GOP Blocks Independent Commission To Investigate Attack On US Capitol 1

GOP Blocks Independent Commission To Investigate Attack On US Capitol


The Senate failed to pass a resolution to move forward with the creation of an independent commission to investigate the events of the Capitol riot on January 6.
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  1. No surprise they would do this to protect
    Trump, McConnell and McCarthy.
    It’s self preservation at the cost of justice for hundreds of other people working at the capital. Detestable

    1. @Cid Sapient ah there’s that white fragility victim mentality. Black people are killed at a higher rate so no comparison but nice try. Also BLM isn’t just about police reform to stop police brutality against just minorities but for everyone.

    2. @Cid Sapient 97% of the protests were peaceful the ones that were not was either because police attacked Peaceful protestors which incited rioting or by outsiders, right wingers like White supremacists and anti government groups. I know none of this matters to you because you are too far gone from reality but those are the facts.

  2. Do the republicans think that by voting down this measure they will suddenly NOT be investigated at all ? In fact, those down voting have now become more suspect than ever.. so.. to refute my earlier comment about the vote being “pointless” .. the vote shined a light directly on the criminals.. all voting no you have put yourselves directly in the spot light.. NICE ! : D

    1. @Astros Syn When was what?

      Whether their guns were confiscated beforehand or not doesn’t change the fact that they were objectively not carrying guns.
      If they were trying to take down the US government, they would have the proper tools.

  3. Well, then I guess we’ll send it to the select committees and Benghazi the shyte out of them. Enjoy!

    1. It’s working, these morons here forgot all about the 100s of riots by terrorists that the treasonous democrat party support and pay bail for

    2. @Roman Shumylo 30 minutes ago, “It’s working, these morons here forgot all about the 100s of riots by terrorists that the treasonous democrat party support and pay bail for” NO WE DIDN’T, IT IS THE REPUBLICANS THAT FAILED THIS COMMISSION NOT THE DEMOCRATS. You Shumylo! YOU ARE THE FAILURE . . . ENJOY IT. It is all you got

  4. But of course they did. No one has ever voted to investigate crimes that they themselves participated in. Tell me you’re a criminal without telling me you’re a criminal.

    1. @Yvonne Tomenga An astute analysis; it’d be great to bring back the ‘painful’ version of filibuster, at least.

    2. He has an endless well of trust and optimism when it comes to the GOP. Impossible to explain it.

    3. manchin either has a deep well of optimism, or is undercover for republicans- not trump republicans, but what used to be considered moderates. either way, he needs a come to jesus moment

    4. @dont-want-no-wrench He’s from the old-school conservative segment of the Democratic party and he has values, but he needs dragging into the 21st century. He may lose his seat in very red WV, but it’s a sacrifice he needs to make for the benefit and well-being of all Americans.

  5. Proving that nearly all Republicans luck the moral conviction to stand up for what’s right.

  6. An absolute disgrace!! How do those people that voted against it even look at themselves in the mirror? Power corrupts!

    1. The Party of “LAW AND ORDER” Voted NOT TO INVESTIGATE the Attack on The Capitol… GEEZ.

    2. Republicans are afraid the commission will hurt there chances to win in the midterms. Of course what a bunch of cowards!

    3. @André Tanguay You don’t know who the president is? How many Zeroes in 10 Trillion? Let me help (Biden, Harris, Pelosi, AOC, Warren, Cuomo, Cuomo, the state of California, CNN, MSNBC, etc)

    4. @Brenda Smith You clowns are still obsessed with Trump, you guys don’t believe Biden won the election more than the republicans

  7. Trump in drive-thru:
    “You want fries with that?”
    “that’s a tough question. You didn’t ask Biden if he wanted fries. You’re a fake cashier. I’m Done here”

  8. Fine. The House can handle the investigation just like the Iran-Contra investigation during Regan.

    1. @Prod. Psycho It looks like McConnell decided a partisan investigation would be less politically damaging than a bipartisan one.
      He’s not wrong. They would both come up with a damning assessment, but this way, they can attack the final report more effectively.

    2. @Prod. Psycho It’s not partisan when over half the GOP are complicit, you don’t put defendants in charge of their own investigation. Schumer should have known better than to even consider it. We have Democrats and Insurrectionists with about 5 or 6 Republicans, hardly a functional government.

