Goldman: Trump Implemented A ‘Calculated, Premeditated Plan To Pressure The DOJ’ 1

Goldman: Trump Implemented A ‘Calculated, Premeditated Plan To Pressure The DOJ’


Daniel Goldman, who served as the House Impeachment Inquiry Majority Counsel for the first impeachment trial of Donald Trump, joins Ali Velshi to discuss why Donald Trump’s plan to fire Jeffrey Rosen and his abuse of power “wasn’t just a one-off.”
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    1. @Oppressed Speaker of truth I’m looking for a side job so can you message me how much you are getting paid to troll these sites? How do they pay? Is there a certain number of comments you have to reply to or just the number of sites you go to? Thanks comrade.

    1. WELL NOT entirely ALL the Republicans. The Problem is that NOT ENOUGH Republicans are willing to speak up when it matters most. So in that way, You’re correct. Their lack of courage makes them complicit.

    2. You mean tell me this one white man has a curse on all of those white people they’re just Donald demon seeds

    3. It sure is ,on both of his impeachment’s the Republican Senators disregarded their oath to defend this country. They elected to go with trumps mendacious ideology and reprehensible rhetoric about our elections than honor the constitution which they swore over a bible to defend. The most disgusting and treacherous group of people the likes of which you have never seen ever before.

    4. they are all payed mercenaries. the money comes from the 2 percent mega rich and their kingmakers like murdoch

    1. Those redacted portions of the Muller report supposedly cite a half dozen crimes for which “45” has still not been charged.

  1. Trump and his cronies need to be charged and imprisoned period !!! End of story. They are guilty of treason.

    1. @Aaron Helvig yes, sometimes they would need a real Bolshevik for the cleanup . afterwards everybody is very very horrified but the work is done

  2. More Trump associated people were charged or locked up in that administration!! Then democrats in 30 years!!
    Drain the swamp??
    This was the swamp!!

    1. That all stemmed from the Mueller investigation which a lot of people have probably forgotten about by now.

  3. If you didn’t see this coming years prior to January 6th I have some ocean front property in Arkansas to sell ya .

  4. Bring charges! Democrats need to get that done now! Stop talk and more acting. He is no longer president. It doesn’t take a congressional act to imprison him

  5. If I, in a drunken stuper, take a leak on a bush,I’m off to jail. Trump trying to end American Democracy, nada. WTF?

  6. Why is everyone else guilty till proven innocent while the orange tyrant is still at large and still threatening our country?

  7. Trump should be tried for treason. The law should apply to everyone otherwise it’s not justice. This flaw in the US system of government needs to be fixed. A head of state should not have this much power, or be able to act corruptly with impunity.

  8. The traitorous Trump tragedy that almost toppled our democracy. Was a wake up call from the forces of evil. Let us not soon forget it.

  9. Our Democracy was close to being destroyed,… All the GQP Trump sycophants slide away like nothing happened ,. Slice it anyways you want,. This is treason.

  10. it all boils down to the Republican senators…they support Trump so much that 2 impeachments were not enough, and an isurrection did not happen…it is all caused by the Republicans protecting him…
    time to focus on them, instead.

  11. “This has gone past politics.” That pretty much sums up Trump’s entire 4 years staining and desecrating the US presidency.

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