Good News On Covid-19: CDC Ends The 'Mask Era,' Echoing 'Mask Off' | The Beat With Ari Melber 1

Good News On Covid-19: CDC Ends The ‘Mask Era,’ Echoing ‘Mask Off’ | The Beat With Ari Melber


In new, highly anticipated guidance, the CDC announces vaccinated people no longer need masks outside. MSNBC anchor Ari Melber reports on the news, its overlap with the artist Future's famous 2017 "banger," and other misinformation percolating as the U.S. rounds a corner on the pandemic
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    1. @mam362 why don’t you follow Biden’s example and wear a mask while on zoom call or here talking to people on line. Aren’t you afraid of getting covid online like Biden ?

    1. It is They were asking us to do the complete opposite of what we needed to do… you can’t catch it while walking outside

    2. @carlindelco you can catch it outside if you are around other people who have it. Most people don’t know that they are infected. Therefore if you are un-vaxxed and around other people you should wear a mask outside.

    1. @Jimmy Chitwood “Outdoor spread has always been extremely low” is a made up statement that makes no sense. Its lowER but it changes depending on the scenario. If you’re outside without a mask and you sneeze on someone, it becomes pretty high then. If youre in a packed crowd its a lot higher. If you’re 4 people in a backyard who are already quarantining, very low. These recommendations are updating people on the specific risks of each scenario, the new data we have been accumulating.

    2. @Jimmy Chitwood I disagree with that assessment. And, I’m not here to prove anything to you. You’re no expert and you have nada to teach me

    3. @PeacockPoverty yeah, I don’t care what you think either. Good luck with that mask outside while your vaccinated.

    1. @jennti My comment meant to address the assumption that young people do not get the virus. Especially with these new variants coming in, young people are being hit harder than in the first and second wave.
      Her father was an essential worker. He brought the virus home from work. *Were it not for contracting the virus, the girl would be alive.*
      Not everybody is eligible to get the virus right now in Ontario. It’s a slow roll out, so the vaccine cannot be seen as the panacea—yet.
      Like I said before, I care about the people I come into contact with every single day, my neighbors, the store clerks, etc etc… And about contracting the virus myself. Very few people are in the prime of life with perfect health. There are people who’s health issues have yet to be even diagnosed. I therefore take every precaution I can to protect myself and others, because I care about that.
      Humanity survived the Spanish Flu, and other pandemics, and we will too. We’re not the first and we won’t be the last. it’s the human condition. Small mercy that this type of thing seems to happen once in a hundred years or so.
      I just want us all to be healthy and to come out of this on the other end to a brand new day! How glorious that will be!

    2. @PeacockPoverty I understand your position however that does not make me want to rush out and inject myself with a vaccine that hasn’t been through proper trials. With such a high survival rate… I’ll take my chances.

    3. @jennti Of course, it’s your choice to make. It’s not a matter of life and death only. There are many other outcomes. The long haulers for instance, many of whom are young people, are having to deal with life altering effects of the virus. So much unknown still. But of course, your choices to make, not mine. I do it for community as well, of which I am a part. And of course, for me.

    4. @jennti So if the virus went through schools and killed 2 out of every 100 students that got sick, you’d be fine with that, no alarm? There’s a reason we aren’t having polio & smallpox outbreaks; get vaccinated!

    5. @jennti Death isn’t the only worst outcome, and its not just about being unhealthy or afraid. 30% of people needing hospitalization need dialysis. An alarming number of all people who get COVID suffer from some cognitive/ brain consequences, which includes strokes. Your boasting of a 98% survival rate ignores millions will die & even more will deal with lasting & debilitating side affects, which will strain our health care system and economy for years.

    1. @Sandy Allen Ah yes, you’re smarter than thousands of doctors, scientists, biochemists, virologists, epidemiologists, etc all around the world who know this is all nonsense.

      That’s impressive, you must have a super high IQ.

    2. @Casey Dorn What a shame it is that people like you continue to be willfully ignorant to reality. Vax up right kid?

    3. @Christine King to be fair, many of the trolls here are just invested in sabotaging Biden’s vaccine rollout; they don’t care about people’s lives and any deaths or long term harm that comes to people is just collateral damage to them. A fight in the comment section on a msn channel is just sport to them. These trolls are looking for a fight, and to discredit media that they don’t approve of, or anything else they don’t like.

    1. @Ready Set React oh give me a break. I’m vaccinated and haven’t grown any extra limbs. My plan is to help slow the spread and get back to normal life.

    2. @First Mate Oh my bad I didn’t know you were vaccinated but I mean if we slow the spread that means it will take longer to go back to normal

    3. @Ready Set React No, it means less people will die, before we go back to normal, and less people will be left with life altering chronic illness. It also means the hospitals, paramedics and ambulances won’t be overwhelmed quite so much.

  1. It funny how he says now now in that voice , like anyone should actually take that big Dope seriously. Hysterical absolutely Hysterical

    1. @roccoisawesome You were, yes. The risk depended on whether you were around other people though, and it’s a much bigger risk indoors.

      Where I live, it’s next to impossible to avoid other people so I’ve been wearing one whenever I go outside. If nothing else, it encourages other people to do the same.

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