GOP Base Clings To Trumpism As Books Highlight His Final Chapter 1

GOP Base Clings To Trumpism As Books Highlight His Final Chapter

The Republican Party remains loyal to Donald Trump as new revelations about his actions on January 6th come to light. Hayes Brown, Writer and Editor for MSNBC Daily, Former HUD Secretary & MSNBC Political Analyst Julián Castro, and former U.S. Attorney Harry Litman joined American Voices with Alicia Menendez to discuss Trump’s hold over the GOP as Republicans in the states work to make it harder to vote.  

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GOP Base Clings To Trumpism As Books Highlight His Final Chapter


    1. @Raptango_NA does this include those crossing the southern border from Cuba and other places also. Close the border for one, close it for all.

  1. Going from the party of Lincoln to the party of Trump, is like going from a Ferrari and downgrading to a used Yugo!

    1. @Arthur i think everyone is getting tired of government and all these corrupt politician, we just need to come together and fight for our rights , hope you staying safe ?

    2. @Arthur that would be awesome! If we could only organize a few million to snail mail him a sympathy(s) card, SORRY FOR YOUR LOSS, LOSER BOY!

  2. He’s heart broken as to what’s going on in our country? Donald’s ego is shattered because he lost. He doesn’t give a crap about this country. He only cares that he lost the crown to Biden and he wants it back. Being branded the loser is like a knife in his heart. And you know it because all he talks about is how he really won. How he was cheated. That’s pathetic!

    1. 45 loves the bankruptcy laws in the US. Let’s him repeatedly wipe out his debt so he can pretend to be a success.

    2. @Altrusian WolfDog First of that fool isn’t a billionaire, the majority of his so called wealth is debt owned by the banks and secondly he only won in 2016 because he was running against Hillary. I like many others I know didn’t vote in 2016 because we didn’t like our choices; and so the big con began. Just goes to show that NOT voting is potentially giving the wrong candidate more steam. Never again, will we sit idol and allow ourselves to be spoken for……especially by those weak minded that will follow an unsecure, crazy, murderous and TR45ONOUS con of a fuhrer to their graves.

      Sorry to say you guys have sold your souls to this con at all cost, even that of our country….SMFH

      Country before political party…..

    3. He has a heart? SERIOUSLY????? Like the characters in the Wizard of Oz ,Trump needs a heart and a BRAIN! He doesn’t seem to possess any of those organs!

  3. The GOP have lost the plot. The world is disgusted by this. Putin is lauging his socks off, Please USA pull yourself together. Lock up Trump before he does any more damage.

    1. From Belgium you are 100 % right. The world is watching this show of the QANON freaks and WHITE SUPRAMACISTS destroying your country without any consequenties for much to long

    2. @J. Wright So following a person rather than a political belief. That sounds suspiciously like a cult…

    3. @peace and love wasn’t it BLM and antifa who did all the rioting distorting I’d statues blocking highways ? Or are you going to say it was the republicans who defunded the police. When it was the dummy rats. I am an independent and u see what us going on. The dems do get caught blame the republicans them start all over. God get a life people. Look at both sides. Are you better off now .

    1. Nah, Trump was just a temporary reprieve from the liberal madness. We all know what is going to have to happen eventually if we want to remain a free country….

    2. @Altrusian WolfDog 35%er/
      Yeah, put ol’ Methaleptic Mussolini in prison.

      Suckers and Losers!

    3. He’s playing them and they’re to ignorantly stupid to realise that as long as they’re useful to him, he’ll feed em all the BS they wanna hear whilst still doing nothing for them

    1. @J. Wright Good luck with your delusional mindset Trump is heading to jail were he belongs.

    2. Aidiot can lead other idiots and be considered the master mind. What a paradox you uncovered sir.

      May your evening be peaceful and rejuvenating.

    3. @Keith Morrison He is heading to a Russian sub 250 miles off the coast of Florida.
      Mother Russia is calling in Gumps debt. It’s time for Barron to meet his real daddy.

    4. @Steffi R I don’t disagree but my account is new as well that isn’t always evidence. I was blocked for comments I made twords Lou Dobbs before he was canned.

  4. Lindsey’s slimy as ever. People who think Trump has any kind of concern for the country are up for a rude awakening!

    1. @Chris Paul and you have done nothing but attempt to back your claims with “facts” that you yourself have created in your own mind… and you act as if the rest of the world should just accept you as a source of valid information. too funny.

    2. @Daniel are you claiming the ubiquitous political understanding of rightism vs leftism is not a matter of fact? Or are you, someone with a masters in history, disputing the fact that Mussulini was once a socialist? Or that the Nazi’s were socialist? If you could give a specific example, that might help your cause.

