have to pardon anyone but Trump himself. Trump hops on a charter to Russia and gets his Casinos in Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Moscow.@97RAVINEAVE

    • @Ben Frank With Trump I would say anything is possible but he has a problem with that scenario . Would the Secret Service allow a US President to defect ? If you recall the Navajo Code Talkers had a personal guard assigned to them too .

  15. derry667dingo | July 11, 2020 at 8:03 AM | Reply

    The “statement out of the White House” sounds awfully like a Trump tweet. And I do mean AWFULLY.

    • funknfritter | July 11, 2020 at 5:56 PM | Reply

      @Kerbango L. Im guessing it was dictated

    • Barb Skrypek | July 11, 2020 at 5:59 PM | Reply

      Tyrade Shift – Don’t be under the illusion that the Democrats are the guilty party, this one is All on the corruption and complicity of tRump’s sycophantic spineless GOP that allowed this corruption to manifest into the cesspool it is today. Ever since Moscow Mitch and the majority Republican Senate acquitted tRump from Impeachment, that’s when he knew he could get away with anything he wanted. He immediately upon acquittal turned to his crony A.G. Bill Barr to start firing all the people involved in the Impeachment inquiry that spoke against him. He then instructed Barr to go after all the judges that could harm him, namely the big 3, the US court judges in DC, EDNY and the SDNY and had him replace them with tRump cronies. He fired Lt. Col. Vindman and his twin brother from the White House, even though his twin didn’t even testify against him! Then Lt, Col. Vindman just this week, who was up for promotion to Colonel, just resigned out of harassment by tRump and his administration! And don’t forget how tRump had Mike Pompeo fire US Ambassador to the Ukraine, Marie Yuvanovich, a 33 year veteran, because she spoke out about tRump’s corruption in withholding $400M in military aid to the newly elected Ukrainian President Zelensky! Then he had his lackey corrupt lawyer, Rudy Giuliani to start investigating supposed crime on his political rival, Joe Biden and his son, Hunter, which was later all debunked. Then Rudy’s aids from the Ukraine, Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman got arrested while trying to get on a plane in Texas back to the Ukraine for illegal campaign donations. Then Lev Parnas came out on Rachel Maddow’s show and spilled the dirt on Giuliani and posted a video he had secretly taken at Mar-a-Lago of tRump saying “Get rid of her” when Parnas mentioned Yavonovich’s investigating the corruption in Ukraine! He also had fired Gordon Sundland, who spoke against tRump at the Impeachment hearing, who said “they’re all in on it” speaking about the knowledge of the corruption on the Ukraine scandal and the entire administration who were in the know, including Mike Pence, Mike Pompeo and Rudy Giuliani. Gordon Sundland got his position of Ambassador to the EU Bethesda donated $1M to tRump’s inauguration campaign! He flipped his story once he knew that he could go to prison for withholding evidence, so he flipped! There is so much corruption in this administration it’s staggering! Not to mention, tRump knowing about Putin paying the Taliban to put bounties on the heads of our U.S. soldiers and Marines in Afghanistan and saying he wasn’t briefed about it, but if he wasn’t, then who at the Pentagon knew about it and didn’t brief him or the VP? The findings are that tRump did know about it, and did nothing to stop it! That right there is Treason! And now he wants to pardon Michael Flynn, even though he testified Guilty twice about lying to the FBI about his involvement in the Russian scandal and he also wants to pardon Paul Manafort, who’s out of prison right now because of the Covid-19 and was found guilty for lying about his connection to the Russians and got 7 years for felonies. And now he’s commuting the sentence of Roger Stone, because Stone’s got dirt on tRump and won’t go to prison for his 7 felonies he committed which got whittled down to 3 years thanks to Bill Barr and his intervening on the case because of tRump’s tweets. Stone wanted his sentence commuted instead of being pardoned, because being pardoned means you were guilty and gotten off the hook and can’t ever get the guilty title off your record. By Stone getting his sentence commuted, he can go after the courts that found him guilty and appeal to sue them. The only guy that didn’t get a pardon was tRump’s ex Attorney, Michael Cohen, who got 3 years for lying to the FBI to protect tRump, who later turned around and gave his real story to congress in a damning testimony that showed that tRump ordered him to pay off Stormy Daniels with campaign money and he showed copies of the checks he was paid, told Congress all of tRump’s shady dealings and saying he was racist, corrupt, had no empathy and told how he was ordered to threaten tRump’s schools to not release his SAT’s or any school records, which showed that he’s not the Stable genius he declares to be, which is also collaborated by his niece Mary tRump’s new book, which says he had his older sister Maryanne do his homework for him and paid off a really smart guy, Joe Shapiro to do his SAT’s for him, which is why when he was put in a higher class than he was qualified for, he couldn’t do the classroom work or tests and his Wharton school teacher was quoted to say, “he’s the most GD stupidest student I ever had!” Donald tRump is the worst president and human being in this country and should never have been voted into office. But now that we’re stuck for another 4 months until Election Day with him, plus another 2 months of lame duck presidency, it’s going to get a lot worse! He’s a malignant narcissist, sociopath, psychopath, pathological liar who’s lied over 20,000 times on record since taking office and he’s pure evil because he holds the highest power in the land and thinks he’s above the law and that he can do whatever he wants and no one can stop him. This is not a presidency, it’s an authoritarian dictatorship in a fascist regime that holds the power of the free world in his hands and has the keys and buttons to start a nuclear war! Be very afraid of the upcoming months, because you’ll see a madman out of control at the helm of our country!

