1. If Gone with the Wind is a problematic movie…what about The Birth of a Nation 1915?? The dude is right.

    1. First Punch Using “whataboutism” as an excuse to downplay other examples is just as tacky as your argument. Using other examples highlights hypocrisy among the ways people deal with hot button issues, doesn’t make them wrong.

    1. @Ocasio-Cortez4prez2022 They want to put a disclaimer to show how history should be interpreted and that we is being seen should not reflect our current standards.

    2. @Mrwetframe and I would be fine with that if it were just that, and it stopped there. But It won’t, it never does. There’s a push to ban all shows and movies about police, they’re trying to delete police from pop culture, they try to delete everyone from social media that doesn’t tow the line and agree with every one of their demands, they’re removing statues, they’re renaming streets, not one of these things in and of itself is a huge deal, but all of it together is, it’s death by a thousand cuts. This is what every oppressive, authoritarian regime did, they go after history and pop culture because they don’t want people to know about the past regimes that were just like them, so they can seize power by the same means.

  2. Then don’t watch them, this was an art from it’s time and it depicts that time but you can’t remove every movie …I don’t see anyone pulling the racist classic movies that depict Japanese ppl in a racist way 🧐

    1. Start reform today not in November! CNN already blocked this note.. Media will let our issues of black inequality and racism die in a few days! MSNBC and CNN are playing us for fools while keeping their fat jobs! Copy this and send note to all at CNN and MSNBC including the owners and send it to Congress! Email the following complaint to Warner Media at Keith.Cocozza@warnermediagroup.com .Talk is cheap Time for action! This simple minded talk has been going on for decades! Copy and send this note to CNN, MSNBC and Congress! Tell CNN to put their money where their mouth is! Give your mulit million dollar job to a black woman and have every CNN journalist at CNN give their jobs to BLACKS! Set the example for everyone in the US. Start with Jeff Zucker’s $6.3 million job–or is it $7 million now? I know how or stop the insanity! Since whites are so racists then we should encourage–no insist!–that those whites saying white are racists give up THEIR $6.3 MILLION DOLLAR JOBS AND HIRE A BLACK WOMAN to set the example for the racist morons! Stop whining now! Trillion dollar companies who have been so successful hiring whites should get rid of US! Put your money where your mouth is! Hire only blacks. Let them show the world how brilliant they are.! I am tired of the lies and I am mad as hell. CNN owners and Jeff Zucker can be the first to set the example! Demand they put their money where their mouth is. Write every democratic Senator and especially every congressman and tell them t same. Replace Cuomo, Brian Williams, Anderson, John Berman, Alison Camarota, and these other white women with women like Cheryl Dorsey. She is a good writer and more intelligent than their staff. Start with CNN and MSNBC! Let’s see them give up their $7 million jobs for the good of racism! It is about the MONEY! I’m a Democrat tired of the racism! I am tired of looking at kids who have no power! I want to see rich people who have power set the example! Problem solved in one day! Pelosi is very old. Start with her. A nice intelligent black woman can replace her! Tell CNN and Warner Media to replace white Network President Jeff Zucker with a black CNN Network President. Watch CNN/MSNBC block this suggestion! I have great ideas about winning but MSNBC, youtube, and CNN keep blocking them. If they were legit they wouldn’t be afraid! Jeff Zucker has had years to hire blacks and to correct the black inequality issue at CNN. Replace him today.

    2. How many Japanese were put into internment camps in this country bro. Seriously black people are not the only victims of injustice in this country let alone the world.

    1. Just busting your balls “booty sweat”! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I always loved that jab at how ridiculous the hip hop community has become

    1. HBO subscription just went down, why did they have to jump on the race train and rewrite history

  3. Im black, but come on man, are they tryna erase history or something? First black actress to win an oscar, why dont they talk about that

    1. @Martin Barr-David feels like humanity is going backwards instead of forward, I wonder alot if i woke up in a paralel reality since a few years.

    2. No no that would mean a good thing happen to a black woman impossible for them to knowledge those things

    1. @Big Red That doesn’t take away the fact that she was a great actress and she did deserve the Oscar.

    1. that’s how leftwats work – they will give the benefit of the doubt to a hobo yet reeeee at their family

  4. Yeah, because we as adults can’t handle this 70 year old movie, thanks for looking out for me hbo, my goodness

    1. Str8 4ward Now we do. Never knew that fact. The Italians I know speak multiple languages. Italy has more than one official language. But you knew that. You seem intelligent.

    2. Henry Ford did not like Jews. Uh oh! Time to burn every Ford vehicle. Hitler promoted the Volkswagen. Torch Volkswagens.
      The insanity is hard to comprehend. Democrats are handing Trump his second term.

  5. Olivia de havilland , one of the main actresses is still alive at 103 , legend 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤

  6. It’s seems like that movie “1993 – demolition man” predicted the future of the world…

    “We will tell you what can you watch”

  7. When “I’m Gonna’ Get You Sucka’” gets banned I’m going to protest. “Every superhero needs a theme song”.

    1. Rocky is gonna get banned, blazing saddles. Probably independance day when they get sensative about illegals again.
      Libtards are purpetual outrage culture

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