    3. @tony moore where do you see prejudice? I am allowed my POV. Also I do not follow blindly, I use a very intelligent brain to ask questions.

    4. @TeddyBeara prejudice: a preconceived opinion of how things are without proof, or understanding. People who do not believe Trump did a great job and that he was racist are dead wrong and they are deriving an opinion based on what very bias and propaganda spreading news media has been telling them. You are free to voice your opinion; however, saying that Trump supporters must be silenced on Facebook, Twitter, you tube and other platforms is a violation of our 1st amendment. Democrats are putting their own citizens in prison while a person in the capital remains unnamed for killing an unarmed female veteran, also, at the same time glorifying a worthless drug addict GFloyd with a statue. If your supporting the leftists, your prejudice and wrong.

    1. Yeah 5 years of investigating in the best you can do is investigate his company LOL it sounds to me like Trump’s winning

    1. That’s what I keep saying about the Trumpers who don’t get vaccinated. We will see their heard thinning from COVID and then they will have even LESS VOTERS! Idiots in the true sense but these are also leaders.

    2. @Reggie Carlisle and watch the blame game fly,yet if ppl just got the shot & it still seems crazy the Rep’s are okay w that a sad payoff imo..

    1. Trump says he is a builder, but his specialty is tearing things down. It started back in the nursery when he was a little kid and hasn’t changed. He may never be president again, but his hangers on, such as DeSantis have seen where he failed and are therefore a bigger threat than Trump, especially if they can get Trump’s cult behind them.

    2. @Nancy Ross tell me where the democrats have done anything but spend money and put us more into debt. I seem to recall that the pipeline was opened to make us independent . A tax credit to the middle class getting rid of the firefighters put a tax on China on there imports. . There probably would of been more had the stupid dems hadn’t tried to get him out of office because of there hate for him. I see nothing from Biden the gas prices are out of control food is out of sight. You pay more get less leave you checked the ounces on different thing. For not taxing the middle class he sure is making the prices go up. I used to have a couple buck left on my social security check. I don’t have enough left to buy myself an ice cream on the other hand Joey sure does enjoy his. Doesn’t he?

    3. @Kaye Wilkins Blame Trump. His tax cut for the rich cut your social security and mine. Trump’s tax cut had the ultimate goal of eliminating social security. If people would listen to anything other than right wing propaganda channels, you might learn something that is actually going on instead of 3rd rate intelligent fools interested only in money.

    4. @Nancy Ross let me tell ya n Nancy while Trump was in i got the first raise in my social security in 9 years. When Obama administration dolled out increases they gave it to me then upped my Medicare. There is no was Trump tried to take social security away and for the record I listen to all channels until they go against my principles.

  5. In the 1930s, AMERICA FIRST was the SOCIALIST movement against FDR’s democracy!! OUR COUNTRY!!! The GOP’S HYPOCRISY KNOWS NO BOUNDS !!!

    1. @Micheal Byrd Exactly , i think everyone is getting tired of government and all these corrupt politician, we just need to come together and fight for our rights , hope you staying safe ?

  6. “If we nominate Trump, we will get destroyed and we will deserve it.” Lindsay Graham in 2016.

    1. @Tom Kelly- no, you are repeating Leftist rhetoric which has no truth to it!
      Prove one of you points with verifiable links and we can continue.

    2. Stop saying the sky daddy blessed the USA then. You know for a fact is corruption all around but yet you think America is something special.

    3. @Tom Kelly – you are attacking me and not presenting any argument other than repeating Leftist rhetoric and false narratives.

    4. @Scott Harrison You’ve yet to present any argument other than right wing lies and conspiracy theories. Your cult has conditioned you thoroughly and educated you … poorly. But then, that’s their mission.

    5. @Scott Harrison Sorry, but I don’t have the time or crayons to explain it to you. I invite you to prove one of your points with verifiable links. I’m sure that your caretaker will give you some time before your 4pm dinner. Just go easy on the borscht and vodka, comrade.

  7. I will be heartbroken if ever Trump becomes President again. At 71 ,I’ll be ready to meet my maker. It won’t be a world worth sticking around for.

    1. Please don’t worry. I really think the tide is turning. In the UK we have a similar guy in charge & even right wing people are opening ridiculing him now. Hang in there. Good always finds a way .

  8. They all should be heartbroken. They are literally killing their voters by leading them on that the vaccines are anti-American.

  9. The only thing TRUMP fixed in 4 years was lining him and his rich friends TRILLIONS in tax breaks 1.9 trillion a year

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