Goolsbee: Jobs Number A Sign That There's A High Danger That We Have A Double Dip Recession 1

Goolsbee: Jobs Number A Sign That There’s A High Danger That We Have A Double Dip Recession


The economy lost 140,000 jobs in December. Former Chairmen of the White House Council of Economic Advisers Austan Goolsbee and Jason Furman join Stephanie Ruhle to react to that jobs number and explain why the markets are staying strong despite the protests at the U.S. Capitol. Aired on 01/08/2021.
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Goolsbee: Jobs Number A Sign That There's A High Danger That We Have A Double Dip Recession


    1. I’m too busy being infuriated to even think about “sad.” Sad for whom? Shameful, Un-American, Cowardly, Weak? Yes. “Sad” ? Not such a relevant word for the situation. And the domestic terror attack at the capitol shouldn’t be shocking, surprising or unexpected to anyone with even one eye open. Trumpism (Fascism, in other words) MUST be rooted out.

    1. With the communist coming to power, we are guaranteed a recession. But Party bosses will still get wealthy.

    2. @rob gpm yea republicans bankrupt America the corporations got free money gravy train is cut off so keep begging

    3. @rob gpm Hey comrade, better stock up for a while….Russia is gonna go dry for a while with the new embargo’s.

    1. @ROBS inherited a boot licking corporations and airlines and airlines bailouts over and over with mass layoffs



    3. @David Hale Obama was the last president that the United States ever had. Then some nutcase Republicans thought it would be funny if the entire US was forced to star in a _REALLY_ bad reality tv show, where the 1% get paid and nobody else. Fortunately, the show was cancelled by God, and we should all be out of the contract by January 20.

    1. That’s okay it only took Trump 4 years with Putin’s help to install the new high-tech surveillance equipment what happened at the White House was just a dry run on that equipment that have been installed and yes Biden has to be in office to test the equipment.


    2. @darksaint0124 Get used to the cockroaches… they have nothing productive to do with their lives other than live off others.

  1. Let’s see if Biden takes progressive measures. If he continues the donor class policies. It’s over for Democrats.

  2. I never understood how the dichotomy “Economy” or “Fighting the virus” became part of the election campaign. If the virus is defeated, then the economy will restart.

  3. Once again, Democrats will begin the arduous task of repairing the economy destroyed by Republicans as usual. When will Americans learn that Republicans are not capable of governing or managing an economy the size and complexity of the USA?

  4. 1918 global pandemic, the roaring 20s are born, Oct 1929, Wall Street crashes aka Black Tuesday.
    Let’s hope we can learn from our mistakes.

  5. Every time we have a Republican administration. The economy ends up in the trash when they leave office. Just look at George Bush and now Trump’s economy. In the dumpster.

    1. @The Dude It goes farther than the last 2 Republican Presidents.

      As soon as the Republicons are out, they start screaming about the debt they created, and want to cut spending on social programs so the Democrats look bad…then the Republicons run on Democrats cutting social programs.

      rinse & repeat.

      That is why it’s important to fix the voting laws, and get dark money out of politics.

  6. The USA is sailing into a perfect storm, but now thankfully has a rudder; a worthy captain & crew at the helm also.

  7. We need a new, robust stimulus package that can keep dollars in circulation. $2K at least and more unemployment subsidies.

  8. With everything that happened the last few days many people missed the anouncement that President Trump had signed a book deal.
    The President said “…It will be the greatest book ever done. Better than O’bama’s.”
    The Publisher added that Trump’s book will include crayons and stickers.

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