Gop Becoming Increasingly Extreme On Opposing Gun Control Measures | MTP Daily | MSNBC

Gop Becoming Increasingly Extreme On Opposing Gun Control Measures | MTP Daily | MSNBC 1


  1. An untracable gun with no permit or background check? Yeah, what’s wrong with that for a “hobby”? These people are unbelievable.

    1. @Gordon MacWilliam I thought if people voted for Trump, they were racist murderers, according to the media and leftists.

    2. @ღSwnsasyღ _ I don’t watch that much FOX News, but it is a fact that Democrats and the media pretend that having a photo ID or any other requirements to vote is RACISSS

    3. @Bob Jones I know. we’ll finally be able to “cleanse” society of the conservatives. then we’ll finally evolve and finally be a first world nation instead of wishing we were in the 1950s

  2. ‘Pipe bomb parts are just for hobbyists that like to enjoy themselves blowing stuff up on the weekends, there is no reason to track people buying explosives’….

    1. @mike briganti I’ll get over it once the all terrorist get sentenced in our judicial system for treason and terroristic actions.
      I’m sure you’ll be in attendance at one of those court proceedings.

    2. @Bob Jones Ha ha, you are right! Don’t look like that now, getting warm in CT, beard is smaller now!

    1. So do it then. Lets see you come up with enough support to get 2/3rds of both houses and 3/4ths of the Sates. Good luck.


    3. @mike briganti You had a chance to explain, but instead, you offered nothing but insults. If restricting the 2nd is NAZI, I imagine you also think restricting the 14th is as well?

  3. As a supporter of the 2nd amendment, I have to agree here. Opposing things like universal background checks is ridiculous. Upwards of 84% of the public support it.

    1. @beobe99 making elections secure isn’t restricting voter rights. But your crying about rights being restricted while advocating for restrictions on people’s rights.
      You only care about certain rights then.

    1. @mike briganti: So stop violating YouTube’s terms of service. YouTube is a private company and doesn’t have to protect your right to free speech. (There’s another limit on your rights). Are you starting to understand how rights aren’t absolute yet?

    2. @Reason The problem is that Youtube just changes their terms whenever they feel like it, and makes up crap so they can censor those they don’t like. Steven Crowder went through this with them repeatedly, and their replies were stupid and made no sense. Now you can’t even say certain words that are part of our everyday language and news stories without trouble. Yes, these companies are private, but their attack on free speech and idiotic rule interpretations are obviously bad for free societies, and they are borderline monopolies who dominate the public square at this point. They want to be treated as publishers when it suits them, and then platforms or like the phone company or internet provider when they get called out on other points. Definitely problematic…

    3. @Reason I agree, we need other alternatives, but easier said than done, like Amazon hamstringing Parler, etc. However, some rules do need to be in place about whether these companies are Publishers or Platforms. They like to swing back and forth when it suits them. Imagine if your local internet service provider or telephone company denied you any services because of your political affiliation or something you said on the phone. That would be absurd, but these companies blur the lines as needed, to avoid certain problems or lawsuits, and then act like they are a private newspaper or workplace when they feel like it, etc.

    1. @Mastodon1976 Blacks also used guns to stop racists from terrorizing them, though, and the true reason is for replacing autocratic govts.

    2. @Mastodon1976 But you agree, right? If you remove the minority violence in gang areas of cities, done with handguns, we don’t have much gun violence in the USA?

    3. @Bob Jones So if you remove all the gun violence, the gun violence rate gets lower. You are on form this afternoon Bob. Have you been handling your peashooter lately?

    4. @David Hale bruh that’s the entire gop platform: racial purity, made up white grievances….nazis, kkk, Dr Seuss, you know, fox content

    1. @Progressive Humanist Or you could just not be a p*ssy who commits suicide(or you can, it is your choice), and you can train your kids properly from a young age with guns and raise them correctly. I have been around guns since I was 6, and had one in my room since I was 12. Lots of folks I know do the same. It is your choice to have one or not in your home, but stop worrying about what I own.

    2. @Bob Jones lol. Guess when the next mass shooter finds out you’ve had a gun in your room since 12yo they’ll decide not to?

    3. @Bob Jones Even the Founders limited the types of weapon in private hands. They intended for a citizens militia like the British Home Guard during ww2. Ordinary citizens were never intended to own the types of lethal weapons on sale today to all comers. Nah times up we are coming for those lethal toys Jonesy

    4. @Paul K The government limited what kind of weapons people had… Actually, no they did not. They did impose security mesures for those types of guns, considering they were a fire hazard, but hardley in other cases.

    5. @Solstice of Snow Im not arguing with you and of course when the Founders got the constitution up and running they said you can keep your flintlocks powder and shot nothing that comes close to the killing power of an AR15. The 2nd like every amendment can be altered rewritten or scrapped. The founders did that because they knew future generations would decide what was best for them and right now the majority demands meaningful gun control laws The constitution is not a sacred document it will always be a work in progress because times change

  4. First I thoight you need a proofreader, but in the end I think ‘gop’ – pronounced ‘gawp’ – is the perfect name for that party.

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