    • Tyrade Shift | July 11, 2020 at 6:26 PM | Reply

      @Barb Skrypek Don’t give me excuses. I can clearly see and hear for myself who’s doing what! The Democrats have sold us out to the highest bidder, while the Republicans sold us out to our greatest advisory, but what both have in common is that they all just made millions, and others billions off of this little pandemic, and they were not interested in allowing we the people, to get anything, but, hey what do I know….I’m just sipping from the saucer! Both establishments have failed Americans and the world, and if you can’t see it, then maybe you just don’t want to Imagine such a scenario. I know I didn’t. It’s all out there, so I strongly recommend that you do some real digging and see what you find. Start out by getting a list of Democratic donors, book deals, paid speeches, and getting numerous funds from the health insurance industry, banking, pharmaceutical industry, etc….No one brilliant heroes have risen to save our skins, now why do you think that is??? Good luck!

    • Dumb People Make My Day…Trump 2020.

    • @Tyrade Shift covfefe

  16. David Smith-White | July 11, 2020 at 8:17 AM | Reply

    ‘It’s a jungle out there in the garden’,
    Said Roger, whose threat had now hardened.
    ‘If you do not commute,
    I might stop being mute,
    And spill the beans unless I get pardoned’!


  17. One thing that can never be overturned, Donnie will forever be an impeached president.

  18. Robert Schlesinger | July 11, 2020 at 10:56 AM | Reply

    Trump is easily the most corrupt politician in American history.

    • Smileyrie James | July 11, 2020 at 5:41 PM | Reply

      Dump is the most corrupt politician in Western political history, not just America.


    • Robert Schlesinger | July 11, 2020 at 6:53 PM | Reply

      @Smileyrie James I am trying to think of someone in modern Western political history that is more corrupt, but can’t think of anyone. Perhaps Ceausescu formerly of Romania or King Leopold II formerly of Belgium. Well, one is hard pressed to find someone as corrupt as Trump and his Administration. Thank you for your comment.

    • Robert Schlesinger | July 11, 2020 at 6:56 PM | Reply

      @j welsh A good acronym. Thank you for your comment.

  19. David Jimenez | July 11, 2020 at 11:23 AM | Reply

    On Donald Trump’s last day in office, he will pardon everyone in his administration, including himself.

  20. Human Beings R Eternal Beings | July 11, 2020 at 1:01 PM | Reply

    Mind Begs the Question:
    President defends Racists,not Charged,
    Criminals can be Freed by Govts,
    Law applies equally?

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