    1. Republicans have to hide the TRUTH! Because they can’t handle the TRUTH! Gullible cons believes Trump’s big lie!

    2. @Gg Dd As a American I never want to see crazy crackpot conservatives try to destroy Capitol hill again! These people looked like caveman that came out of the backwoods. They had scruffy beards, missing teeth, and smelled like BO. They even smeared feces and blood and left cigarette butts.

    3. @Paul Crozer Oh man. It was even worse when those hippies from BLM and ANTIFA tried it. They brought their guns and everything. Horrible, just horrible.

    4. @Gg Dd The summer protests were handled by local authorities – people were arrested and charged. Many of those charged were white extremists or provocateurs, just in case you didn’t know. The insurrection was an attack on the legitimate transfer of power. These are two completely separate events and should be adjudicated as such.

    5. @Sheila Boston Don’t do that. This was civil. Unless you genuinely have forgotten, this is very disingenuous.
      A joint effort by BLM and ANTIFA assaulted the capital of the United States on June 3, 2020. They came with guns. They came with intent. I am talking about an attack on the federal government by violent extremists. Don’t change the subject to local rioting.

  9. Pretty sad to hear the GOP keep saying “ we need to hear the truth on the election and need to investigate it,” but when it comes to what happened at the Capitol and seeing how it was planned our they just brush it off like it was nothing

  10. “That’s why they call it the American Dream, because you have to be asleep to believe it.” ~ George Carlin

    1. @Nicholas Trombley
      I think I would rather be awake and know Im living in a nightmare, then to be asleep and think Im living the dream, and Im not!

    2. That is certainly what I think about all the people that still follow Trump… Either half-dead in the brain or brains in what they’re sitting on

    3. @Exodus 4:22 I’m so so over worked & exhausted. I’d rather be asleep right now. Gnight! Lol

  11. Get these traitors out of office people because it’s clear they’ll do anything to stay in position no matter the cost!

    1. @Junk Mail OMG that was funny, I didn’t think this was a comedic thread. Holy crap, do you really believe that? You’re just joking right, was that sarcasm. If you’re not then explain who supported multiple acts of terrorism for the last year in Minneapolis, LA, New York, Portland, Seattle. Which governor lied about stuffing covid positive patients into old folks homes? THE ONES PLAYING IT STRAIGHT?

    2. @Paul Crozer A math equation with 2 unlike values doesn’t equate. Blasphemy, your overlords bow to Chinese influence, you remember the last guy kept getting into trouble with your side for saying mean things about them, like the origin location of you know what. I dare you to say Taiwan is a country, come on kitty cat. Russia, seriously? You know about boy Hunter right? Is this stuff fabricated at Dreamworks or do you really believe in your fertilizer?

    3. @4D They could have impeached him 100 times but that pesky thing called evidence, like character which yours lacks. Wait yours do have character, the ones that supported a year of rioting by terrorists, we call that character treason. You should drink some kool-aid to prove your faith. Shame on you too, LOL. You’re freakin disturbed

    4. @Roman Shumylo Talk about lacking character. You must be unaware of the May 5 court ruling that says Barr lied when he summarized the Mueller report for congress. There are secret notes that they didn’t want released that shows that Barr was NEVER going to allow Trump to be prosecuted, no matter what they found in the Mueller report. Here’s the short version. Barr lied, and there’s a lawsuit to bring the secret notes to light. And Barr and Trump could BOTH still be prosecuted for obstruction of justice. —- two people totally lacking character and morals. *Amazing* how there’s ‘no evidence’ when the attorney general is lying through his teeth for you.
      Be sure to Google it. William Barr court case May 5 2021.

    5. @Kathleen R Every Soviet Pravda (CNN) has reported only rhetoric and false accusations. The FBI has attempted to manufacturer evidence. All the secret documents will find is the name Hillary. You don’t think Pelosi would have marched evidence that made your character-less people look bad? It’s amazing how you think one side is lying to you when your side keeps getting caught lying. Keep using unproven accusations as facts and the word amazing in bold. Go and search for fun things to do in downtown Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis, Chicago, L.A., and New York (wear a kippa).

    1. @Please BeKind and they sure did show their patriotism on 1/6/21. Rome was taken over by Christianity, look how that turned out. The dark ages, a thousand years of ignorance.

    2. @John Smith be careful with that comparison. Rome fell because it was subverted by gods special tribe. People might think your on my side if you keep talking like that.

    3. @Gg Dd I am anti-cultism. I despise all cults. People are still too ignorant to realize they are being control by propaganda. Cultism has been and always will be used against the people.

