Goldman: Trump Does Not Have To Be 'But For Cause' Of Violence In Order To Be Guilty | MSNBC 1

Goldman: Trump Does Not Have To Be ‘But For Cause’ Of Violence In Order To Be Guilty | MSNBC


MSNBC impeachment analyst Daniel Goldman discusses Trump's defense team's last arguments on the fourth day of Trump's impeachment trial. Aired on 2/12/2021.
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Goldman: Trump Does Not Have To Be 'But For Cause' Of Violence In Order To Be Guilty | MSNBC


    1. @Todd C
      5 month old account calls me phony!

      Calling everything fake is why Biden is you POTUS.

      Fascist Republican

  1. When DJT wants to hold a photo shoot he calls in the National Guard, but when seat of our democracy was under attack he repeatedly refused to send the Guard to the Capitol, took time to send another Tweet condemning Pence, and then went on TV to tell the cop killing mob “we love you, you’re very special.” He tops off his afternoon with still another Tweet that called the insurrectionists “great patriots” in the shadow of a gallows built for Mike Pence in front of a ransacked Capitol building.

    1. @warpedjaffas1 Really? Then how come none of the legislators elected on the down ballot were challenged? Did you think only the votes for Biden/Harris would be disqualified by stuffed or mail in ballots? All the legislators took their valid seats and only dimwits like you could think that you could throw out the presidential ticket without affecting the down ballot candidates too.

  2. Trump needs to be dragged before a real court of law. The Republican half of the Senate consists largely of fellow insurrectionists who should also be on trial.

    1. I suppose you agree that All the Bidens also need to be brought before the Court Systems as well, to account for their behavior in the Ukraine. Who Ordered a Prosecutor to be fired or, not get any financial support from the United States. “He got fired! Son of a B_____!””. (Biden, in his own words.) Hunter’s laptop had photos of Injured children. One Chinese child with injuries had a broken jaw. Supposedly,she is about five years old. The camera had hundreds of shots. Wonder why a person would leave his laptop to be cleaned. Wonder why that was never mentioned by law enforcement? Hush, hush. No wonder things with China are a bit Rocky with Biden. Maybe Trump is the better man after all. At least China’s Leaders seem to think so. It does make a person wonder. Myself included. Heresay or Truth? Where there is smoke……

    2. He will be… for not just election fraud, but also mob dealings in NYC, sexual assault charges, tax fraud. He will stand in front of a real impartial jury soon enough. He will be held accountable for crimes. Maybe not all of them, but the legal ones will really put him in jail if successful. That automatically bars him from ever running for office again. So just let the cards fall where they may, I say.

    1. @Paul Drusbasky
      Your MAGA is out of office now so go sit in the corner and drink your poisonous koolaid in silence. YOU are the one who has been brainwashed.

    2. @Hunter Roberts psst that has changed because biden currently has 52 executive orders yet called trump a dictator for the same , and is on track to surpass such numbers.

    3. Psst this is the impeachment were they show they lied no not my channel so don’t be rude

    1. Go research the origins of BLM and Antifa. See for yourself. How many nations have they been involved in, and, destroying Businesses and property is anyone’s guess. They don’t believe in Citizens owning Private Property. Only the Government.

    2. @BlondeGirlSez This The evidence today proved that Congress incited the violence at the Capitol. However, ANTIFA and BLM TERRORISTS are the ones who actually acted violently. Both groups must be designated as TERRORISTS.

      EVERY SINGLE ONE of them should be tracked down (whether at the Capitol or not) and PROSECUTED to the MAXIMUM EXTENT.

      Congress should now go through their own impeachment trials.

    3. @Rita Franklin The “origins” or BLM was 150 years of institutional racism and murdering blacks by cops. Antifa is Anti Fascism, not a group, it’s a belief you happen to need to lie about to fight. But you can’t fight an idea. You lose.

  3. When Baby Cheesus gets acquitted again his Church will post-humously pardon Charles Manson immediately afterwards.

  4. This hearing was an insult to my intelligence, you didn’t see what you saw, you didn’t hear what you heard, they think we’re all as stupid as his cult members.

    1. The gaslighting is infuriating. It is very clear that the crazy half of the country has all the power. They do dangerous things, break laws, bend all the rules, cheat, manipulate and lie. When they win, they play victim while disregarding their minority counterparts -anyone who points it out is just a sore loser. When they lose, they play victim while bullying the winners into adjusting all the rules to accommodate them. This is a banana republic of minority rule because Republicans never play by the rules. Ever.

    2. @cleogyrl I guess our last hope Is the southern district in NY or Georgia throws him in prison for the rest of his life, the inmates would love that.

    3. His cult members in senate and public office, along with republican money donors are far from stupid. That’s the problem.

    1. Except the point of this trial is to expose all the dishonest Republicans. Take note of how your representative votes on your behalf, you can decide for your own self how you like that when they come up for re-election.

    1. It is True… In a court. He’s not in Court.
      He’s being tried on a political stage, by individuals who make their own rules. Literally, the Senate is who makes the rules.

    1. lol Trump is not stupid, he just believes everyone else is. And a lot of them are, to have bought into his bs for not just months but years. He did say “he loves the poorly educated” because they are the easiest to manipulate and control.

    2. @jorden h lol Trump’s defense team showed THE most edited and clipped videos I have ever seen. And they also showed the entire speech Trump gave, which the House Managers also showed clips from…. so they did not make anything up or take it out of context that’s for sure.

    3. @Liron Deline so you agree he stated peaceful protest before saying the rest of his speech or did you not see that portion?

    4. Also I want to inform you all do not listen to the biased media MSNBC , FOX NEWS , CNN, CNBC , are all biased with there own agendas to push causing the great divide on who can be believed, we must find a source that does not keep information secret or manipulates it for gain.

  5. They should of just come in and said, “I know you are but what am I ?|” It doesn’t matter. There’s no real trial here.

  6. OMG! A Republican President of the United States incited a violent, angry mob to storm the US Capitol and assassinate the Republican United States Vice-President. OMG!

  7. During the last debate, Trump told the Proud Boys to, “Stand down, and stand by.” Yes, that really happened!!!

    1. It was “stand back and stand by”. He was asked to say the words “stand down” but refused to utter them.

  8. When are Trump supporters going to realise that their “leader” is going to continue throwing them under the bus??

    1. I am beyond being polite about this. The fact is that a great many of them are just too damned THICK to work much of anything out.

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