GOP Backs Trump Who Tried To Steal An Election Over Cheney | MSNBC 1

GOP Backs Trump Who Tried To Steal An Election Over Cheney | MSNBC


More and more, Republicans are standing behind Trump who is still attacking the 2020 election and are poised to oust Liz Cheney from GOP House leadership for daring to tell the truth about it. We discuss that with Ashley Parker and Charlotte Alter.
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    1. @redjalapeno If the Jotato Xi Buy’d in and his administration ran a hot dog stand.
      They’d extort the supplier and the vendor then outsource the work to China while robbing the customers with the help of the C.I.A./F.B.I./D.O.J./B.L.M. and their aunt Teefa.
      Then blame Trump when the whole thing imploded.

    1. Lincoln has never been happier I just got off the phone with him.
      Lincoln told me he’s happy that she’s being replaced and called her a Benedict Arnold.
      I agreed.

    2. @Brody McCain Yea because she refuses to lie about the election….Unfortunately The Republican Party has been overtaken by a delusional lunatic who can’t accept the fact that he lost…..So sad and pathetic

    1. Liz is a liar for the Washington uni-party establishment covering up election fraud crimes just like her father covered up crimes of 911. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

    2. @Kathleen Martin

      Do you believe that the universe, the sun, the moon, stars, the fish of the sea, birds of the air and all that is, has a Creator?

      You know, like, a Creator? GOD?
      Do you believe that GOD exist?

    1. @The Flame Fist God a law jailing spreaders of lies would be good for knobs like Brian !

    2. ​@The Flame Fist God Sorry dude but this isn’t Venezuela. You don’t speak for America and your authoritarian ideology will die right along with you.

    3. Brian Jones, under normal circumstances Trump’s loss would only be a footnote in history. In the first election he lost to Hillary Clinton, A widely controversial candidate by three million votes. In his second election his incompetence dealing with the pandemic, and the ensuing economic collapse, would have been enough to eliminate any candidate from election. Bush I lost to Bill Clinton for a far less serious recession. For your “scenario” to be valid it would have taken a conspiracy of five states, all with Republican legislatures and Republican election officials, some with Republican governors to conspire with Democrats, and the courts to “rig” the elections. If you believe that, you’re beyond stupidity to insanity.

    1. @Brian Jones 90% approval rating with Republicans is insignificant, given the fact that only 24% of all registered voters are Republicans. As for the election being stolen, you’ve had dozens of opportunities to prove it in court. So why haven’t you..?

    2. @Brian Jones
      Horse$hit. You lost. Badly. You ran a dumpster fire candidate & he got obliterated. We didn’t need to “cheat,” Trump defeated himself.

    3. @Olivier D’Amours

      Do you believe that the universe, the sun, moon, stars, the fish of the sea, birds of the air and all that is, has a Creator?

      You know, like, a Creator? GOD?
      Do you believe that GOD exist?

    1. ​@Brody McCain Okay I got you. There’s a process to getting rid of a politician and it starts with the people – not other politicians. A massive public outcry is a good start- which is already starting to happen. Also never assume that the Republicans will just lose over things like this, because history has shown otherwise.

    2. @Pha Q God does forgive!but God Doesn’t let you continue to do wrong!Check out Pharaoh if you don’t understand!The Lord Leaves You To drown in your Own Sins! Those that keep lying are beginning to have light shined on them.being dumb ain’t bad you can improve. Ignorant is A Life Sentence because it’s Willing Accepting Untruths.
      After All The Plagues God Brought On Pharaoh He willing Followed The Israelites into the Red Sea!
      Same thing that’s happening to the Trump’s Party!I Didn’t Say Republicans because Trumpsters Are Not Repulicans .You Are Drowning In Your Own Lies!
      Pray!Read And Meditate B4 Speaking The Word And The Holy Spirit Will Lead You.

    3. @Tommie Howard There is no sanity clause.
      Belief in magic is both infantile and holding the human race back.
      Grow up and deal with reality.

    4. It was it’s now a Banana Republic. China Biden and his communist friends have seen to that!!!

  1. Not long ago Stephanik was extolling Cheney’s leadership appointment , she smells a little blood in the water and its knives out!!

    1. Stefanik turned (rancid) during Trump’s first impeachment. She sold her soul to the Devil and the Devil’s not giving it back.

    2. Deprogramming with NEWS maybe. The truth is enlightening, frightening but educating. Opinions are just these hired hosts on 90% of MSM platforms being paid to promote the views of the six monopolies who have changed them from News to Propaganda the past 40 years. Transparency & Truth are only enemies of those who argue with opinions and not facts and stats.

  2. DAY112… Count them off every night just like when we had hostages in Iran…hey,thats how Nightline started.

    1. Do you believe that the universe, the sun, the moon, stars, the fish of the sea, birds of the air and all that is, has a Creator?

      You know, like, a Creator? GOD?
      Do you believe that GOD exist?

    1. The TRUTH would be great but for the last 40 years the NEWS has been quarantined and must be supported by the public in order to be heard in 10% of MSM. Obama imprisoned more journalists than ALL presidents combined to control the truth as in bury it. He also shortened the sentence of a traitor & a domestic bomber, mass murderer. As more people become less self-absorbed and better educated the last 13 years are understood for what they were and are.

    2. P C, facts are stubborn things, unfortunately so are lies. Trumpublicans have given up logic and reason in favor of lies. In a normal world Trump’s loss would be a given after his mishandling of the pandemic and the ensuing economic collapse. This is beyond politics, this is a cult based on lies. The most embarrassing thing is it’s not an intelligent, charismatic leader, it’s Trump. A cheap sleazy con man.

  3. Can we please stop calling it the big lie, it is an: ” ongoing insurrection ” and should be referred to as such.

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