  12. I don’t want to hear any official mention the word “bipartisanship” again, unless followed by “…is dead.”

    1. @EMid MSO • Trying to discourafe me? Well, I still take hope in every poll I see showing Biden’s popularity and how many Republicans are leaving the party. Registered Republicans are now down to 25% so if Democrats and Independents turn out next year so we keep the House & Senate, that should change the behavior of the remaining Republicans.

    2. @Yvonne Tomenga I sort of share your optimism. However, state elections are just as important but they don’t seem to garner as much interest – that is where a lot of the rot has set in.

    3. @musayt “those rural republicans”
      lol u sound like the bourgeoisie ur marxist professors warned u about
      oh wait he forgot to tell u what it meant i bet haha

    4. @Sheila Boston • I agree that the state legislatures are where the action is. The reason I remain optimistic is that Jaime Harrison, head of the DNC, said in an interview that he would not wait until closer to the election, but rather he would start grassroots organizing now. It was the early work by grassroots organizers in Georgia that led to the Senate victories there.

      It’s also one of the reasons that I’m not enthusiastic about things getting back to “normal.” Normal means people will be distracted by all the events they can now attend. I want them to be paying attention to the danger to our democratic republic and to be actively organizing their family, friends, neighbors, and colleagues to defend it, whether that be by contacting their Republican elected officials, donating to Democratic candidates, running for local, state or national office against Republicans or whatever they can do. I know I’m champing at the bit to go out shopping but am trying to restrain myself to keep up with some of the things I itemized above. I hope you will too.

    5. @Yvonne Tomenga sadly, rural Republicans will never hear the truth because they only listen to what’s preached from the pulpit or broadcast on Fox or conservative talk radio.

  13. Of course they would! They don’t want anyone to know what role they played in honoring their Golden God.

    1. @Gg Dd
      I never seen a president spill so much hate than Donald Trump. The hate monger, the lapdog of russia, the super spreaders of covid19. Trump has no good qualities

    2. @Astros Syn Why can’t I use the same logic to exempt the Proud Boys? BLM is using the unrest to pose as Proud Boys! How can you not see this?!?

    3. @Nestor Gonzalez I dunno. Biden has said some unbelievably racist and hateful thing during his time in government. Are we allowed to count statements and actions from before the presidency?

    4. @Gg Dd Why isn’t there any Proud girls or Boogaloo girls? The republican party today is a mostly male dominated party/male chauvinistic pigs. As of today the Republican party in Congress has the lowest amount of women in their party since 1992.

    1. @Gg Dd When peaceful assembly was broken up by Trumps goons to get a photo-op with an upside down bible there can be little peace. And Trump allowed our Capitol to be overrun with confederate flag waving ‘patriots’ in his attempt to keep power. All you do is show your anti-American values by attacking real Americans while giving safe haven to insurrectionists. YOU are the problem with America.

    2. @Brian Holmes Funny. The first time there was an insurrection attempt, trump was criticized for trying to keep out BLM.

    3. @Roman Shumylo The southern red Republican states has the highest rates of uninsured people in America perhaps the world for that matter! Very well could have the highest rates of mental illness in America. Most of the crazy crackpot conservatives who tried to destroy Capitol hill came from southern red Republican states.

      The FBI said the biggest threat to America is radical right wing extremist! You need your head examined!

    4. @Paul Crozer So let me get this straight. 1 bad party is the end of western civilization, but hundreds of riots costing many lives and billions of dollars in damage over every blue city in country is not a problem. Where did you say this mental illness is? You’re right the FBI is a bunch of stooges and you just provided the evidence, good job, I totally agree with you.

    1. @Scourge Ok, they “are” more guilty than common criminals because they are supposed to know better as lawmakers.

    2. Look who is more guilty, Democrats are using this as a smoke screen so you don’t pay attention to the hundreds of riots by terrorists, that someone paid bail for

    3. @Astros Syn what do you mean “you people”?, don’t be a racist like the rest of your party. Jim Crow and the KKK was started by Democrats. Your vp started a bail fund for terrorists, that’s called treason

    4. @Roman Shumylo What racism?
      You people means the traitors who desecrated the U.S. Capitol, and tried to capture and hang Mike Pence and other Congresspeople.
      Nothing to do with your ethnic background.

      Even more, those losers called themselves “army for tRump,” if you had any doubts.

      Don’t play the victim role, you just can’t flip the script, we all saw those radicalized right winger tRumpublicans attacking the Capitol.

      Repugnicans are guilty as charged.

  14. When will the Democrats learn their lesson. No point of negotiation with Republicans. Just don’t bother.

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